About Mighty Chroma

How did the magic journey of Mighty Chroma begin?

Mighty Chroma was started by Edoardo L'Astorina out of his passion for movies

Edoardo always had a big DVD collection. Then he had a big Blu Ray collection. And then he started a 4K UHD Blu Ray collection

During his days as an avid Blu Ray lover, he noticed that - regardless of how good a movie actually is - the quality of the transfer varied a lot

Picture quality was amazing on The Conjuring 2 while it was really bad on Hollow Man. He loved both movies, but watching one was a pleasure and watching the other became a chore. All down to the quality of the disc

Armed with his new knowledge and ready to embark on the adventure of buying his favorite movies all over again on the amazing brand new 4K UHD format he became more careful

Which movies were gonna look great? And which movies were gonna sound terrific?

And how do you find that out?

Lucky for Edoardo there were plenty of resources out there. Blu-ray.com, AVForums, AVS Forum and more all provided endless detailed reviews of just how good picture and sound quality were for each disc. That was amazing!

Every time he prepared himself to add a disc to his beloved collection Edoardo went on each of these sites and compared reviews. Every time

And after awhile that became a tiresome task. There were so many!

Was there a place out there were all the reviews were aggregated? Where he was gonna be able to find out at a glance - and without visiting multiple sites and waiting for each to load - just how good the disc that was thinking of buying was?

He looked and looked, and found nothing

So he decided to build one

Enter Mighty Chroma

A place for all of us movie lovers to come and explore our favorite titles. Where all the reviews are aggregated and we are able to know straight away whether the disc that we are looking to buy is worth our love, our time and our money

Is it True 4K? Is it from a 2K Digital Intermediate?

Does it have Dolby Atmos? DTS:X?

All our questions are answered - at least we hope!

So welcome to a place where we hope you are gonna find all the answers Edoardo always looked for

A place all of us movie lovers are always gonna be able to turn to when we wanna make sure that our beloved 4K UHD Blu Ray collection has amazing looking and amazing sounding titles

So that our love for movies translates to a catalog we get to enjoy privately, share with our friends and - why not - boast about in public loud and proud


How do we create our summaries?

When Mighty Chroma started we decided from the get-go we were going to disclose what our sources were and how we created our scores and summaries

Under fair use we always provide a short quote from each of our sources, show the score for each section - video, audio and more - and we always link to the full unedited original material on the source publication. And we credit the original author

Right out the gate - January 2019 - we created a set of our own artificial intelligence models and tools that interpret our sources and extract an appropriate quote and score for each section. We then used our own weighted algorithm to calculate our total averages based on factors like: score, number of sources available and age of the disc. Why age? Simple: as we know a stellar review of a disc released in 2016 has less bearing than a stellar review of a disc released in the current year, as technology - from restoring original film to compression algorithms - has evolved and the quality expected from today's discs is far higher

Starting January 2023 we introduced AI generated summaries. These are the ones we see at the top of each review, right beside our weighted average scores. These summaries are generated via our own language models along with OpenAI's GPT4 natural language interpreter

Our hope is that our approach can help usher a new era of respecting and crediting content creators and at the same time to employ the latest advances in AI to generate clear, concise content that helps our users understand the amalgamated view

At Mighty Chroma we want to give a clear guidance to movie lovers all around the world on how to build their best possible movie collection ever!