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  • Saw's 4K release impresses with immersive sound, stellar extras, and retains its original horror impact. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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  • Video
  • Saw's 4K UHD release enhances visual and color details, offering a vivid and realistic upgrade from previous versions, capturing the film's dark, gritty essence.

  • Audio
  • Dolby Atmos mix provides a dynamic, immersive experience with precise effects and clear dialogue, turning scenes into multi-dimensional spaces.

  • Extra
  • The Saw Ultra HD and Blu-ray set offers comprehensive bonus features, including engaging audio commentaries, an entertaining retrospective, the original short film, and insightful production featurettes, appealing to dedicated fans.

  • Movie
  • Saw's grim aesthetic and smart design, revived in 4K UHD by Lionsgate, underscores its impact on horror, blending twisted survival games with a critique on moral judgment.

    Video: 90

    Lionsgate Films has elevated Saw to a new level of visual horror with its latest 4K UHD Blu-ray release, offering an immaculate 2160p transfer that significantly improves upon prior versions. The film’s deliberately gritty and dark aesthetic is preserved, enhancing James Wan’s visceral vision without losing the stark, ominous vibrancy that defines its atmosphere. Notably, the switch from the original 1.78:1 aspect ratio to 1.85:1 in this release allows for a more immersive experience. Comparisons between the 1080 and 2160 versions reveal a nuanced but appreciable enhancement in brightness and color balance, with the 2160p Dolby Vision transfer exhibiting deeper contrasts and more vivid colors, especially in the blues and greens that dominate the film's visual narrative. The shadow details and black levels have seen marked improvement, ensuring that darker scenes retain their depth without losing detail.

    The commitment to maintaining the film's heavy grain structure while upgrading detail and reducing compression artifacts is notable. Textures, even on seemingly smooth surfaces like the metallic ankle clasps of the protagonist, display remarkable clarity. The Dolby Vision HDR implementation brings an intense luminosity to the screen, accentuating the dichotomy between light and shadow and enriching the film's limited but striking color palette. The blue and green hues, fundamental to the film's cold, unsettling atmosphere, now pop with a newfound intensity, while blood reds are vivid, ensuring that Saw’s gruesome aspects are both appalling and visually compelling.

    Moreover, the upgrade offers a significant enhancement in detail, particularly in close-ups where skin textures, facial wounds, and even the intricate design of the grotesque rubber pig mask are rendered with startling clarity. The flashback sequences receive a fresh burst of life thanks to a brighter, more vibrant green tint that augments the horrors of Jigsaw's games. Deep, inky black levels and accurate skin tones further contribute to a video presentation that is as meticulous as it is horrifying. This 4K UHD release of Saw, devoid of any significant video flaws, heralds a definitive viewing experience for fans, cementing its status with a video quality that matches the intensity of its narrative.

    Audio: 90

    The Dolby Atmos audio track on the 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "Saw" provides a compellingly immersive experience that is both diverse in its dynamic range and meticulously detailed in its sound design. From the outset, listeners are plunged into the film's eerie atmosphere with sounds that actively utilize the Atmos platform’s capabilities, including atmospheric effects and precise sound placement that contribute to a tangible sense of 3D immersion. Noteworthy scenes like the opening with Adam and the intense moments featuring Paul and Amanda demonstrate how effectively the audio creates a multi-dimensional environment, with a particular emphasis on using the height channels to envelop the audience within the film's unnerving setting.

    The audio mix excels at balancing the intensity of the film’s score with clear, articulated dialogue, ensuring that the narrative's tension is always at the forefront, backed by a soundtrack that enhances the overall sense of dread. The track demonstrates a keen attention to detail in capturing the nuanced sounds of the film’s environment, from the subtle dripping of water to the unsettling metal scrapes and echoes of distant screams, all of which contribute to the palpable atmosphere. Even in quieter, dialogue-driven scenes, the Atmos track maintains its immersive quality, with directional sounds adding layers of depth and making even the smallest noise impactful.

    Lionsgate’s Atmos remix not only respects but elevates the original audio design, showcasing an impressive range that includes explosive low-end moments and crisply defined highs without ever overwhelming the listener. The intricate balance achieves a new level of auditory immersion, particularly in how it handles ambient sounds and effects with precision, drawing viewers deeper into the terror of Jigsaw’s world. As a result, this release marks a significant improvement over previous editions, offering a richly textured and engaging audio experience that perfectly complements the visual upgrade of the 4K UHD format.

