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Magic Mike

Blu Ray

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  • Magic Mike: Soderbergh's flawed gem with standout performances and solid Blu-ray quality. Consider renting.

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  • Video
  • Magic Mike's sharp HD visuals impress despite the heavy yellow tint and murky darks, reflecting Soderbergh's distinctive color manipulation, while detail remains striking both on and off stage.

  • Audio
  • Warner's DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 immerses with lifelike club scenes, heavy bass, engaging dynamics, and clear dialogue, despite minor hiss distractions, making 'Magic Mike' audibly thrilling.

  • Extra
  • Features include a brief 7-min behind-the-scenes glimpse, a 19-min compilation of dance sequences, and 3 extended dances, although the backstage peek is more an EPK-style overview than the in-depth exploration suggested.

  • Movie
  • 2012 highlighted Channing Tatum's versatility in roles, from action to romance to comedy, culminating in 'Magic Mike,' a unique blend of Soderbergh's direction and Tatum's life, with mixed but memorable results.

    Video: 71

    The Blu-ray video presentation of "Magic Mike," shot entirely on Red Epic high definition cameras, delivers a visual experience that is both striking and idiosyncratic, reflecting director Steven Soderbergh's distinctive style. While the film dynamically captures the vivacious and colorful world of male entertainers through vibrant blues, reds, and purples on stage, it juxtaposes these scenes with a pervasive yellow tint in the mundane day-to-day settings, leading to a somewhat monochromatic effect. This deliberate color skewing results in varied skin tones, appearing jaundiced off-stage but lifelike during performances. Despite the inconsistencies in contrast and clarity, particularly in darker scenes which lean towards murkiness, the Warner's 1080p/AVC-encoded video transfer remains faithful to Soderbergh's vision. Detail is largely impressive, with well-resolved textures and crisp edges that maintain the film's clean and crisp digital sheen without significant digital compression artifacts like macroblocking, banding, or aliasing.

    Notwithstanding the contentious yellow filtering outside the dance hall scenes that might not appeal to everyone, the digital filming technique ensures that blacks and shadows are deep and detailed, never appearing flat. The high intensity of club lights and stage performances doesn't cause any noticeable blockings, and details in movement and texture shine through with remarkable clarity. Viewers can appreciate the nuanced visibility of muscles, skin texture, and even individual strands of hair, thanks to the high-definition transfer. Skin tones under the glare of stage lighting remain natural, ensuring that despite some unusual creative choices in color grading, "Magic Mike" stands out for its visual quality on Blu-ray. The film’s presentation expertly balances its stylistic quirks with technical proficiency, resulting in a viewing experience that, while it may diverge from conventional palettes, showcases Soderbergh’s cinematographic expertise and retains its aesthetic appeal in high definition.

    Audio: 76

    The Blu Ray audio presentation of "Magic Mike," particularly through its Warner's DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround track, delivers an invigorating auditory experience that closely mimics the electrifying atmosphere of the depicted club scenes. The audio mix masterfully utilizes the entire soundfield, ensuring each bass-heavy track, from classics like "It's Raining Men" to more modern beats such as "Gimme What You Got" and "Sassy Sexy Wiggle," is given a pulsating life of its own. The sub-woofer is put through its paces, reproducing deep, resonant low-end downbeats that are complemented by aggressive rear speaker support, capturing the essence of a live crowd's roar with an eerily realistic directionality. Amid the high energy club sequences, dialogue remains crystal clear and well-positioned within the mix, maintaining intelligibility even amidst layered conversations and whispered lines, showcasing a careful balance between the foreground and background audio elements.

    The dynamic range of the soundtrack effectively mirrors the film’s vibrant energy, transitioning smoothly between the raucous club settings and quieter, more intimate moments without losing the immersive quality of ambient effects and interior acoustics. This seamless shift ensures that while the volume may decrease, the immersive experience does not. Additional sounds, such as the distant conversations and street noise, introduce an authentic layer to the scenes, though they occasionally introduce elements of hiss that can distract. However, these moments are fleeting and do little to detract from the overall auditory spectacle.

    Ultimately, "Magic Mike's" audio presentation excels in delivering a sonic experience that is as commanding as it is subtle when required. The combination of pounding bass lines, accurately placed crowd noises, and crystal-clear dialogue creates a compelling auditory experience. This soundtrack not only enhances the visual feast of the film but invites the audience into the energetic world of dance and music portrayed on screen, making it an essential aspect of the Blu Ray edition for fans who appreciate depth and quality in their audiovisual consumption.

