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Pineapple Express

Blu Ray

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  • Despite Atmos's underperformance, other speakers, video, and audio quality impress in early UHD offerings.

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    True 4K
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    Dolby TrueHD
  • Video
  • While the UHD upgrade enhances details like facial textures and clothing in the 1080p image, especially Carol's uniform, the transition from HD to UHD offers a subtler improvement compared to 'Hancock,' making the upgrade's value less clear.

  • Audio
  • The movie's sound design, favoring a front-end stage with clear dialogue and minor effects, lacks immersiveness but uses overhead speakers to broaden the stage and showcase its dynamic range.

  • Extra
  • Pineapple Express' UHD release features no new supplements but includes commentary and a new menu system, alongside 'Direct-O-Rama,' offering behind-the-scenes insights with director David Gordon Green.

  • Movie
  • On window load, initiate image opacity transition with ease-in effect over 0.30s; paralleling Saul's unpredictable humor that always catches Dale off-guard.

    Video: 77

    The Blu-ray presentation of "Pineapple Express" offers a commendable leap in visual quality, particularly when scrutinized through the lens of its 1080p image delivery. The nuances of the picture are distinctly captured, from the very textures of characters’ faces and hair to the intricate details of their attire, such as Carol's police uniform, which showcases remarkable clarity. Similarly, objects of smaller size but significant to the visual narrative, like a police badge, benefit substantially from the enhanced resolution provided by the Ultra HD (UHD) version. This upgrade manifests a clear commitment to delivering a high-fidelity visual experience that leverages the latest in display technology.

    However, the transition between High Definition (HD) content that's been uprezzed to UHD and native UHD footage results in a viewing experience that might not be as consistently groundbreaking as one would hope, especially when compared to other cinematic works that have undergone similar treatment. While there's an undeniable improvement in visual quality that comes with the UHD version, the differences can at times feel subtle, which raises questions about the value proposition of investing in this upgrade. This observation is particularly pertinent when considering other titles, like 'Hancock,' where the upgrade to UHD presents a more dramatic enhancement in visual quality.

    In summary, the Blu-ray release of "Pineapple Express" shines in its enhanced details and texture work, making it a treat for those who appreciate the finer points of visual presentation. Yet, the decision to upgrade to the UHD version for a notably superior viewing experience might not seem as clear-cut, given the subtle nature of improvements in some instances. As such, potential buyers should weigh their options carefully, considering both the technical merits and their personal value on visual fidelity.

    Audio: 77

    The audio track of "Pineapple Express" on Blu-ray presents a sound design that predominantly utilizes a frontal soundstage, where the emphasis is placed on dialogue and subtle sound effects. These elements are delivered with remarkable clarity and a high level of detail, ensuring that every spoken word and minor audio cue is discernible to the listener. This approach prioritizes a clear and direct audio experience, focusing on the essentials of the film's auditory components without overwhelming the audience with unnecessary complexity.

    Furthermore, the implementation of overhead speakers comes into play to subtly enhance the track's spatial dynamics. Although the audio presentation does not fully immerse the audience in a multidirectional sound environment, the strategic use of these speakers serves to expand the soundstage beyond its front-end orientation. This expansion showcases the audio track's dynamic range, allowing for a richer and slightly more enveloping listening experience. Music and selective effects benefit greatly from this treatment, gaining an additional layer of depth that complements the primary audio elements.

    Overall, the Blu-ray audio presentation of "Pineapple Express" achieves a balanced mix that supports the film's narrative and comedic elements without venturing into overly complex auditory territories. The strategic use of the soundstage and overhead speakers demonstrates a thoughtful application of audio techniques to enhance the movie-watching experience subtly. This careful balance ensures that the audio remains engaging and dynamic, highlighting the importance of both precision in dialogue delivery and the measured incorporation of spatial sound effects to elevate the film's overall impact.

