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18 Fun Facts: the Making of Michael Bay's Transformers

Jul 22

by Edoardo L'Astorina

Are you a Michael Bay fan?. Maybe you are. Kinetic camera work, intense performances, action scenes shot with as much in-camera effects as can be and painstaking attention to composition. Or maybe you just know Michael Bay as the big explosions guy?. Whether you like this director's unique style or whether you believe it lacks substance, you are probably gonna agree...

14 terms you need to know by heart before you buy a 4K Ultra HD Blu Ray

Feb 19

by Edoardo L'Astorina

So you just got your brand new 4K TV and an Ultra HD Blu Ray player. You’re an avid movie fan. And you just can’t wait to play Blade Runner, Inception, 2001: A Space Odyssey and many, many more outstanding and crisp 4K titles. But how are you going make your 4K UHD Blu Ray collection truly stand out?. How do you know which movies are true 4K and which ...