    Extra: 90

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray of "Saw" impresses not just with its visual and auditory enhancements but also with a considerable bounty of extras, compelling for both longtime followers and newcomers. Most notable is the "Game Changer: The Legacy of SAW", a nearly hour-long retrospective that dives deep into the film's impact and features fresh interviews with the primary cast and crew. Two audio commentaries bring varied insights: one from director James Wan, writer-actor Leigh Whannell, and actor Cary Elwes, providing entertaining behind-the-scenes anecdotes; another from producers Mark Burg, Gregg Hoffman, and Oren Koules, focusing on technical aspects and production challenges. The Blu-ray disc holds additional treasures, including the original short film that propelled "Saw" into development, a detailed exploration of the movie’s production phases in "Hacking Away at SAW", an alternate storyboard sequence, and the theatrical trailer. Additionally, these discs offer a digital code for on-the-go viewing. This collection stands out as a comprehensive tribute to "Saw’s" legacy, balancing nostalgic nods with fresh perspectives.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Game Changer: The Legacy of SAW: A comprehensive retrospective featuring interviews with key cast and crew.
    • Audio Commentary by Director James Wan, Writer-Actor Leigh Whannell, and Actor Cary Elwes: Insightful commentary providing behind-the-scenes anecdotes.
    • Audio Commentary by Producers Mark Burg, Gregg Hoffman, and Oren Koules: A focus on the technicalities and challenges of production.
    • SAW: The Original Short Film: The short that kickstarted the "Saw" phenomenon.
    • Hacking Away at SAW: An in-depth look at the movie's creation, from pre to post-production.
    • Alternate Storyboard Sequence: An animated presentation of a cut sequence.
    • Theatrical Trailer: The original trailer for the film.

    Movie: 82

    Saw," the quintessential puzzle-box thriller that catapulted the horror genre into new territories, has been given a fresh lease on life with its 4K UHD Blu-ray presentation by Lionsgate. The film, directed by James Wan and penned by Leigh Whannell, takes audiences into the grimy, visceral confines of an industrial bathroom— the setting for a macabre game orchestrated by the enigmatic Jigsaw killer. Starring Cary Elwes and Leigh Whannell as the unwitting participants, alongside Danny Glover in a memorable supporting role, the movie's narrative intricacies and gritty aesthetics have been elevated through the improved visual and auditory enhancements offered by this release. Despite its humble budgetary origins, the upgrade to 4K resolution, complemented by HDR and Dolby Vision, provides a starkly enhanced viewing experience that breathes new life into the film's darkly inventive visuals.

    The technical aspects of this release represent a significant leap from its earlier home media iterations. Initially debuting on Blu-ray with minimal fanfare and supplementary content, this 4K edition surprises with a polished transfer and the inclusion of Atmos audio which enriches its atmospheric tension. In contrast to Lionsgate's unpredictable catalog selections for 4K upgrades, "Saw's" inclusion underscores the studio's commitment to revitalizing its more culturally impactful titles. Beyond mere visual finesse, the added clarity and depth of color amplify the film's claustrophobic ambiance and the visceral brutality of Jigsaw's games—a testament to the careful consideration given to this release.

    "Saw" emerged as a landmark horror film, blending psychological intensity with physical horror in a manner that was groundbreaking at its release. It's a film that not only launched a sprawling franchise but also significantly influenced the direction of the horror genre in the early 21st century. This 4K UHD release does justice to its legacy, offering both long-time fans and newcomers an opportunity to experience the film's raw and relentless terror in a manner that feels simultaneously nostalgic and refreshingly contemporary. Despite some performances being less convincing than others, the overall narrative focus and creative execution remain undiminished, assuring "Saw's" place within the pantheon of horror classics, now preserved with technical prowess reflective of its status.

    Total: 90

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "Saw" from Lionsgate Home Entertainment significantly enhances the viewing experience of this pioneering horror film, offering a meticulously faithful video presentation that dramatically compliments its gloomy aesthetic. The original, unsettling atmosphere of the movie is preserved and even enhanced through the use of Dolby Vision, ensuring that each gruesome detail and dark corner is rendered with stunning clarity. Coupled with a Dolby Atmos audio track, the film's auditory experience is as engaging and enveloping as its visual counterpart, adding layers of creepiness with nuanced sound that heightens the tension and horror to new levels. This release not only appeals to long-time fans eager to see and hear the movie in the best quality available but also aims to attract newcomers with its comprehensive collection of bonus features, including a noteworthy new addition that deepens the appreciation of the film's complexity and impact.

    Despite any personal reservations about horror films or specific criticisms of the movie's performances, "Saw" in 4K UHD emerges as an essential acquisition for enthusiasts of the genre and collectors alike. Its presentation on 4K UHD Blu-ray showcases the film's grim setting and intricate plot with unparalleled clarity and depth, making it a definitive version that outshines all previous home video releases. The addition of both 1080 and 2160 versions ensures compatibility across various setups, enhancing its appeal to a broader audience. The comprehensive array of special features, including some exclusive to this release, further solidifies its status as a must-have, providing exhaustive insights into the making and legacy of this genre-defining thriller.

    In conclusion, the 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "Saw" offers an exceptional home viewing experience that reinvigorates the film for both veterans and newcomers to the franchise. With its superior video quality, immersive audio, and extensive special features, it represents the pinnacle of home entertainment for one of the most influential horror movies of the 21st century. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a curious newcomer, this release is highly recommended as a worthy addition to any collection, underscoring "Saw's" enduring legacy within the horror genre.