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Trolls Band Together

4K Ultra HD

Blu Ray

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  • Trolls Band Together dazzles in 4K, delights with lively performances & songs, but isn't deep.

    Trolls Band Together 4K UHD Blu-ray Front Cover

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  • Video
  • Trolls Band Together in 4K shines with unmatched visual quality, from deeply saturated, vibrant colors to crisply detailed textures and environments, setting a new standard for animation.

  • Audio
  • Trolls Band Together's Dolby Atmos track excels in immersive music and crisp dialogue, despite needing a volume boost, showcasing dynamic sounds and deep bass for a lively audio experience.

  • Extra
  • Trolls Band Together extras blend behind-the-scenes, deleted scenes, and tutorials, enriching the film with insights and crafts, highlighted by a detailed commentary and engaging shorts.

  • Movie
  • 'Trolls Band Together' dazzles in 4K with Dolby Atmos, humor, and vibrant escapades, while exploring themes of unity and nostalgia, despite a predictable plot.

    Video: 92

    Trolls Band Together" in 4K UHD Blu-ray is a visual feast that sets a new benchmark for home entertainment. Every frame of this animated marvel bursts with unparalleled clarity and vibrancy, attributed to the HEVC / H.265 encoding and a resolution of 2160p across a BD-100 layer disc. The film, presented in a cinematic aspect ratio of 2.39:1, benefits immensely from HDR technologies, including Dolby Vision and HDR10, which elevate the depth and texture of each scene. From the individual strands of the trolls' hair to the meticulous detail in their environments—be it the foamy allure of a pool noodle jungle or the crystalline water beads forming pools and oceans—the image clarity remains sharp, detailed, and free from any visual defects. The color reproduction is extraordinary, with deep blacks and bright highlights that maintain detail without falling into crush or bloom. The dazzling array of colors, from the neon vibrancy of troll hair to the subtle tones of their fuzzy clothing, showcases a richness and depth that pushes the boundaries of what's possible in animation today.

    The technical prowess of this 4K presentation cannot be overstated. With a canvas as imaginative and visually dynamic as "Trolls Band Together," the disc harnesses every aspect of its advanced encoding to bring forth an experience that is both immersive and exuberant. Colors are not just seen but felt, thanks to a palette that spans the spectrum, brought to life with Dolby Vision enhancing the contrast and depth of every frame. Scenes teeming with glitter or reflective surfaces display no signs of compression artifacts or aliasing, demonstrating a pristine transfer capable of handling complex visuals with ease. The exceptional handling of light and shadow, combined with the intense detail in textures—from the tactile quality of fabrics to the individual hairs and fuzz on characters—solidifies this release as a reference-quality image that rivals the best of what cinema has to offer.

    By virtue of its technical specifications and meticulous attention to detail, "Trolls Band Together" in 4K UHD Blu-ray is not just a marvel of animated filmmaking but a testament to the capabilities of modern home cinema. The animation showcases depth and clarity that breath life into its vibrant world, ensuring that each moment on screen is as immersive as it is aesthetically pleasing. With no noise or artifacts to detract from the viewing experience and black levels that add dimension without obscuring detail, this release sets itself apart as a must-have for enthusiasts and collectors alike. It’s a visual spectacle that demonstrates what's achievable with 4K technology, making it an essential addition to any collection.

    Audio: 90

    The audio presentation of "Trolls Band Together" on the 4K UHD Blu-Ray platform primarily shines through its Dolby Atmos track, delivering an engagingly immersive experience, particularly notable during the film's vibrant musical sequences. While tracks like “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” and “Bombastic” stand out owing to their pulsating bass lines, it's the consistent use of surround sound elements throughout various scenes that anchors the viewer amidst the onscreen festivities. Despite the bustling background, dialogue maintains clarity and intelligibility without getting overshadowed. The soundstage effectively utilizes directionality and presents sound effects with a convincing realism, enriching the viewing experience with its dynamic range from delicate voices to the full-bodied resonance of music-centric scenes.

    However, this sequel’s Atmos mix does not quite match the reference quality of its predecessor, albeit still presenting a solid effort with excellent directional cues and channel separation. The major letdown comes from its volume levels, requiring an unusually high adjustment to achieve a baseline auditory experience. While bass frequencies contribute decently to music sequences, there's a notable lack of depth and power to give the audio that extra layer of impact. This slightly undermines the potential for a truly enveloping soundstage that could have elevated the sense of scale and immersion reminiscent of live concert experiences.

    Technical specifications further detail the audio format offerings alongside English SDH, French, and Spanish subtitles. The Atmos mix notably excels in creating a compelling sound field, leveraging crowd noise, panoramic movements, and substantial low-end effects from the subwoofer to enhance the cinematic environment. Additional emphasis on height channels adds an elevating dimension to the musical adventures, with moments like the BroZone sequence showcasing the dynamic nature of this mix. Low-frequency effects are robust, ensuring that music and significant sound effects not only resonate but also visually rumble, complementing an already immersive surround sound presentation. Dialogue reproduction remains a consistent strength across these varied elements, ensuring clarity and presence throughout the runtime.

