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Back to the Future Part III

4K Ultra HD

Blu Ray

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  • Back to the Future Part III ends the trilogy on a high note, excelling in 4K with supreme audio and visuals; a must-have, fun western adventure.

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  • Video
  • Back to the Future Part III's 4K release dazzles with its unparalleled clarity, vivid colors, and deep blacks, epitomizing the trilogy's visual zenith, despite minor imperfections.

  • Audio
  • Back to the Future Part III's 4K Blu-ray's Dolby Atmos upgrade delivers immersive, dynamic audio with clear dialogue, expansive effects, and fantastic bass, enhancing the viewing experience.

  • Extra
  • The 4K release of Back to the Future Part III boasts an extensive array of extras, including commentaries, retrospectives, making-ofs, and a variety of special features that span the trilogy, all designed to enhance the viewing experience with a blend of nostalgia and insight.

  • Movie
  • Back to the Future Part III brilliantly concludes the saga with Western flair, celebrating its characters and legacy, enhanced by UHD's visual and audio upgrades.

    Video: 95

    Back to the Future Part III" arrives on 4K UHD Blu-ray as part of a trilogy box set that sets a new standard for home entertainment. This Ultra HD Blu-ray dazzles with a 2160p resolution in the film's original widescreen 1.85:1 aspect ratio, utilizing HDR10 and Dolby Vision to bring out the richest details and colors, encoded with HEVC/H.265 codec. The visual restoration excels above its predecessors in clarity and depth, boasting a Wide Color Gamut (WCG), and High Dynamic Range (HDR), which showcases the film's stunning set pieces, natural backdrops, and vibrant textures—specifically noted in the film’s depiction of red Arizona sand. Despite minor issues like softened images due to optical effects, the consistent grain structure and well-preserved texture contribute to an unmistakably filmic experience.

    The presentation thrives in its handling of natural lighting and colors, capturing the essence of the 1885 Old West setting with an unprecedented level of detail. The Dolby Vision color grading enhances every frame, from the nuanced earthy tones of the desert landscapes to Clara's detailed dresses, offering a visual depth previously unseen. Black levels are impeccably managed, adding dimension to night scenes without compromising details. While slight filtering and minor encoding flaws are observed, they do not detract from what is universally acclaimed as the most visually spectacular entry in the trilogy. Enhanced color reproduction brings a warmth and clarity to each scene, striking a balance between the golden hues of the Old West and maintaining the integrity of flesh tones and primary colors.

    This 4K release not only respects the director's vision but elevates it, creating an immersive viewing experience that highlights both the broad landscapes and minute textures of the film. The balance of sharpness, color fidelity, and detailed contrast affirms "Back to the Future Part III" in 4K UHD Blu-ray as a pinnacle of visual restoration, setting a benchmark for catalog films transitioning to 4K. Despite minor imperfections, this edition demonstrates a meticulous attention to detail, bringing out the full potential of 4K mastering—with aspects like facial textures, sunlit scenes, and night-time settings portrayed with exceptional clarity and depth.

    Audio: 93

    The audio presentation of "Back to the Future Part III" on 4K UHD Blu-ray stands as a technological marvel, masterfully utilizing Dolby Atmos to elevate the auditory experience to unprecedented heights. The Dolby Atmos mix, a key highlight, flawlessly enhances the film's dynamic range, providing a clear and engaging audio canvas that complements the stunning visual upgrade. Dialogue, critical to the film’s narrative, is crisply and prominently rendered, ensuring that every word is understood, seamlessly integrating with the immersive soundscape. The atmospheric and Western-themed score by Alan Silvestri, alongside various sound effects—ranging from the roar of a bear to the thunder of trains and the crack of gunshots—benefits significantly from the Atmos tracks, demonstrating exceptional clarity and depth across all channels.

    In terms of technical specifics, the audio mix presents an exemplary use of spacing and dynamics, with remarkable attention to detail in the low frequency extension, ensuring a visceral experience during sequences requiring robust bass response. The utilization of height channels particularly shines during chase scenes and the iconic train sequence, enhancing the three-dimensional auditory experience and enveloping the audience in a cocoon of sound. Surround sound presentation remains active throughout, creating a continuous immersive experience that further emphasizes the effective use of the added channels beyond the previous 5.1 track to deliver full-bodied sound that pulls viewers into the heart of the action.

    The audio presentation not only prioritizes dialogue clarity and precision but also showcases an expansive soundstage where music and effects thrive in every speaker, contributing to a richly textured auditory experience. The low-end power provided by the LFE channel adds depth to scenes requiring a substantial bass presence, making the auditory experience as thrilling as it is nuanced. Overall, the Dolby Atmos track of "Back to the Future Part III" on 4K UHD Blu-ray sets a high standard for audio quality, balancing immersive soundscapes with clear dialogue and robust musical scores to create an exceptionally gratifying auditory experience.

