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A League of Their Own

4K Ultra HD

Blu Ray

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  • A timeless classic, 'A League of Their Own' shines in stunning 4K UHD, thrilling fans anew.

    A League of Their Own 4K UHD Blu-ray Front Cover

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  • Video
  • A League of Their Own's UHD release dazzles with impeccable detail, vibrant HDR colors, and filmic texture, outshining previous formats.

  • Audio
  • Dolby Atmos enhances 'A League of Their Own' with an immersive, crisp soundtrack that brings the game to life, blending detailed crowd sounds, clear dialogue, and dynamic music.

  • Extra
  • The A League of Their Own UHD release features Blu-ray legacy content, select TV series episodes, and unique trailers, wrapped in a Columbia Classics set with digital code and extras like commentary, a music video, and a hardback book.

  • Movie
  • A League of Their Own, defying typical sports film genres with its depth and charm, gets a UHD release in Sony's Columbia Classics, showcasing an emotionally rich tale with technical brilliance.

    Video: 92

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "A League of Their Own" has received a commendable treatment, setting a new benchmark for video quality. The film, originally shot on 35mm film using Panavision cameras, benefits greatly from a meticulous restoration process. This process included scanning the original camera negative to create a 4K Digital Intermediate, ensuring every detail from the texture of the baseball uniforms to the grains on the pitch is presented with pristine clarity. The 3840 x 2160p resolution image, adorned with an aspect ratio of 2.39:1, leverages the HEVC (H.265) codec with HDR10, offering an unparalleled depth and vibrancy to the colors. The Wide Colour Gamut (WCG), alongside a 10-bit video depth, contributes to an image full of life, boasting rich and vivid hues such as the striking green of the grass and deep blues of the sky. Black levels are profound, adding significant dimension to the picture, while white highlights provide contrast that enhances the 3D appeal without exaggerating digital flaws.

    This release distinguishes itself not just through unprecedented detail but also through a harmonious blend of colors and contrast levels. The HDR implementation enriches every frame, balancing saturation with subtlety and maintaining authentic skin tones across varying lighting conditions. The meticulous clean-up effort ensures that the organic grain structure of the film is preserved, enhancing its cinematic appeal without introducing noise. This enhancement enables viewers to appreciate finer details, such as the texture in clothing and environmental elements, which were previously unseen in earlier editions.

    Furthermore, the meticulous calibration of brightness and shadows results in images where even the darkest scenes maintain clarity without losing detail, alongside specular highlights that illuminate without blooming. Colors are rendered with exceptional depth, from fiery reds to soothing blues, each adding to the film's nostalgic aesthetic without skewing its natural palette. Despite a few negligible inconsistencies in edge sharpness in distant shots, which hardly detract from the overall viewing experience, this UHD presentation is a visual feast that revitalizes this classic film for both new and seasoned audiences alike. The enhanced color dynamics and improved contrast not only breathe new life into every scene but also bolster the film’s immersive experience, making it a definitive version for collectors and enthusiasts.

    Audio: 88

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray of "A League of Their Own" boasts an impressively layered and engaging Dolby Atmos audio track that brings the vivacity of baseball and the era the film depicts into your living room. This stellar audio presentation shines brightest during the baseball games, where the natural clarity and spatial positioning of core sounds—such as the crack of the bat, the ball hitting the glove, and players sliding into bases—couple with the dynamic cheers and roars of the crowd and precise public address announcements to create an immersive stadium experience. The soundtrack's excellence extends to its handling of dialogue, which remains crystal clear and well-prioritized throughout, seamlessly blending with the background to maintain a coherent soundscape that is both expansive and detailed.

    Music plays a pivotal role in enriching the film's atmosphere, with a blend of score and diegetic tracks that include Swing music adding to the film’s temporal setting. The Atmos track handles these musical elements superbly, offering a spacious and enveloping sound field that maintains crisp musical definition, allowing each note to stand out while perfectly layering with other audio elements. The montage sequences benefit from this well-layered approach, ensuring that music complements rather than overwhelms. Atmospheric effects further enhance scenes, from the subtle chirping of birds and rumbling of thunder in quieter moments to the palpable tension of crowded games, creating a variety of audio experiences that skillfully evoke an array of emotions.

    Notably, the Blu-ray's inclusion of a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 soundtrack offers an alternative yet equally compelling listening experience. The Atmos track particularly impresses with its broad and spacious imaging, allowing sound to pan convincingly between channels and create an engaging off-screen space. Vocals are consistently sharp and audible over background activities, with Hans Zimmer’s score bleeding into the surrounds and top heights with exceptional clarity. While the low-end engagement is somewhat limited, it provides adequate weight to visuals and music alike, confirming the soundtrack’s capability to bring the spirited essence of "A League of Their Own" to life in a home theater setting.

