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Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Blu Ray

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  • 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall': A hilarious, endearing gem with top-notch audio-visuals and extras. Recommended!

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  • Video
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall's Blu-ray shines with Hawaii's vivid scenery and consistent quality despite minor edge enhancement and a glow-y actor flaw, maintaining a 1.85:1 aspect ratio.

  • Audio
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall's 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio excels in dialogue clarity and musical fidelity, offering good front and rear channel sound without breaking new ground in sound design, yet remains a faithful, recommended presentation.

  • Extra
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall Blu-ray boasts hilarious extras like Drunk-o-Rama & a Dracula musical, with a fun cast commentary, making it a uniquely entertaining package.

  • Movie
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall delivers a mix of raucous humor and heart, led by Jason Segel's earnest performance, amidst critiques of Apatow's comedic formula's flaws and excesses.

    Video: 67

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall's Blu-ray video presentation is a testament to the vibrant and picturesque Hawaiian setting that serves as the film's backdrop. The AVC MPEG-4 1080p encode respects the movie's original 1.85:1 theatrical aspect ratio, bringing the island's famous black sand beaches, lush colorful flora, and breathtaking ocean vistas to life with an unprecedented clarity. This comedy stands out with its deep green hues and vivid primary colors that leap off the screen, thanks to a fairly striking transfer that goes above and beyond what is typically expected from the genre. While the image detail may not rival the best of Blu-ray encodes, it faithfully replicates the theatrical experience with stable contrast, just-above-reference-level black levels, and an image largely free from edge enhancement and artifacts.

    The visual experience of Forgetting Sarah Marshall on Blu-ray is further enhanced by the crisp, artifact, and grain-free image that adds a commendable sense of depth to the presentation. The bright and crisp island colors pop with intensity, creating an appealing visual aesthetic that enhances the storytelling. Scenes featuring waves breaking, palm trees swaying, and the memorable puppet Dracula show are particularly notable for their high-definition allure. Despite these strengths, there is a minor downside to the otherwise stellar visual quality: a slight glow-effect around actors, which doesn't detract significantly from the overall experience but is a detail worth mentioning for potential buyers.

    Overall, this Blu-ray does an admirable job of capturing and presenting the film's scenic beauty and comedic charm. It’s a lush visual feast that elevates Forgetting Sarah Marshall above many of its contemporaries in the comedy genre visually. While not without its minor flaws, such as the slightly glowy appearance of actors, these do little to diminish the richly detailed and color-drenched landscape that makes this release a worthy addition to any high-definition library.

    Audio: 64

    In the world of home cinema, comedies often don't push the boundaries of audio fidelity or creativity, a trend that "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" does little to challenge. However, within this limitation, the Blu Ray audio presentation shines in key areas. The 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track ensures a high-quality listening experience, faithfully reproducing the film's audio with clarity and precision. Although the movie does not heavily utilize the surround sound channels, occasionally leveraging ambient effects for added depth, it maintains a professional balance between front and rear channels. The overall effect enhances the atmosphere without overwhelming the viewer, demonstrating an effective if understated use of the available sound field.

    Central to the movie's appeal is its dialogue and music, both of which benefit significantly from the lossless audio encoding. Dialogue is prominently positioned in the center channel, maintaining crystal-clear intelligibility without distortion across various scenes. This clarity extends to the musical moments; significant considering both Jason Segel and Russell Brand's characters often burst into song. These sequences, along with the broader soundtrack, enjoy a front-stage presence that is both vibrant and full-bodied. The bass response is particularly noteworthy, adding a rich undertone to musical performances without detracting from the dialogue.

    Despite not setting new standards in sound design, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" presents an audio experience that wonderfully supports its narrative and comedic elements. The meticulous attention to dialogue clarity and musical fidelity pays off by offering an immersive experience that remains true to the director's vision. While it may not fully exploit the capabilities of a home surround sound system, it achieves a commendable balance, ensuring that every line and lyric contributes to the overall enjoyment of the film.

