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  • Sabotage offers solid action but lacks replay value; a fine Arnold film with great AV but not a top favorite.

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  • Video
  • Sabotage" boasts a flawless 1080p Blu-ray transfer, with sharp details, natural colors, and balanced blacks from its Arri Alexa digital shoot, free of flaws and rich in texture and depth across all scenes.

  • Audio
  • The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track on 'Sabotage' Blu-ray delivers a solid, immersive experience with well-spaced music, powerful explosions, and crisp gunfire, maintaining clear dialogue amidst action, though it narrowly misses sonic perfection.

  • Extra
  • Sabotage Blu-ray features alternate endings, deleted scenes delving into a darker plot, a making-of documentary highlighting the Schwarzenegger/Ayer collaboration, and previews, with insights into Schwarzenegger's atypical role and production details.

  • Movie
  • Sabotage," Arnold's darkest film, explores a DEA team's gritty tale of betrayal and loss, diverging from his typical fare, with strong performances and a hard-R valor.

    Video: 80

    The Blu-ray presentation of "Sabotage" impresses with a solid 1080p transfer that showcases the capabilities of modern, digitally photographed films. Notably, it boasts an exceptional clarity that brings out the minutiae in skin textures, military gear, and the rich woodwork of Arnold Schwarzenegger's character's home environment. Colors strike a perfect balance—bold yet even, they shine without overpowering, maintaining naturalistic tones across both brightly and dimly lit scenes. The deep, inky blacks complement this balance, ensuring that darker sequences are as visually compelling as their lighter counterparts. Moreover, the absence of compression artifacts, banding, or noise enhances the viewing experience, epitomizing the high standards expected from a new movie HD image.

    Filmed on Arri Alexa cameras, "Sabotage" benefits from a technical execution that leverages digital cinematography's strengths, showcasing sharp details and genuine depth even amid its prevalent hand-held camera aesthetics. The shaky cam approach, directed by David Ayer and captured by Cinematographer Bruce McCleery, does nothing to detract from the visual feast; instead, it adds a dynamic, immersive quality that complements the film's narrative intensity. The consistency in skin tones and the visible textures of the actors' faces add a layer of realism that is often sought but rarely achieved to this extent in Blu-ray transfers.

    Universal's release of "Sabotage" on Blu-ray marries technical excellence with creative choices, such as its original theatrical 1.85:1 aspect ratio, ensuring that viewers receive a transfer that's not only reference-quality but also true to the filmmakers' vision. The adept handling of dark and dimly-lit sequences alongside the vibrant yet never oversaturated colors makes this Blu-ray a standout offering that exemplifies the best practices in modern home video presentation.

    Audio: 75

    The audio presentation of the Blu Ray "Sabotage" delivers a commendable yet slightly imperfect DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 lossless soundtrack experience. The mix handles its expansive range of sounds with proficiency, presenting music with clear separation and a robust low end that shines, especially during dynamic sequences like the early house party scene. Explosions and gunfire are conveyed with considerable force and detail, enveloping the viewer with their intensity. Despite the auditory gusto, the sounds of gunfire, while accurate and sharp, may not reach the peak loudness expected, offering room for slight improvement in auditory impact. Dialogue remains effortlessly intelligible, anchored securely in the front-center, ensuring that narrative elements are never lost amid the chaos.

    The audio track stands out for its adept use of directionality and bass response, creating an immersive soundscape that sophisticated listeners will appreciate. Action scenes are balanced meticulously with dialogue, preventing any need for manual volume adjustments—a common bane of home cinema. The track’s dedication to clarity ensures that each explosion and shot is distinct, never allowing moments of high tension to obscure spoken words. Furthermore, the strategic placement of sounds, including dialogue through rear speakers to mimic character positioning, adds layers to the auditory experience, though it stops just shy of achieving reference quality.

    Subtitles in English SDH, Spanish, and French cater to a wider audience, ensuring accessibility without compromising the auditory experience's integrity. The low and high ends of the audio spectrum are handled with care, leaving no room for distortion and guaranteeing a clean listening experience throughout. While the "Sabotage" Blu-ray audio track does not redefine the standards for action movie soundtracks, it presents a solidly engaging auditory journey that harmonizes explosive action with clear dialogue, making it a satisfactory choice for audiophiles seeking a robust home theater experience.

