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Point Break

4K Ultra HD

Blu Ray

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  • 4K DV HDR upgrade with audio flaws enriches film's originality, yet hints at potential.

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    True 4K
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  • Video
  • Point Break's HDR shines in its detailed surf-and-sky footage and vibrant California hues, despite challenges and slo-mo effects. Details remain sharp with natural film grain, though skin tones vary in lighting.

  • Audio
  • While it has clear dialogue and moments of strength, the soundtrack feels underwhelming, akin to streaming quality, with a flat mix and unnaturally emphasized brawls, yet it manages to balance vocals and music adequately.

  • Extra
  • This 4K release of the film might frustrate international buyers due to region restrictions, featuring recycled bonus content, including a tour of California shooting locations by actors, and various HD featurettes, reflecting on the behind-the-scenes and thematic essence of Point Break.

  • Movie
  • With its stylistic flair from the outset and Reeves' intriguing mission among surfers-turned-robbers, despite its narrative hiccups and detached stunts, the film's audacity and mastery offset its flaws, making the talents involved its greatest asset.

    Video: 90

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray presentation of "Point Break" navigates a complex visual landscape, balancing the inherent challenges of its action-packed, surf-and-skydive sequences with a meticulous preservation of detail and color. The film's demanding scenes, highlighted by director Kathryn Bigelow's use of slow motion, pose a stiff challenge to any format. Yet, this release rises to the occasion, offering a level of clarity and sharpness that respects the original material. The natural film grain is kept intact, enriching the visual texture without compromising on clarity. Shout! Factory ensures that the disc operates at a high bitrate, allowing the film's dynamic visuals to maintain their integrity without noticeable compression artifacts.

    Color rendition strikes a careful balance, enhancing the vibrant tones of Californian landscapes and period-specific beachwear without veering into oversaturation. The opening sequences exhibit a deliberate cool, blue-hued slant that effectively sets the mood. However, as the narrative plunges into the sun-soaked waters off the California coast, the color palette warms significantly, injecting vitality and contrasting the film's cooler moments. Such thoughtful color grading adds depth and atmosphere to the already compelling cinematography.

    A point of contention lies in the treatment of skin tones; they generally appear natural and consistent in well-lit, less smoky scenes. However, certain darker or more atmospherically dense sequences might render these tones slightly warmer than one might expect. While this does not detract significantly from the overall viewing experience, it's a testament to the nuanced challenges of transferring such a visually eclectic film into 4K UHD. In sum, while grappling with source material that doesn't always lend itself to ultra-high-definition treatment, this release exemplifies how to elevate a film through meticulous technical care and attention to detail.

    Audio: 88

    In assessing the audio presentation of the 4K UHD Blu-Ray edition of "Point Break," it becomes clear that while there are elements to admire, it somewhat underwhelms in comparison to what one might anticipate from a high-definition disc format. The track delivers dialogue exchanges with precision and clarity, showcasing an astute attention to the nuances of performance and vocal intensity. This aspect is one of the shining points, indicating a meticulous mixing process that prioritizes the clarity and impact of spoken words within the film's dynamic range.

    However, concerning aspects emerge when considering the overall sonic landscape provided. For substantial stretches, the audio feels constrained, predominantly leaning towards a front and center orientation that lacks the immersive depth and spatial distribution expected from a 4K UHD Blu-Ray release. This limitation results in a soundstage that can often appear flat and unengaging, especially during scenes where a more expansive audio experience would significantly enhance the viewing pleasure. Additionally, some of the more subtle, natural sounds are too subdued in the mix, playing second fiddle to vocals and music, which although effective to a degree, detracts from a fully rounded auditory experience.

    Particularly disappointing is the treatment of action sequences, where the audio occasionally disrupts immersion. The final brawl, for instance, is marred by an overly emphasized sound for each physical impact, rendering these effects unnaturally prominent and jarring. Such choices undermine the authenticity of the film's visceral moments, distancing the audience from the intended intensity of these encounters. Despite these criticisms, it's evident that the audio track has its moments of solidity, capable of delivering when it aligns correctly, but it falls short of consistently offering the rich and nuanced auditory journey one might expect from its visually stunning counterpart.

