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I, Robot

Blu Ray

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  • I, Robot on Blu-ray dazzles, marrying high-quality action and tech, slightly marred by missing features.

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  • Video
  • 'I, Robot' Blu-ray boasts a near-perfect 1080p transfer, with stunning details and flawless imagery, hailed as a top demo disc for its impeccable quality.

  • Audio
  • 'I, Robot' impresses with its top-tier Blu-ray audio/visuals, offering a stunningly immersive experience with exceptional clarity and realism.

  • Extra
  • I, Robot Blu-ray offers extensive supplements and innovative navigation but is critiqued for complexity and content cuts, still presenting a detailed look at filmmaking and design with some frustrations in accessibility and reduced bonus material.

  • Movie
  • I, Robot" melds thrilling action with deep sci-fi themes, captivatingly balancing intellectual depth and blockbuster appeal under Alex Proyas's direction.

    Video: 76

    The Blu-ray presentation of "I, Robot" offers an exemplary video quality that is a testament to the capabilities of the format, boasting a 1080p, 2.35:1 aspect ratio transfer that ranks among the best available. The transfer showcases the film's glossy aesthetic with remarkable clarity, presenting a stunningly detailed view of future Chicago and its inhabitants. Colors are vivid and robust, skin tones are flawlessly natural, and the black levels achieve the rare feat of being both deep and nuanced. Textural details, such as the materials of clothing and the urban landscape, are rendered with impressive fidelity, giving every frame a lifelike depth that enhances the viewing experience substantially.

    The disc's audiovisual prowess is further highlighted by its reference-quality AVC-encoded transfer which transforms every scene into a visual feast. From the consistently pleasing grain levels to the absence of any compression artifacts or color banding, the image quality remains steadfastly pristine throughout the movie's duration. The washed-metal palette of the film enhances the visual storytelling, with faultless flesh tones, vibrant primaries, and revealing shadows contributing to an almost three-dimensional look. This superior transfer not only surpasses the quality of its DVD predecessor and the original theatrical presentation but also sets a high bar for Blu-ray releases in general.

    Technical excellence extends to the fine details, boasting crisply defined edges and extensive texture clarity that invite viewers to inspect each scene meticulously from start to finish. The contrast is strikingly effective, brightening the image to create a captivating picture window effect that adds to the immersive experience. In essence, 'I, Robot' on Blu-ray is not merely a visual treat; it is a showcase of how far home entertainment technology has come, offering an unmatched demonstrative piece for any high-definition setup.

    Audio: 76

    The audio presentation of "I, Robot" on Blu-ray, masterfully encapsulated by the DTS HD 5.1 Master Lossless Audio track, sets a new benchmark for home theater experiences, mirroring its visually stunning counterpart in quality and immersiveness. The opening scenes immediately immerse the listener with an impeccable sound envelopment, bringing forth an underwater sensation that is as convincing as it is enthralling. The orchestral score is reproduced with such clarity and vibrancy, it feels as though the musicians are performing live within your living space. Additionally, the surround channels are tirelessly employed, not just in action-packed sequences but also in quieter moments, adding layers of depth and realism that continually enhance the viewing experience. Public address announcements and background noises seamlessly integrate with the visual cues, creating a meticulously detailed and immersive soundscape.

    In terms of technical execution, the audio mix showcases an extraordinary level of fidelity and dynamism, from the rumbling lows to the crispest highs. The low-frequency effects (LFE), particularly during sequences of mechanical uproar or intense action, offer an astounding depth and power that can be physically felt. Machine gun fire and the destructive prowess of robots are rendered with a precision and intensity that are both thrilling and overwhelming, showcasing an LFE track that competes with the best in high-definition releases. Furthermore, the spatial accuracy of sound movements across channels, combined with an aggressive rear channel support, crafts a 360-degree auditory experience where sounds transition so smoothly they elicit genuine reactions from the audience, as if the events were unfolding within their own environment.

    Dialogue clarity remains uncompromised amidst the sonic complexity of the film's soundscape. Every line is discernible, maintaining a sharpness and prioritization that ensures no piece of dialogue is lost or overshadowed by the surrounding auditory chaos. This attention to detail in preserving dialogue intelligibility, combined with the strategic use of sound to extend the film's narrative space, solidifies "I, Robot’s" Blu-ray audio presentation as not only a reference-quality achievement but a hallmark of how film soundtracks can elevate the home viewing experience to new heights. This fusion of technical excellence and creative sound design makes the audio aspect of "I, Robot" on Blu-ray a compelling case study in auditory mastery.