    Extra: 72

    The "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" Blu-ray extras provide a comprehensive and entertaining glimpse into the fun-filled production process, including a unique blend of traditional and quirky special features presented in HD with Dolby Digital 2.0 sound. The disc boasts an enthusiastic commentary that manages to be informative without being overwhelming, capturing the evident joy of making the movie. Noteworthy are the deleted and extended scenes, which, while rightly cut from the final film, offer additional laughs and insights. The "Line-O-Rama," "Sex-O-Rama," and "Drunk-O-Rama" segments deliver rapid-fire humor, though with varying degrees of necessity. The "Puppet Break-Up" and "Taste of Love" delve into the creative process behind some of the film’s most memorable scenes. However, not all extras hit the mark, with features like "Video Chat" feeling somewhat extraneous. Overall, this collection is a treasure trove for fans seeking an extended experience of the film's humor and behind-the-scenes antics.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Deleted Scenes: Additional content excised from the final cut.
    • Extended Scenes: Longer versions of scenes included in the movie.
    • Line-o-Rama: A compilation of alternative line readings from the cast.
    • Sex-o-Rama: A humorous collection of risqué improvisations.
    • Drunk-o-Rama: Jason Segel performs a series of improvised, inebriated antics.
    • Gag Reel: A classic blooper reel showcasing on-set mishaps.
    • A Taste of Love: An exploration into the making of the Dracula musical.
    • Puppet Break-up: A unique take on the film's break-up scene with Dracula puppetry.
    • Dracula's Lament: Insight into one of the film's musical numbers.
    • Russell Brand: Aldous Snow: Focuses on Russell Brand's casting and character development.
    • We've Got to Do Something: Music video featuring Aldous Snow.
    • Crime Scene: Clips showcasing Kristin Bell's character's TV show.
    • Alts: Alternative takes and scenes.
    • Video Chat: Raw footage from the film's video chat scenes.
    • Video Diaries: A documentary-style look at the making of the movie.
    • Trailers: Including a red band trailer.
    • Karaoke: Sing-along versions of songs from the movie.

    Movie: 62

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall" emerges as a distinctive blend of the comedic brilliance often associated with Judd Apatow's proteges, anchored by Jason Segel’s relatable and vulnerable performance that elevates the film beyond its genre conventions. Segel, not only leading the cast but also serving as the writer, infuses the film with a personal touch, embedding his own experiences into the character of Peter Brettler. This connection adds depth to what could otherwise have been dismissed as another tale of heartbreak and recovery. The narrative balances humor with emotional gravity—presenting a story that's as much about finding oneself in the aftermath of a breakup as it is about the laughs along the way.

    Technically, the movie reflects Apatow’s signature style—unabashedly explicit, yet undeniably human, setting it apart from conventional romantic comedies. While it may slip into the realm of overextension, with certain scenes and a subplot concerning a Dracula musical concept feeling somewhat elongated and underexploited, these elements do little to detract from the overall enjoyment. The film’s ensemble—featuring compelling performances from Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis, alongside a scene-stealing Russell Brand—bolsters the narrative's appeal. Their portrayal adds layers to the film, ensuring that female characters are more than mere narrative devices but integral to its emotional core.

    Despite its imperfections and adherence to some of Apatow’s criticized tendencies—such as a loose narrative structure and occasional overindulgence in dialogue—the movie excels as it weaves together comedic and tender moments. It stands out within the Apatow pantheon for its unique setting, engaging plot, and the earnest way it tackles themes of love and loss. Moreover, the inclusion of both a theatrical cut and an unrated version in the Blu Ray release serves fans well, offering additional content that enriches the viewing experience with more humor and character interactions, making "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" a memorable rom-com with genuine heart.

    Total: 67

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall," known for its affiliation with the Judd Apatow brand, truly shines through the exceptional talents of Jason Segel, both in front of and behind the camera. This film masterfully navigates the intricate balance between heartfelt moments and risqué humor, making for an engaging watch that's as sweet as it is crass. The Blu Ray presentation elevates this experience, showcasing the vibrant Hawaiian scenery with an accurate and vivid color transfer. Although the audio quality is noted to be slightly subdued, it does not detract from the overall enjoyment of the film. Furthermore, the special features provided are of high caliber, offering an immersive look behind the scenes that is both enlightening and entertaining.

    Viewers and fans will find the Blu Ray version of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" to be a valuable addition to their collection. The technical aspects of the disc, including its audio-visual presentation, are commendable, capturing the essence of the movie's picturesque setting and its comedic dynamics with precision. The inclusion of extensive and engaging bonus content further enhances the value of this release, making it more than worth the investment for aficionados of comedy and filmmaking alike.

    In conclusion, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" on Blu Ray is highly recommended for its superb blend of humor, heart, and technical merit. The movie itself boasts a memorable performance by a talented ensemble cast, complemented by a well-executed production. This release not only meets but exceeds expectations with its quality presentation and enriching supplementary materials, cementing its status as a must-have for fans and collectors. It stands out as a testament to the enduring appeal of smart, affectionate comedy.