    Extra: 82

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "Point Break" leans heavily on a selection of recycled archival materials for its extra content, which while providing an insightful glimpse into the film's production and legacy, might not fully satisfy those looking for new, region-unrestricted additions. Notably, "On Location: Malibu" offers an engaging tour of the film's California locations with actors BoJesse Christopher and John Philbin as guides, sharing behind-the-scenes (BTS) anecdotes. However, the reliance on previously released extras could leave enthusiasts longing for more exclusive content, especially in an era where fresh, high-definition bonus materials are highly anticipated with 4K releases. This package does succeed in adding value through its HD featurettes and additional scenes, appealing to die-hard fans and collectors despite its limitations.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • On Location: Malibu: Actors BoJesse Christopher and John Philbin share BTS anecdotes from California shooting locations.
    • Additional Scenes: A compilation of extra footage not included in the main film.
    • Adrenaline Junkies Featurette: A deep dive into the stunts and action sequences that elevate the film.
    • It’s Make Or Break Featurette: An extensive look at the making of "Point Break," offering insights into its production.

    Movie: 90

    Point Break," presented in 4K UHD Blu-ray, captures a stylistically unique approach from its onset, juxtaposing surfing imagery with rain-soaked target shooting that introduces us to Keanu Reeves' character. This introductory scene sets a tone that is both visually striking and somewhat disjointed, preparing the viewer for a film that straddles the line between classic action and thematic experimentation. The narrative dives into the complex mission of infiltrating a group of surfers suspected of being the notorious bank-robbing gang known as the Ex-Presidents, characterized by their distinctive masks of former U.S. Presidents. This plotline weaves an intricate web where character depth and high-stakes action sequences converge, albeit with an occasionally clunky fit between narrative and spectacle.

    The film boldly demands viewers to embrace its eccentricities, from its intricate plotting to its detailed characterization, all the while rewarding the audience with Kathryn Bigelow’s masterful direction that highlights her dominion over the action genre. Despite certain elements like the extended skydiving sequences that seem to halt the narrative's progression without advancing the storyline, these moments are elevated by their technical prowess, showcasing a prioritization of stunt work that is both ambitious and visually captivating. This choice might detract from the coherence of an average action thriller, but "Point Break" leverages its exceptional cast and crew to transform potential shortcomings into compelling assets.

    Ultimately, "Point Break" in its 4K UHD Blu-ray presentation invites audiences to immerse themselves in a film that is both audaciously wild and technically accomplished. While some aspects might seem extraneous or slow-paced, they contribute to a larger tapestry that showcases exceptional stunts and a keen attention to genre detail. The blend of skilled acting, adept direction, and a willingness to prioritize spectacle over narrative progression solidifies the movie's place as an unforgettable experience in the action genre.

    Total: 88

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "Point Break" presents a mixed bag that warrants a nuanced recommendation. Positively, the transition to native 4K DV HDR marks a significant upgrade that enhances the visual experience, offering fresh details and a new level of appreciation for the film's daring and original approach to the well-trodden paths of cop dramas. The upgrade leans into the movie’s stylized photography with clear details and maintains a naturally cinematic appearance, ensuring that the essence of the film remains untouched and even revitalized for fans and newcomers alike. However, this release is not without its caveats, notably in the audio department. The soundtrack, while not disastrously flawed, fails to complement the visual upgrade fully, leaving a bit to be desired in terms of aural experience.

    Furthermore, while the video transfer shows considerable improvement and rightfully impresses for the most part, there is an underlying sentiment that there could be room for further enhancement. The suggestion that a future transfer from an original source could offer an even more refined viewing experience leaves a hint of dissatisfaction and longing among aficionados for what might still be possible. This aspect underscores a broader sentiment that while this edition represents a respectable step forward from previous releases, it teeters on the edge of unrealized potential.

    In conclusion, the 4K UHD Blu-ray of "Point Break" is a worthwhile upgrade for those keen on revisiting this classic with enhanced visual fidelity. The film's presentation benefits significantly from the jump to 4K, uncovering new layers to its fearless storytelling and aesthetic. However, the accompanying soundtrack’s lackluster performance and the lingering possibility of future improvements in video quality temper outright enthusiasm with cautious optimism. Collectors and fans should weigh these considerations but may find enough value in the current upgrade to warrant adding this version to their collection.