    Extra: 69

    The Blu-ray release of "I, Robot" attempts to innovate with its array of special features, anchored to a unique in-movie experience that allows viewers direct access via the color-coded buttons on their remote. However, this innovation is somewhat overshadowed by the studio's decision to trim content, offering a reduced total of special extras compared to the more comprehensive collection found in the previous Collector's Edition DVD. While the presentation allows for an engaging way to explore behind-the-scenes footage, commentary tracks, and scene-specific documentaries seamlessly intertwined with movie viewing, the execution falls short in user-friendliness and completeness. Notably, viewers gain insight through three diverse commentary tracks—including insights from Director Alex Proyas and Composer Marco Beltrami—and can delve into featurettes on CGI, design, and production. Despite these merits, the frustration lies in the convoluted navigation system and the noticeable omission of significant documentary content previously available, pointing to a missed opportunity for truly definitive supplemental material.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Day Out of Days: Production Diaries: Explores nearly every aspect of the film's creation from screenplay through final edit.
    • CGI and Design: Deep dive into production design with sketches, storyboards, and raw footage.
    • Sentient Machines: Robotic Behavior: Focuses on real-world robotics and A.I., ignoring the film's production.
    • The Filmmakers' Toolbox: Breaks down visual effects and CGI integration in scenes.
    • Enhanced and Deleted Scenes: Includes alternative endings and deleted scenes that didn't make the final cut.

    Movie: 66

    In "I, Robot," set in a 2035 Chicago painted by director Alex Proyas, audiences are transported into a visually spectacular future where robotics define daily life. Will Smith stars as Detective Del Spooner, who harbors deep suspicion and prejudice against robots, despite society's overwhelming reliance on them. The movie, based loosely on Eando Binder's story rather than Isaac Asimov's collection, takes creative liberties to explore themes of sentience, morality, and the potential perils of unchecked technological advancement. Proyas melds kinetic action with intellectual depth, crafting a narrative that questions the relationship between humanity and its creations. While the film features breathtaking action sequences and state-of-the-art special effects, it does not shy away from delving into the ethical complexities of robotics and artificial intelligence, making it more than just a mindless summer blockbuster.

    Amidst the eye-catching CGI and thrilling stunts, "I, Robot" presents a compelling morality tale. Spooner's investigation into the supposed suicide of Dr. Alfred Lanning leads to the discovery of Sonny, a unique robot with the ability to act beyond the constraints of the Three Laws of Robotics. This plot device serves as a gateway to discussions on trust, compassion, and humanity's overreliance on technology. While some may find the film veers too much towards action in its final act, thereby diluting its message, the strong performances - particularly Alan Tudyk's voicework as Sonny - add depth to the narrative. Smith's portrayal of Spooner is commendable, though occasionally hampered by an over-reliance on his known screen persona. The interplay of character dynamics, alongside Proyas's distinct direction, elevates "I, Robot" from mere entertainment to a thought-provoking piece on futuristic existentialism.

    Despite its deviations from Asimov's original themes, "I, Robot" stands on its own as a visually stunning, intellectually engaging film. Proyas expertly balances explosive action with significant questions about the ethical use of technology and the dangers of hubris in innovation. While the movie sometimes struggles under the weight of its ambition - particularly in maintaining consistent pacing amid its high-octane sequences - it succeeds in sparking contemplation among viewers. Its treatment of robotics and AI presents a nuanced view that invites reflection long after the credits roll, proving that "I, Robot" deserves recognition beyond its surface-level appeal as an action-packed sci-fi adventure.

    Total: 74

    In the realm of science fiction and action, "I, Robot" emerges as a not-to-be-missed spectacle on Blu-ray, an edition that demonstrates Fox's premiere craftsmanship in the arena of home entertainment. This release masterfully blends high-octane thrills with an intellectually engaging narrative, cementing its position as a cut above in the competitive world of action/sci-fi. The movie, while taking creative liberties with Isaac Asimov's original stories, flourishes under its challenge-seeking director and a committed cast, offering audiences more than just visual and special effects splendor. It's the exceptional video and audio quality that elevates this Blu-ray release to reference levels, making it a showcase example of what modern home media can achieve.

    Despite its towering achievements in both storytelling and technical execution, the Blu-ray edition of "I, Robot" is not without its caveats. Some may find the omission of 90 minutes worth of featurettes, previously available on the Collector's Edition DVD, a slight against this otherwise exemplary edition. This missing content slightly dims the luster of what could have been an unequivocal recommendation, leaving enthusiasts bracing for a potential future release that might encapsulate the entirety of bonus materials. Nonetheless, the wealth of comprehensive special features present in this edition still marks a significant advancement in how extras are curated and presented, underlining Fox's ongoing innovation in Blu-ray content delivery.

    In conclusion, "I, Robot" on Blu-ray not only excels as a thrilling piece of cinema but also as a paragon of what a home entertainment edition can offer. Despite minor setbacks due to absent features from previous releases, the superior audio-visual presentation and groundbreaking approach to special features make this release a commendable addition to any collection. It stands as a testament to the evolving excellence of Blu-ray media, meriting high praise and recommendation, albeit with a mindful eye towards future, more complete editions.