    Extra: 82

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "A League of Their Own" offers a comprehensive collection of special features that encapsulates the film's enduring legacy and appeal. Highlighting this edition are the inclusion of three episodes from the 1993 TV Series, now in HD, providing a deeper dive into the world of the movie that fans have long wished to explore. Furthermore, the set retains beloved extras like the insightful audio commentary with director Penny Marshall and key cast members, alongside the detailed "Nine Memorable Innings" making-of feature and the previously available yet impactful "The Enduring Legacy of A League of Their Own" retrospective. New to this release are several trailers in HD, bringing fresh content to the forefront. Additional gems include a rich collection of deleted scenes, Madonna's "This Used to Be My Playground" music video, and excerpts from Columbia's 50th Anniversary TV Special. Notably, it ships within the Columbia Classics Collection boxed set, complete with a non-embossed slipcover and a Movies Anywhere digital copy code, ensuring that enthusiasts and collectors alike have access to a treasure trove of materials that further enrich the experience of this cinematic classic.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • UHD Trailers Blu-ray
    • Audio Commentary: With director Penny Marshall and some of the cast.
    • The Enduring Legacy of A League of Their Own
    • Deleted Scenes
    • Nine Memorable Innings
    • Music Video: This Used to Be My Playground by Madonna.
    • 1993 TV Series Episodes: First, fifth, and sixth episodes.
    • Excerpts from Columbia 50 year Anniversary TV Special: Hosted by Orson Wells.
    • Hardback Book: Full color containing write-ups about the film, essays, and restoration notes.

    Movie: 88

    Sony Pictures Home Entertainment elevates the timeless classic 'A League of Their Own' into the 4K UHD realm, packaged exclusively within the esteemed Columbia Classics Collection boxed set. This meticulous update boasts a stunning 2160p/HDR video presentation that enhances every frame with vivid detail and color depth, coupled with a Dolby Atmos audio track that immerses viewers in the cinematic experience. Not merely a routine upgrade, the set includes a remastered Blu-ray disc alongside the new 4K version, ensuring fans access to both the original and enhanced visuals, without relying on past 2012 or 2017 releases. Additionally, the inclusion of new extras adds further allure for aficionados of this beloved film.

    Directed by Penny Marshall, 'A League of Their Own' transcends its genre, weaving a rich tapestry of themes that stretch beyond the confines of a conventional sports narrative. Set against the backdrop of World War II, the film explores the emergence of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, yet its heart lies in the personal stories that unfold within this historical context. With a focus on character development and dynamic storytelling, the film successfully balances elements of drama, comedy, and sports, set to the pitch-perfect backdrop of America's favorite pastime. This careful balance makes the movie an enduring tale of perseverance, sisterhood, and societal change.

    The narrative is enriched by performances that reverberate with authenticity and emotion, ensuring that ‘A League of Their Own’ resonates as powerfully today as it did upon its original release. The movie does not simply recount an overlooked chapter of sports history; it challenges and celebrates the breaking of gender norms through its compelling depiction of real and fictitious characters. With this 4K UHD release, Sony not only honors the legacy of the film but also offers viewers a visually and auditorily enhanced way to experience one of cinema's most inspiring stories.

    Total: 87

    A League of Their Own," a beloved sports dramedy from director Penny Marshall, celebrates the formation and trials of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League with an unforgettable narrative told through the perspective of two rival sisters. Nearly three decades post its original release, the film not only stands as a poignant underdog story but also as a critical reflection on societal challenges faced by professional female baseball players. This classic has been meticulously restored for its 4K UHD presentation, now part of the exclusive Columbia Classics Box Set. The restoration process has done wonders, delivering a pristine picture quality that boasts remarkable clarity, vibrant colors, and deep blacks, alongside a Dolby Atmos soundtrack that offers an authentic and immersive audio experience. The addition of both existing and new special features further accentuates the package's value.

    Sony's commitment to excellence in their 4K catalogue releases shines brightly with "A League of Their Own." Its 2160p/HDR presentation sets a new benchmark, making it a gem in the Columbia Classics Collection. The visual enhancement is breathtaking, making the film appear better than ever before. The audio overhaul is equally impressive, with the Atmos track providing a dynamic soundscape that faithfully represents the movie's emotional and action-packed sequences. This offering is not just about visual and auditory upgrades; it's a comprehensive homage to a film that has inspired generations, packed with extras that enrich the viewing experience.

    In conclusion, "A League of Their Own" in 4K UHD is an indispensable addition to any film enthusiast's collection, especially for those who cherish cinematic classics that resonate well beyond their era. This edition not only pays tribute to the film's enduring legacy but also sets a high standard for home entertainment releases. With its outstanding visual and sound quality, coupled with a compelling array of bonus content, it earns our highest recommendation. For aficionados of sports films and historical dramas alike, this release offers an unparalleled opportunity to revisit an inspiring story with the best presentation possible.