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Devil's Doorway


Warner Archive Collection

  • Score: 83

    from 2 reviewers

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  • Devil's Doorway impresses with timeless themes, stellar restoration, and strong performances.

    Devil's Doorway Blu-ray Front Cover

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  • Video: 85

  • Warner Archive's restoration of Devil's Doorway on Blu-ray, from a 4K scan of 1960s preservation elements, offers a sharp, stable, and faithful image with minor imperfections but boosted clarity.

  • Audio: 85

  • The Warner Archive's DTS-HD 2.0 Master Audio delivers robust, consistent sound with clear dialogue and potent dynamic range, staying true to its roots, with SDH subtitles for the main feature.

  • Extra: 55

  • This release combines vintage flair and HD cartoon classics like Droopy's and Tom & Jerry's engaging antics, alongside a unique Robert Taylor trailer, spotlighting limited but charming extras.

  • Movie: 83

  • Devil's Doorway, a groundbreaking Western, exposes post-Civil War racism and champions Native American rights, featuring stellar cinematography and a poignant story.