    Extra: 45

    The "Sabotage" Blu-ray extras provide an intriguing glimpse into the film's production and alternate narratives. Featuring two distinct alternate endings, viewers can explore different conclusions for characters Caroline and Breacher, offering substantial changes to the story's resolution. The collection of eight deleted scenes adds depth to the narrative, revealing a cut subplot that enriches the storyline and provides essential context for the alternate endings. The "Making Sabotage" featurette delves into the collaboration between Schwarzenegger and Ayer, discussing the film’s themes, the cast's rigorous training, and the shooting process in Georgia, thereby offering a comprehensive overview of the film’s production. Also included are previews for additional Universal titles and both DVD and UV digital copies, ensuring fans have various ways to enjoy this action-packed movie.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Alternate Endings: Explore two different conclusions to the film.
    • Deleted Scenes: Eight scenes providing additional character development and plot details.
    • Making Sabotage: Behind-the-scenes featurette detailing the film's production.
    • Previews: Sneak peeks at other Universal titles.

    Movie: 70

    Sabotage," directed by David Ayer, marks a significant departure from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s typical action-packed roles into a much darker, more complex narrative. The film, which delves deep into the gritty underbelly of a DEA team's operations, stands out as a character-driven story where the bloodshed carries weight and the dialogues are seasoned with a realism seldom associated with the genre. Arnold portrays John 'Breacher' Wharton, leading an elite DEA team through a botched operation that spirals into a deadly hunt for stolen money. The narrative complexity of "Sabotage" is further enriched by a compelling cast including Sam Worthington, Mireille Enos, and Joe Manganiello, whose performances lend credibility and depth to their roles as members of the doomed task force.

    Unlike the typical action movies in Schwarzenegger’s repertoire that often feature a blend of humor alongside the violence, "Sabotage" does not shy away from showcasing the grim realities of its story. The film’s R rating is a testament to its unflinching approach to violence and gore, pushing the boundaries further than most of Schwarzenegger's previous works. The movie's serious tone is juxtaposed with moments of human vulnerability, providing a layered and emotional narrative experience. This unique blend extends to its action sequences which are brutally realistic, emphasizing the movie’s darker theme without glorifying the violence portrayed.

    The Blu-Ray presentation of "Sabotage" provides audiences with an opportunity to immerse themselves fully in Ayer’s meticulously crafted world. The visual and audio quality enhance the storytelling, drawing viewers into the tense atmosphere that encapsulates the team’s perilous journey. Despite its lukewarm reception at the box office, "Sabotage" represents a pivotal moment in Schwarzenegger's career, showcasing his versatility as an actor capable of navigating the complexities of a character-driven narrative within the action genre. The film, therefore, deserves a second look from audiences, especially those interested in a more serious and impactful action cinema experience.

    Total: 68

    The Blu-ray presentation of "Sabotage," featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, offers a mixed bag for fans and newcomers alike. On one hand, the film marks a notable departure from Schwarzenegger's more mainstream action-packed roles, presenting a more serious drama peppered with the actor's hallmark R-rated action sequences. On the other hand, it seems to suffer from a low replay value, attributed to its lack of memorable one-liners and a storyline that, once its secrets are unveiled, offers little incentive for multiple viewings. Despite this, the technical aspects of the Blu-ray are commendable. The video quality is strong, and the audio delivery is of high quality, ensuring that viewers experience the crisply delivered action sequences in the best possible light.

    From a supplementary perspective, the release could be seen as somewhat lacking, offering just enough to satisfy but not to impress those looking for an in-depth exploration behind the scenes. However, for Arnold movie collectors or those intrigued by Schwarzenegger's post-political career choices in cinema, this Blu-ray disc holds a certain appeal. It’s recommended mainly for its solid entertainment value and technical merits rather than its potential as a frequently revisited classic in one’s collection.

    In conclusion, while "Sabotage" might not ascend to the pinnacle of Arnold Schwarzenegger's filmography in terms of replayability or iconic status, its Blu-ray release stands out for delivering a high-quality film experience with commendable video and audio. The movie is worth at least a rental for those curious about a different facet of Schwarzenegger’s acting repertoire or enthusiasts of action dramas. However, its appeal as a purchase might be best reserved for die-hard collectors or fans of the actor looking to complete their library with a technically solid albeit narrative-wise less compelling entry.