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4K Ultra HD Blu-ray

Ultimate Collector's Edition

  • Score: 93

    from 5 reviewers

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  • Aliens' 4K release impresses yet divides with its visuals; universally lauded for Atmos & extras.

    Aliens 4K UHD Blu-ray Front Cover

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    True 4K


    Dolby Vision

    Dolby Atmos


    Dolby TrueHD

  • Video: 90

  • Aliens' 4K UHD release offers visually stunning, albeit controversial enhancements, mixing digital clarity with occasional artifacts and vivid colors, yet may disappoint purists seeking a classic film look.

  • Audio: 93

  • Dolby Atmos upgrade on Aliens enhances immersion with precise dialogue, dynamic effects, and robust bass, delivering a hemispheric soundfield and a vintage yet impressive audio experience.

  • Extra: 98

  • Aliens 4K UHD edition: theatrical & extended cuts, Cameron commentary, Horner scores, extensive making-of docs, design insights, deleted scenes, galleries, and archives.

  • Movie: 93

  • Aliens blends unforgettable jump scares, personal encounters, and action-packed sequels with profound themes of corporate greed and maternal instinct, enduring as a sci-fi classic.