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The Thing

4K Ultra HD Blu-ray

  • Score: 84

    from 5 reviewers

    Review Date:

  • The Thing's 4K release dazzles with supreme visuals/audio, a must-have for fans.

    The Thing 4K UHD Blu-ray Front Cover

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    True 4K




  • Video: 90

  • Universal's 4K UHD release of 'The Thing' delivers unmatched visual clarity and color depth, thanks to its native 4K restoration, HDR10 grading, and preserving of filmic texture, making it the best version yet for home viewing.

  • Audio: 86

  • The new DTS:X mix of The Thing enhances atmospheric and directional audio elements but lacks the balance and inclusion of older mixes, delivering a nuanced yet imperfect auditory experience.

  • Extra: 81

  • The Thing's UHD release brings revered extras like Carpenter/Russell commentary & 'Terror Takes Shape,' but lacks newer bonuses from Shout! & Arrow editions. Includes prequel, soundtrack CD, and booklet. Legacy content shines, despite missing some newer features.

  • Movie: 96

  • John Carpenter's 'The Thing', a masterpiece blending sci-fi and horror with groundbreaking effects and a haunting score, now shines in 4K UHD, preserving its legacy.


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