    Extra: 38

    The extra presentation of the Blu Ray of "Magic Mike" offers a compact though engaging glimpse behind the scenes and into the film's standout dance sequences. While the 'Backstage on Magic Mike' featurette promises an in-depth behind-the-scenes exploration, it ultimately delivers a brief, EPK-style overview of the cast and crew, lasting merely 7 minutes. This might leave those hungry for comprehensive insights a tad underwhelmed. However, the inclusion of 'Dance Play Mode' and 'Extended Dance Sequences' compensates by showcasing the film's choreographic brilliance. The former offers a 19-minute compilation of all dance numbers, while the latter presents three extended routines totaling 9 minutes, providing fans a deeper appreciation of the film's dance artistry.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Backstage on Magic Mike: A quick behind-the-scenes featurette with the cast and crew.

    • Dance Play Mode: A compilation of all dance sequences from the film.

    • Extended Dance Sequences: Includes three extended dances showcasing more of the film's choreography.

    Movie: 63

    Channing Tatum’s year of cinematic surprises reaches another high note with "Magic Mike," an offering as unexpected as his explosive cameo in "Haywire" and as successful as the heart-tugging "The Vow." Under the nuanced direction of Steven Soderbergh, "Magic Mike" emerges as a thought-provoking narrative woven from the real-life threads of Tatum’s stint as a male stripper. The film steps beyond mere entertainment, scripting a story that navigates the underbelly of gig economy with a surprising emotional depth and authenticity. Tatum embodies Mike with a compelling mixture of ambition and vulnerability, portraying a man caught between dreams of entrepreneurial success and the gilded cage of his current reality. Despite occasional narrative missteps, particularly in underdeveloped supporting characters, the film's dance sequences dazzle, underscored by Reid Carolin's script that manages to package a complex character study within the glittering world of male entertainment.

    Soderbergh's portrayal of this lurid yet fascinating profession sidesteps cliché, offering instead a canvas for exploring personal growth and the cost of ambition. His unorthodox approach to dialogue and scene composition — allowing conversations to unfold with an organic rhythm — further elevates "Magic Mike" above its surface-level premise. However, not all gambits pay off. Peripheral characters, especially the strippers alongside Mike, suffer from a lack of development, reducing some to mere caricatures. This oversight starkly contrasts with the richly drawn leads, particularly Tatum’s Mike and McConaughey's magnetic Dallas, whose performances anchor the film. Despite these shortcomings, "Magic Mike" remains an entertaining foray into the domain of male stripping, offering both spectacle and substance while showcasing Soderbergh’s capability to transcend genre confines.

    Total: 66

    Magic Mike," despite its flair and energy, might not be considered Steven Soderbergh's magnum opus, yet it unmistakably carries his signature style - an indie vibe that sets it apart, albeit not consistently across all elements of the film. The performances by Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Olivia Munn, combined with several remarkable dance sequences, surpass expectations and serve as the highlight of this cinematic experience. However, beyond these aspects, the film struggles to maintain its momentum. The Blu-ray edition, thankfully, compensates for some of the film's shortcomings through a stellar video transfer and an exceptional DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround track. Nevertheless, the special features package leaves much to be desired, presenting a rather sparse offering for those intrigued by the behind-the-scenes and additional content.

    Steven Soderbergh's knack for crafting compelling character dramas shines through in "Magic Mike," where he turns what could have been dismissed as a superficial narrative into a darkly humorous and cautionary tale. The movie provides a platform for Channing Tatum not only to showcase his commendable dance skills but also his ability to deliver a performance filled with humor and depth. For viewers skeptical about giving this film a chance, especially fans of Soderbergh's work, "Magic Mike" is recommended viewing, demonstrating that the film merits attention beyond its surface-level appeal.

    In conclusion, "Magic Mike" on Blu-ray offers a visually and audibly rewarding experience that is likely to appeal to existing fans and perhaps those still on the fence. While it may not rank as Steve Soderbergh's best work, its unique charm, anchored by strong performances and slick production values, make it a worthy addition to one’s collection. However, potential buyers might be swayed by the lack of extensive special features, suggesting a rental might be prudent for the uninitiated before committing to purchase.