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Hot Fuzz

4K Ultra HD

Blu Ray

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  • Hot Fuzz is a solid spoof and action film, but its 4K UHD set's image and sound quality leave room for improvement.

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    2K Upscale
  • Video
  • The image's 4K potential is underwhelming with mediocre WCG and HDR enhancements leading to inaccurate flesh-tones and muted colors, despite slight clarity in close-ups; distant scenes remain vague.

  • Audio
  • The audio mix delivers a dynamic, immersive experience with clear dialogue and pulsating scores, leveraging low-end capabilities and detailed sound effects, though occasionally feeling excessive.

  • Extra
  • This collection compiles all extras from previous releases, including behind-the-scenes featurettes, commentaries by Edgar Wright and others, Wright's early cop film with additional content, but offers no new material.

  • Movie
  • The film, boasting a stellar British cast and directed by Wright, masterfully blends high tension with humor, smart dialogue, and plausible yet farfetched scenarios, all while humorously critiquing paranoia.

    Video: 77

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray presentation of "Hot Fuzz" brings with it high expectations from its transition to ultra-high definition, expectations that are met with a mix of mild satisfaction and notable disappointment. The promise of a richer visual experience falls somewhat short as the transfer, despite being in 4K resolution, originates from a 2K digital intermediate. This foundation results in only a slight improvement in clarity and sharpness when contrasted with its predecessors. Furthermore, while the inclusion of WCG (Wide Color Gamut) and HDR (High Dynamic Range) aimed to enhance the visual depth and realism, their implementation yields inconsistent outcomes. Flesh tones occasionally appear unnaturally skewed, and while the HDR treatment enriches certain colors—most notably reds and yellows—bringing them a vibrant depth, other hues lack this impact, leaving one questioning the consistency of the color enhancement efforts.

    The detailed dynamics of close-up shots demonstrate a marginally improved detail that reminisces of the quality once praised in former HD DVD presentations. However, this enhancement is restricted to such proximities as wider scenes suffer from a loss of definition. Distances are cloaked in a smear-like quality that detracts from the overall clarity, diluting the potential for a truly immersive visual experience. This issue underscores a fundamental challenge in upscaling content, wherein the original resolution limitations become evident, hampering the effectiveness of the 4K UHD treatment.

    In summary, while "Hot Fuzz" on 4K UHD Blu-Ray does exhibit moments of visual brilliance, especially in its enriched reds and yellows and marginally sharper close-ups, it concurrently faces setbacks. The inconsistencies in color handling and the smeared details in wider shots reveal the limitations of its source material and the challenges inherent in upscaling. The expectations set by the potential of 4K UHD technology are thus only partially fulfilled, leaving viewers with a presentation that, while improved, could undoubtedly have been better leveraged to showcase this cult classic in a new light.

    Audio: 87

    The audio presentation of the "Hot Fuzz" 4K UHD Blu-ray primarily impresses with its clarity and immersion, despite a few shortcomings in its use of the advanced audio channels. Dialogue is delivered with exceptional clarity and natural tone, with the mix providing a satisfactory sense of directionality. This ensures that every spoken word is intelligible, grounding the viewer firmly in the unfolding narrative, even amidst the most action-packed scenes.

    The sound track takes full advantage of its dynamic range, particularly in the lower frequencies, which adds a robust backbone to both the film's score and its various sound effects. From the subtle ambiance of a light rain to the thunderous roar of explosions, viewers are treated to an aural experience that is both intense and meticulously detailed. The music and score punctuate the film’s progression with pulsating energy, enriching the overall sensory experience.

    However, it appears that the sound mixers might have faced constraints with time or resources, leading to a somewhat conservative use of added sound channels. The more complex aural opportunities, where enveloping atmospheric sounds could have been enhanced by these additional channels, seem to have been overlooked or underutilized. As such, while the audio presentation excels in delivering clarity, richness, and dynamic support for the film’s large-scale sound details, there's a sense of missed potential in fully immersing the audience through a more expansive and inventive use of the sound field.

