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Lost in Thailand

Blu Ray

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  • 'Lost in Thailand' blends humor and heart, impressing with visuals; a recommended, breezy comedy.

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  • Video
  • 'Lost in Thailand' impresses on Blu-ray with vibrant, detailed visuals, showcasing Thailand's beauty and character textures with minimal grading and compression issues.

  • Audio
  • Lost in Thailand's DTS-HD 5.1 Mandarin mix excels in clarity and immersive sound, blending silly effects with dynamic action and robust ambient sounds, ensuring a fun and high-quality audio experience.

  • Extra
  • Enjoyable and fun behind-the-scenes 'Making Of' segments (1080p, ~16-17 mins) offer insightful interviews and on-set footage, alongside crisp trailers (1080p, ~1-2 mins) for a comprehensive film experience.

  • Movie
  • 'Lost in Thailand' surprises as a record-breaking comedic hit in China, blending heartfelt drama, quirky adventures, and genuine laughs.

    Video: 77

    Lost in Thailand" is presented on Blu-ray by Well Go USA, featuring an AVC encoded 1080p transfer that brings the digitally shot film to life in a stunning 2.34:1 aspect ratio. The presentation stands out for its vivid, almost surreal color palette that defies the trend of egregious color grading seen in other films, opting instead for a more natural appearance with only occasional tints of yellow or blue. The detail captured in this transfer is noteworthy, from the sharpness that reveals individual spikes on a cactus to the texture of actors' faces, displaying every strand of hair, fleck of dirt, and pore with clarity. Moreover, the wide shots of Thailand's landscapes offer an impressive depth of field, making the viewing experience even more immersive.

    Despite the overall excellence in video quality, there are minor issues with fluctuating contrast, most apparent in montage sequences where the imagery can appear slightly overexposed. Additionally, while the Thai locations are captured beautifully, providing viewers with a vivid and well-saturated journey through the country, some scenes suffer from minor motion blur. However, these issues do not significantly detract from the overall high-definition experience.

    The Blu-ray's video performance strongly benefits from deep, inky black levels and very natural skin tones, enhancing the visual depth and realism. Apart from the occasional motion blur, the picture is remarkably free from banding or other compression artifacts. The careful balance between vibrant colors and sharp detail, combined with a few manageable inconsistencies, makes "Lost in Thailand's" Blu-ray video presentation a pleasure to watch, capturing the essence of its scenic locations with a vibrancy that nearly leaps off the screen.

    Audio: 77

    Lost in Thailand" boasts a stellar audio presentation with its lossless DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 Mandarin mix that offers both an engaging and immersive listening experience. The mix does an exceptional job at balancing the zany and lively sound effects—ranging from the bustling cityscapes to the tranquil rural settings of Thailand—with crystal clear dialogue that never gets lost in the mix. The dynamic range is wide, allowing for a vivid representation of the film's varied environments, and the foley effects, particularly in the action sequences, add an enjoyable layer of goofiness without overwhelming the viewer. This ensures that both the more serene moments and the high-octane scenes are given their due auditory justice.

    Ambient sounds are skillfully placed within the surround channels, drawing listeners into the wild jungles and vibrant streets of Thailand with ease. The LFE channel is put to good use, providing just the right amount of bass to enhance the heavier action scenes without overshadowing the rest of the auditory experience. The soundstage is expansive, allowing for a meticulous separation of sounds that further adds to the overall immersive quality of the audio track.

    Technical excellence is evident as the track is devoid of any audio imperfections such as pops, cracks, or hissing, making for a clean and uninterrupted listening experience. The inclusion of well-timed and easily understandable English subtitles complements the Mandarin audio mix, ensuring that audiences, regardless of their language proficiency, can fully appreciate the dialogue and comedic nuances of "Lost in Thailand." Overall, this audio presentation is a testament to how sound can significantly enhance the viewing experience, embodying a perfect blend of clarity, ambiance, and lighthearted fun that mirrors the film's spirit.

