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Safe House


  • Score: 65

    from 2 reviewers

    Review Date:

  • Safe House offers thrilling performances & a strong Blu-ray, despite predictability.

    Safe House Blu-ray Front Cover

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  • Video: 73

  • Safe House's 1080p/AVC video excels with intentional grain, dynamic contrast, and vivid colors, capturing every nuanced detail and texture without distraction, embodying Espinosa and Wood's gritty vision flawlessly on Blu-ray.

  • Audio: 73

  • Universal's DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 boasts crystal-clear dialogue amid loud action, impressive LFE, and immersive rear activity, creating a potent and dynamic soundscape that's thrilling yet overwhelming at high volumes.

  • Extra: 50

  • Universal's bonus features merge interactive technology with depth, offering PiP interviews, action choreography insights, and a Second Screen app, all while delving into the film's making, stunts, and CIA portrayal.

  • Movie: 63

  • Safe House's action-packed yet predictable plot pairs well with Washington's depth and Reynolds's dynamic performance, echoing familiar genre motifs under Espinosa's direction.


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