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A Beautiful Planet

4K Ultra HD Blu-ray

  • Score: 64

    from 2 reviewers

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  • A Beautiful Planet offers a life-changing perspective & stunning 4K visuals; audio issues noted.

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  • Video: 87

  • 'A Beautiful Planet' in UHD dazzles with unparalleled clarity and vibrant HDR colors, showcasing Earth's splendor against space's depth; however, reviewers lack HDR10+ capability. Mill Creek provides a fix for sync errors without easy disc identification.

  • Audio: 79

  • A Beautiful Planet" offers an immersive DTS:X soundtrack with clear, precise details and a stunning 4K visual presentation, enhanced by IMAX and HDR10+, though not without minor setbacks.

  • Extra: 72

  • A Beautiful Planet offers a UHD and Blu-ray package with digital code, featuring brief insights on ISS filming in IMAX, astronaut training for shooting, climate change, and digital renders, yet lacks depth.

  • Movie: 84

  • A Beautiful Planet" offers a unique, breathtaking view of Earth from space, highlighting both natural wonders and environmental issues, with immersive IMAX visuals and astronaut insights.