    Extra: 77

    The "Pineapple Express" Blu-ray extras section, while maintaining a selective approach, emphasizes quality over quantity. There is a noticeable absence of brand-new supplements for the UHD disc, yet it compensates with the inclusion of a well-implemented commentary track. Notably, the Blu-ray introduces a refined menu system that suggests Sony's forward-looking standards. Among the extra features, "Direct-O-Rama" stands out, offering viewers a brief, yet insightful glimpse into the directorial process of David Gordon Green. This featurette juxtaposes neatly cut scenes backed by Green's off-camera directions, presenting a raw and unfiltered look at the film's production dynamics. The minimalistic yet effective collection of extras ensures that enthusiasts and newcomers alike gain added value from this edition without overwhelming them with content.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Commentary Track: Available on the UHD disc.
    • New Menu System: Enhanced interface designed by Sony.
    • Direct-O-Rama: Behind-the-scenes clips featuring director David Gordon Green.

    Movie: 74

    The Blu Ray presentation of "Pineapple Express" manages to encapsulate the essence of the film's comedic brilliance and dynamic character interplay in an enhanced visual experience. The quality of the Blu Ray enhances the vibrant cinematography and detailed set pieces, making the absurdity of Dale and Saul's adventure even more immersive. The focus on technical details is meticulous—ensuring that every frame, from the lush, green hideouts to the dingy interiors where much of the action unfolds, is crisp and inviting. It's a transformation that respects the original theatrical release while offering something fresh to even the most discerning viewers.

    A standout feature of this high-definition presentation is the way it elevates the performances of Seth Rogen (Dale) and James Franco (Saul). Their chemistry is the lifeblood of the movie, and through the enhanced clarity that Blu Ray offers, their interactions become more engaging. Saul's outlandish comments and Dale's flabbergasted reactions are delivered with a vividness that adds layers to their comedic timing. The technical prowess of the Blu Ray does not just serve the action and scenery; it underscores the nuances of their relationship—making every glance, smirk, and eyebrow raise significantly more impactful.

    Moreover, the technical enhancements bring a new level of appreciation to the film's soundtrack and effects. The audio is distinctly clearer, enveloping viewers in the whacky world of "Pineapple Express" with greater depth. Every sound, from the subtle rustling of leaves during chase sequences to the distinctive soundtrack choices that punctuate Dale and Saul's hijinks, is rendered with precision. This attention to audio-visual details not only complements the storytelling but elevates it, making this Blu Ray presentation an essential experience for fans and newcomers alike.

    Total: 77

    The Blu-Ray release of "Pineapple Express" offers a mixed bag in terms of technical prowess, displaying a somewhat uneven balance in audio-visual performance. On the one hand, the Ultra High Definition (UHD) video presentation is cited as a definitive improvement over previous editions, situating this release among the more competent early UHD offerings on the market. The video quality is praised for its clarity and depth, capturing the chaos and comedy of the film with an added layer of visual crispness that fans will appreciate. However, it's noted that while the improvement is significant, it doesn't quite reach the pinnacle of what's currently available in UHD formats, leaving some room for further enhancement.

    On the audio front, the Blu-Ray struggles to deliver a fully satisfying auditory experience. Although the Atmos sound mix was intended to be a selling point, it falls short of expectations, providing a somewhat underwhelming auditory environment. This disappointment is slightly mitigated by the performance of the other speakers within the setup, which manage to support the overall sound landscape adequately. It becomes apparent that while there is an attempt to offer a superior sonic experience, the execution does not fully capitalize on Atmos technology's potential for immersive sound.

    In conclusion, while the "Pineapple Express" Blu-Ray boasts noticeable improvements in video quality, making it a worthy addition for UHD enthusiasts and fans of the film, the audio presentation leaves something to be desired, particularly concerning its Atmos mix. The solid video upgrade is enough reason for a purchase, but audiophiles might find the sound quality lacking compared to what might be expected from a contemporary Blu-Ray release. Ultimately, this release presents a bit of a mixed experience that shines visually but doesn't quite meet the mark audibly.