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Bad Boys for Life

4K Ultra HD Blu-ray

  • Score: 79

    from 4 reviewers

    Review Date:

  • Despite its flaws, Bad Boys for Life offers entertaining continuation & stunning 4K, a must-have for fans.

    Bad Boys for Life 4K UHD Blu-ray Front Cover

    Disc Release Date

    2K Upscale




  • Video: 91

  • Bad Boys For Life shines in 4K UHD, with vibrant colors, deep blacks, and exquisite detail, maintaining its visual style, even in upscale from 2K DI.

  • Audio: 89

  • Bad Boys For Life's DTS:X soundtrack dazzles with immersive, room-shaking action and crystal-clear dialogue, maintaining high fidelity and dynamic range for a reference-quality audio experience.

  • Extra: 76

  • Bad Boys for Life's Blu-ray disc packs bonus features like featurettes, deleted scenes, outtakes, and a digital copy, despite its 4K counterpart's lack of extras.

  • Movie: 76

  • Bad Boys for Life revives the franchise with heart and humor as Smith and Lawrence return, navigating action and aging without Bay's directing but keeping the spirit alive.


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