    Extra: 93

    The "Back to the Future Part III" 4K UHD Blu-ray enhances the home cinema experience, not only through the movie itself but also with its well-curated collection of extras that cater to fans and cinephiles alike. The disc commendably includes a diverse array of content spanning from previously enjoyed archival featurettes, such as behind-the-scenes looks and making-of documentaries, to more unique inclusions like the "Back to the Future: The Ride" and the engaging "Tales from the Future" series. These additions, alongside detailed commentaries by Bob Gale and a comprehensive Q&A with Robert Zemeckis, enrich the viewing experience by offering insight into the creation and lasting impact of this cinematic landmark. The preservation of both new and old extras, along with high-quality technical enhancements, makes this release a definitive collection for enthusiasts of the franchise.

    Extras included in this disc:

    Deleted Scenes: Commentary available by Producer Bob Gale.

    Tales from THE FUTURE: Third Time's the Charm: A featured bonus providing insights into the making of "Back to the Future Part III."

    Tales from THE FUTURE: The Test of Time: A retrospective look at the entire trilogy's legacy.

    Archival Featurettes: Including "The Making of BACK TO THE FUTURE Part III" and "The Secrets of the BACK TO THE FUTURE Trilogy."

    Behind the Scenes: Covers outtakes, design aspects of Hill Valley, and campaign marketing visuals.

    ZZ Top Doubleback Music Video

    FAQs About the Trilogy

    Theatrical Trailer

    BACK TO THE FUTURE: The Ride: Offers a look at the Universal Studios theme park attraction.

    Q&A Commentary with Director Robert Zemeckis and Producer Bob Gale

    Feature Commentary with Producers Bob Gale and Neil Canton

    Movie: 85

    Back to the Future Part III" completes the iconic time-travel trilogy not with a futuristic spectacle but with a heartfelt journey back to the Wild West of 1885. This pivot to a new genre showcases the versatility and ambition of a series unwilling to confine itself within the boundaries of science fiction alone. As director Robert Zemeckis and team deliver yet another visually stunning entry, the transition to the 4K UHD format is nothing short of remarkable. The 2160p/Dolby Vision video enhancement coupled with Dolby Atmos audio elevates this classic, ensuring that both long-standing fans and newcomers are treated to an unparalleled home viewing experience. Every detail of the dusty old west comes alive with vivid clarity, from the intricate production design to the dynamic train sequence that marks one of the film’s most exhilarating moments.

    At its core, "Back to the Future Part III" shifts its focus more towards Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd), exploring his character with a depth previously unseen in the series. This narrative choice enriches the film, providing a satisfying emotional arc for both Doc and Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), whose performances remain compelling throughout. Mary Steenburgen's addition as Clara offers a tender storyline that complements the action-packed adventure and humor that fans have come to expect. This installment cleverly plays with the trilogy's established themes and repetitions, acknowledging its past while boldly forging a new path. It revels in the tropes of the western genre, blending in sci-fi elements with ease, all while engaging in self-referential humor and delivering meaningful commentary on its characters' journeys.

    Despite its diversion from the formulaic structure of its predecessors, "Back to the Future Part III" stands as a testament to the trilogy's enduring appeal. It intelligently concludes the story of Marty and Doc, offering not just a nostalgic return but an expansion on the ideas and themes that made the series beloved. With upgraded technical specifications on the UHD format, the film has never looked or sounded better, making it a must-own for collectors and a delightful experience for audiences looking to relive or discover the magic of this time-travel adventure.

    Total: 90

    Universal's release of "Back to the Future Part III" on 4K UHD Blu-ray brings the iconic trilogy's final entry to a visually and audibly stunning conclusion, complemented by an array of extras. This edition presents the movie in native 4K, enhancing the viewing experience far beyond previous standard or high-definition releases, making it seem fresher than its original premiere in theaters. The addition of Dolby Atmos audio tracks further elevates the experience, with the LFE channel adding depth to sound effects such as the DeLorean's engine rumble and the Flux Capacitor's activation. Audio presentation excels with varied cues and spatial dimensions that extend the soundstage, despite some minor balance issues between the rear channels and music.

    The film itself, regarded as a fitting and imaginative conclusion to the trilogy, shines in this release. With its transition to a Western setting, it retains its fast pace and fun, encapsulating the spirit that fans have loved throughout the series. "Back to the Future Part III" is notably enriched by Mary Steenburgen’s performance and provides a full-circle moment for Doc Brown’s character, all while maintaining the series' inherent charm and adventurous essence. The trilogy box set's inclusion of this film, alongside generous bonus features, underscores its value as a must-have for both fans and collectors.

    In conclusion, Universal's 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "Back to the Future Part III" stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of the trilogy. It not only brings the film into the modern era with superior visual and audio quality but also celebrates its legacy through extensive extras. This release is highly recommended for its ability to offer a fresh perspective on a beloved classic, ensuring that both new and returning viewers experience the thrilling conclusion of Marty and Doc's journey in unprecedented quality.