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Doomsday Book

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Director: Jee-woon Kim, Pil-sung Yim

Actors: Choi Deok-moon, Ma Dong-seok, Bae Doona


In the first segment of a three-part anthology, society faces the unintended consequences of our interconnected world when an errant computer virus starts a chain reaction of events. A young technician at a high-tech waste disposal company discovers an odd malfunction in the system but neglects it to pursue personal matters. This negligence triggers a series of mishaps that leads to the virus spreading beyond control. The virus infects a domestic robot named RU-4, transforming it into a self-aware entity. The robot's journey for identity and meaning inadvertently blurs the lines between technology and human spirituality, challenging the characters to reconsider the nature of life and artificial intelligence.

The second story focuses on a dysfunctional family caught in a peculiar situation when a child's innocent actions unleash a catastrophic scenario. The boy orders what he believes is a simple meat delivery for his family's dinner, but the package has a dangerous secret. This oversight has dire ramifications, unleashing a potential apocalyptic threat. As the family tries to grapple with the escalating situation, the government and the media become involved, trying to prevent widespread panic. Meanwhile, the fabric of societal norms begins to unravel, putting personal and communal ethics to the test in the face of potential doom. The family's dynamic, cross-cut with reactions from different societal segments, paints a satirical and dire portrait of humanity's propensity towards self-destruction and the unpredictability of life.


Writers: Jee-woon Kim, Hwan-Hee Lee, Su-min Park

Release Date: 11 Apr 2012

Runtime: 115 min

Rating: Not Rated

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean, English, Russian


Doomsday Book Blu-ray Front Cover

Score: 66

Doomsday Book

Blu Ray

Doomsday Book offers unique, enjoyable segments but lacks cohesion, akin to older anthologies.

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