    Extra: 42

    The extra presentation of the Blu-Ray "Lost in Thailand" brings a delightful behind-the-scenes peek that cinephiles will appreciate. The "Making Of" segments, albeit marginally different in length, both provide a cohesive view into the film’s production, blending engaging interviews with the cast and crew alongside captivating on-set footage. This gives fans a deeper understanding of the movie-making process. Additionally, the "Theatrical Trailer" complements the package by offering a crisp, brief preview of the film’s essence in high definition, adding value for both potential viewers and those revisiting the film after an initial watch. These extras strengthen the overall Blu-Ray package, enhancing the viewing experience with insightful content that is both informative and entertaining.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Making Of: Features interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.
    • Theatrical Trailer: A brief preview of the film’s essence.

    Movie: 67

    Lost in Thailand," a comedy that transcends the typical genre conventions associated with Chinese cinema, has remarkably etched its name as the highest-grossing film in China's history, challenging the prevailing stereotypes of martial arts and grittiness. This film, clocking at 105 minutes, serves as a testament to its peculiar charm, mixing slapstick comedy with elements of heartfelt drama, wrapped in a narrative familiar yet refreshingly executed. Through the eyes of Xu Lang (Xu Zheng), a workaholic scientist-inventor on the brink of a domestic breakup due to his relentless pursuit of a groundbreaking energy solution named Supergas, the movie embarks on a journey infused with humor and emotional depth. Lang's quest to secure an all-important authorization from a stakeholder, leading him to the exotic locales of Thailand, sets the stage for an adventure rife with unexpected camaraderie and comical mishaps.

    The plot cleverly intertwines Lang's business-driven persona with the naiveté and whimsical aspirations of Wang Bao (Wang Baoqiang), a pancake-making simpleton claiming to be in a relationship with a cinema starlet. This odd coupling is further complicated by Lang's corporate rival Gao Bo (Huang Bo), introducing a dynamic interplay of characters that navigates through humorous escapades while delving into themes of personal redemption and the essence of life beyond material success. "Lost in Thailand" mirrors the spirit of classics like "The Hangover II" and "Midnight Run," yet stands out with its unique blend of cultural specificity and universal sentiments, offering a lighter side to Chinese cinema that appeals to broad audiences.

    Moreover, the film distinguishes itself through stunning visual depictions of Thailand, balancing its exquisite landscapes against its less-flattering underbellies, thereby enriching the narrative's texture and engaging viewers in an immersive experience. Despite traversing a predictable arc, the movie captivates with its underlying geniality, ensuring laughs and an emotional resonance that arguably propelled it to its unprecedented box-office triumph. In essence, "Lost in Thailand" emerges more as a cultural milestone than merely a cinematic one, fashioning a space where laughter and heart coalesce, demonstrating that humor and warmth can transcend boundaries, making it an essential watch for those seeking to explore the evolving contours of contemporary Chinese filmmaking.

    Total: 67

    Lost in Thailand" manages to capture the essence of humor through its adventurous narrative, despite occasionally veering into the realm of juvenile comedy, particularly with its light-hearted approach to Thailand's cultural nuances. The film shines through its dynamic lead duo, with Bao standing out as a memorable character whose antics contribute significantly to the film's charm. Despite the mishaps that the characters encounter, which detract from the film serving as a conventional travelogue, the unique locales only enhance the film’s appeal, offering glimpses into unusual destinations that contribute to the narrative's allure. The Blu-ray release boasts commendable technical quality, presenting both video and audio with clarity and precision that elevate the viewing experience, though it leaves audiences yearning for a more extensive collection of special features.

    With "Lost in Thailand" achieving remarkable success, becoming China's most lucrative film to date, it underscores the audience's appetite for light-hearted comedies that balance humor with emotional depth. This film, in particular, navigates this balance adeptly, ensuring a consistently entertaining watch that, while occasionally predictable and over-the-top, manages to genuinely resonate and deliver laughs. The technical aspects of this Blu-ray release have been executed with care, ensuring that the film's visual and auditory components are rendered with high quality. However, the relative scarcity of bonus content is a noted missed opportunity to further enrich the experience for viewers.

    In conclusion, "Lost in Thailand" on Blu-ray offers a thoroughly enjoyable viewing experience that merits recommendation. The film's strength lies in its effective mix of humor and heart, brought to life through remarkable character dynamics and picturesque settings. While the inclusion of more comprehensive special features would have been beneficial, the outstanding quality of both the audio and video presentation ensures that the essence of this spirited journey is captured with fidelity and flair. This release undeniably deserves a place among recommended picks for those seeking a blend of comedy and adventure with a charismatic and memorable cast.