    Extra: 85

    The "Trolls Band Together" 4K UHD Blu-ray extras offer an engaging blend of behind-the-scenes insights, fun tutorials, and a glimpse into the creative process of making the film. The highlight includes deleted scenes that provide an interesting what-could-have-been aspect, enriched with commentary from Colin Jack. Additional features like the engaging "It Takes Three" short film, comprehensive feature length commentary by the film's key creators, and interactive How-To sessions for drawing characters and making Hug Time bracelets, cater to both young viewers and adult fans alike. Particularly noteworthy are the sections offering a deep dive into the animation process and character building. These extras manage not only to expand the film’s universe but also to serve as an educational tool by detailing the creative and technical effort behind this animated adventure.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • It Takes Three: A behind-the-scenes look featuring Tiny, Poppy, and Viva.
    • Deleted Scenes With Intro by Head of Story Colin Jack: Insightful cut scenes with expert introduction.
    • Fun in the Production Booth: Voice actors in action.
    • Hi, Hi, Hi: Behind the scenes with *Nsync.
    • Building the Band: In-depth character exploration.
    • Together Again: Bringing *Nsync into the Troll world.
    • Animating Trolls: Insights into the animation process and new locations.
    • How To Draw: Drawing tutorials for characters.
    • How To: Hug Time Bracelets: DIY bracelet making tutorial.
    • Feature Length Commentary: Detailed commentary from the production team.

    Movie: 75

    Trolls Band Together" leaps onto the 4K UHD Blu Ray scene, boasting an impeccable transfer that brings the vivid, kaleidoscopic world of Trolls to life like never before. Universal's latest installment in the spirited franchise not only delights with its visual spectacle but also sets the bar high with its immersive English Dolby Atmos sound mix. Audiences are treated to both Theatrical and Sing-Along versions, allowing for a multifaceted viewing experience. Accompanied by a generous assortment of special features including behind-the-scenes looks and engaging how-to segments, this release, complete with a slipcover, Blu-ray disc, and Digital Code, is a well-rounded package destined to thrill Trolls aficionados and newcomers alike.

    The narrative reintroduces viewers to the beloved characters Poppy and Branch, voiced by Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, infused with fresh energy by newcomers such as Keenan Thompson and Camila Cabello among others. The plot revolves around a heroic band reunion aimed at rescuing a member in peril, journeying through new realms within the Trolls universe. A cleverly integrated Sing-Along option and a barrage of classic boy band references cater to both young audiences and adults, blending humor with vibrant musical interludes. The film's reliance on music to advance its storyline remains true to the franchise's roots, while its thinly veiled critique of prefab pop groups adds a layer of irony that will not go unnoticed by keen observers.

    Visually, "Trolls Band Together" is a masterclass in animation, presenting a feast for the eyes that elevates it beyond its straightforward story. The character designs are exquisite, ensuring that each Troll stands out in their own right, complemented by voice performances that breathe life into the colorful ensemble. The soundtrack is a standout feature, mingling catchy new songs with nostalgic hits in a way that's bound to leave viewers humming long after the credits roll. Despite its narrative simplicity, the film adeptly balances entertainment for its younger audience with nods to pop culture that older viewers will appreciate, making it a dynamic addition to the Trolls saga.

    Total: 77

    Trolls Band Together" in 4K UHD Blu-ray offers a vibrant and energetic viewing experience that's a feast for the senses, showcasing a dazzling video presentation that's both flashy and colorful. The audio track complements the visual spectacle, enveloping viewers in a rich sonic tapestry that spans familiar tunes from the 1970s to the present. Voice performances are particularly noteworthy, with Camila Cabello (Viva) and Anna Kendrick (Poppy) delivering entertaining and dynamic portrayals that stand out, the latter of which brings an almost overwhelming energy to the film. While the special features are abundant, they tend to be on the lighter side, with the exception of a feature-length commentary that provides significant insights for those interested in a more in-depth exploration of the film's production.

    Despite showing signs of franchise fatigue, "Trolls Band Together" continues to deliver on the series' promise of fun and energy. Its technical qualities are undeniably impressive; the 4K video presentation is of reference quality, and the sound design is equally robust, making it an unmissable release for families seeking visually stunning and sonically immersive home entertainment. Critics of the film's substance may find it lacking in depth compared to more mature animated offerings, but its appeal to younger audiences and dedicated Trolls enthusiasts cannot be overstated.

    In conclusion, "Trolls Band Together" in 4K UHD Blu-ray is a compelling addition to any family entertainment collection, offering a high-energy and aesthetically pleasing viewing experience that shines through its outstanding technical execution. It may not redefine the animated genre, but it solidifies its place within it, providing safe, engaging entertainment that caters to both children and the young at heart. For those in search of quality home cinema that dazzles both visually and auditorily, this release comes highly recommended.