    Extra: 89

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray presentation of "Hot Fuzz" packs an impressive array of extras that ensure fans and newcomers alike are provided with a comprehensive behind-the-scenes look at the making of this cult classic. From the exhaustive collection of featurettes covering various aspects of the film's production to the inclusion of Edgar Wright's first cop flick from 1993 with its own making-of material and commentaries, this edition leaves no stone unturned. The extras also feature all of the beloved content from previous releases, including insightful audio commentaries by Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Joe Cornish, but it's worth noting that there are no new additions exclusive to this release. Nonetheless, the compilation of deleted scenes, outtakes, and various video blogs offers a thorough deep dive into the creative process behind "Hot Fuzz," ensuring that this release stands as the definitive edition for aficionados of the film.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • The Man Who Would Be Fuzz: A closer look into the character development.
    • Hot Funk: Exploring the soundtrack of the film.
    • Danny's Notebook: The Other Side: Insights into character motivation.
    • Additional Video Blogs: Including '4 Cars', 'Meet the Makers', 'Join the Fuzz', 'In for Questioning', 'On Duty', and 'iTunes Blogs 1 - 5'.
    • Trailers: Featuring the theatrical and more.
    • Inadmissible: Deleted Scenes enriching the narrative.
    • Outtakes: A compilation of humorous mishaps during filming.
    • The Evidence Room: Delving into the details of the film's crime elements.
    • The Fuzzball Rally -- Uncut: A comprehensive commentary by Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, & Joe Cornish.
    • Commentary Tracks: Enriching discussions with key creators and cast.

    Movie: 88

    Hot Fuzz," presented in 4K UHD Blu-ray, is a stellar showcase of British cinematic talent, both in front of and behind the camera. Directed by Edgar Wright, the film expertly balances tension and humor, never sacrificing one for the other. The dialogue is notably sharp and swift, with the narrative pushing the boundaries of realism just enough to be engaging without losing its grip on believability. The ensemble cast, a veritable who’s who of British actors, brings to life this meticulously crafted world with a seamless blend of comedy and drama. The plot centers around the absurdity and extremes of small-town life, presenting far-fetched situations that somehow remain convincingly grounded, thanks in large part to its strong character work and coherent storyline.

    The film positions itself uniquely within its era, emerging just before the peak of Judd Apatow's influence on comedy and cleverly navigating its decline. "Hot Fuzz" stands out by straddling genres, paying tribute to classic filmmaking styles and conventions while forging its own identity. This delicate equilibrium is maintained throughout, demonstrating Wright's adeptness at blending homage with innovation. The richness of this balance is further enhanced by the clarity and precision of the 4K UHD presentation, which elevates the viewing experience, allowing audiences to appreciate the nuanced visuals and intricate sound design that underscore the film's comedic and thematic intentions.

    The presentation’s highest comedic achievement lies in its exploration of the ludicrous, notably in depicting the townsfolk's exaggerated fears, which range from comically trivial to bizarrely paranoid. This satire extends to a critique of small-town conservatism, with Wright using humor to dissect and lay bare the often-absurd nature of societal norms. "Hot Fuzz," in its 4K UHD Blu-ray incarnation, not only stands as a testament to Edgar Wright's directorial prowess but also exemplifies the enduring appeal of smart, genre-aware cinema that respects its audience's intelligence while delivering unabated entertainment.

    Total: 88

    The 4K UHD Blu Ray release of "Hot Fuzz" delivers both a compelling cinematic experience, underscored by its prowess as a top-tier action spoof, and a mixed bag in terms of visual upgrade from Paramount. While the film itself shines with its sharp wit, tight scripting, and dynamic portrayal of action genre tropes, the technical offering on this medium struggles to fully complement these strengths. The up-scaled image quality, unfortunately, leaves a bit to be desired; it presents as somewhat soft and flat, lacking the depth and vibrancy expected from a 4K presentation. This results in a visual experience that, although passable at first glance, clearly signifies missed opportunities for enhancing the film’s visual appeal.

    On the auditory front, the Blu Ray excels, providing an aural experience that adds significantly to the overall enjoyment of the film. Dialogue is delivered with crystal clarity, ensuring that the film's razor-sharp humor and intricate plot details are never missed. The score and music pulse with energy, enhancing every moment of action and suspense. Moreover, the wide range of sound effects, from subtle environmental sounds like raindrops to the booming cacophony of explosions, creates an immersive soundscape that genuinely elevates the viewer's experience. This exceptional audio quality demonstrates the release's capacity to capture the essence of the film’s dynamism and comedic timing through sound.

    In conclusion, while the 4K UHD Blu Ray of "Hot Fuzz" offers an impressive sonic experience that undoubtedly enriches the viewer's engagement with the film, the visual component does not meet the same standard. The lackluster image quality dampens what could have been a fully immersive viewing experience. Despite this, the release remains a worthy addition to any collection, thanks to its unparalleled auditory presentation and the enduring appeal of "Hot Fuzz" as a cleverly constructed critique of action movie excesses. For fans seeking to relive the humor and adrenaline-pumping action of "Hot Fuzz," this Blu Ray provides a serviceable if imperfect option.