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Let Me In

Blu Ray

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  • 'Let Me In' Blu-ray impresses with its dark, tender story and robust extras. A must-own.

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  • Video
  • 'Let Me In' Blu-ray offers a faithful, darkly stylish transfer with striking details and mood-enhancing colors, despite minor imperfections.

  • Audio
  • 'Let Me In's soundtrack masterfully balances quiet subtlety and eruptive energy, crafting a moody and immersive auditory experience that enhances the film's atmospherics and action, with precise dialogue and dynamic sound.

  • Extra
  • Let Me In's Blu-ray boasts an array of extras including director commentary, in-depth featurettes, unique scene breakdowns, trailers, a gallery, and a digital copy, all adding depth for fans.

  • Movie
  • Let Me In is a unique blend of horror and tender friendship, favoring depth over genre norms, with stunning visuals and profound performances.

    Video: 69

    The Blu-ray release of "Let Me In" by Anchor Bay showcases a 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 encode (2.40:1) that strikingly adheres to the intended visual aesthetics of the film, faithfully replicating its theatrical essence. The overall presentation leans towards a softer and murkier ambiance, characteristic of the movie's dark and moody atmosphere. Despite this, the transfer reveals an impressive level of detail in brighter scenes, where clothing textures and background elements emerge with remarkable clarity and sharpness. The knitted patterns on Owen's sweaters and the natural dirt on Abby's attire are vividly presented, alongside facial complexions that appear genuinely influenced by the environmental lighting, echoing a lifelike texture.

    Color grading plays a pivotal role in enhancing the film's emotional palette, with cinematographer Greig Fraser's work displaying an over-saturated array spanning from cold, steely blues to deep, warm oranges, thereby crafting a visually melancholic yet unsettling environment. The reds, in particular, stand out with a brilliance that punctuates the film's tone. Contrast levels are finely tuned, producing crisp whites and contributing to an overall image depth that enhances background visibility and dimensionality. However, it's worth noting that the presentation is not without its faults; minor banding is present in a few scenes, and brightness levels occasionally falter, slightly diminishing the clarity in some of the movie's inherently darker sequences.

    Anchor Bay's transfer of "Let Me In" does not seek to dazzle with vibrancy but rather aims to preserve the film's original atmospheric intent, succeeding most notably in its rich textural details and subtle color nuances. Black levels show a commendable range, from ink-solid to slightly ambiguous, invariably enriching the cinematic experience without straying too far from precision. While not flawless with some minor inconsistencies, this transfer remains an impressive technical achievement that should satisfy enthusiasts and purists alike, providing a respectful homage to the film's intentional visual storytelling.

    Audio: 74

    The audio presentation of "Let Me In" on Blu-ray, particularly its Dolby TrueHD soundtrack, garners appreciation for its deliberate and calculated approach, effectively echoing the film's atmospheric tension and dramatic moments. The soundtrack, while generally reserved, displays a commendable dynamic range, seamlessly transitioning from eerie silence to moments of intense action and horror. This range supports the narrative's emotional depth and the disturbing unease that pervades the film. The bass, though occasionally lacking tightness, mostly provides a deep, resonant foundation that complements both the score and the myriad sound effects, from the subtle rustle of wind to the terrifying screams in a climactic sequence.

    Spatially, the audio mix excels in creating an immersive environment through exemplary use of the 5.1 configuration. The front soundstage feels expansive, with outstanding channel separation that enhances the film's immersive quality. Meanwhile, surrounds, though sparingly utilized, effectively draw listeners into the on-screen world when activated, filling the soundscape with ambient details ranging from emergency sirens to the cacophony of school life. The nuanced handling of off-screen sounds further adds to the illusion of a living, breathing world beyond the immediate visual frame.

    Critically, dialogue reproduction stands out for its clarity and precision, ensuring every whisper and scream retains its intended impact. This meticulous attention to vocal clarity allows for a deeper connection with the characters' emotional journeys. Additionally, low-frequency effects are applied with thoughtful intent, adding gravity to the film's more harrowing moments without overwhelming the mix. Overall, this Blu-ray's audio presentation meticulously balances subtlety with sudden intensity, creating a hauntingly memorable auditory experience that mirrors the film’s chilling ambiance and underscores its most poignant moments.

    Extra: 62

    The Blu-ray extras for "Let Me In" provide an extensive, thoroughly engaging package that appeals to both fans and newcomers to the film. From the insightful Audio Commentary by Director/Writer Matt Reeves, detailing his experiences and challenges in adapting the story, to the in-depth making-of featurettes, the bonus materials offer a comprehensive look into the film's production. "From the Inside: A Look at the Making of Let Me In" and "The Art of Special Effects" stand out for their detailed exploration of the film's visual and thematic elements. The Car Crash Sequence Step-By-Step is a particular highlight, showcasing the technical prowess behind one of the film's most intense scenes. Additionally, the inclusion of a Digital Copy, deleted scenes with optional commentary, and a diverse trailer gallery enrich the viewing experience. The physical comic book "Let Me In: Crossroads" adds a unique collectible aspect to the disc. Overall, these extras not only enhance the appreciation of "Let Me In" but serve as a testament to the craft of filmmaking.

    Extras included in this disc:

    Audio Commentary: Director Matt Reeves provides an in-depth commentary on the film.

    From the Inside: A Look at the Making of Let Me In: Explores the making of the film, including shooting locations, cast, and special effects.

    The Art of Special Effects: Detailed look at the digital special effects used in various scenes.

    Car Crash Sequence Step-By-Step: Dissects the creation of the film’s car crash scene with voiceover narration and visuals.

    Picture-in-Picture Exclusive: Dissecting Let Me In: Offers cast and crew discussions on various aspects of the film.

    Deleted Scenes: Includes three scenes with optional director commentary.

    Trailer Gallery: Features multiple trailers for "Let Me In" and other films.

    Poster & Still Gallery: A collection of posters and stills from the film.

    Also on Blu-ray: Trailers for additional Anchor Bay titles.

    Digital Copy: A digital version of the film for mobile viewing.

    Let Me In: Crossroads: A physical comic book included with the Blu-ray.

    Movie: 77

    Let Me In", the American adaptation of John Ajvide Lindqvist's novel and retake on the 2008 Swedish film "Let the Right One In", stands as a testament to genre-defying cinema. This contemplative narrative weaves horror with heartfelt drama, evolving beyond mere scares into a poignant exploration of friendship, belonging, and darker human experiences. Director Matt Reeves, alongside a hauntingly atmospheric cinematography by Greig Fraser, crafts a world where the lines between predator and protector blur, centered on the fragile relationship between Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee), a bullied boy suffering in silence, and Abby (Chloe Grace Moretz), a complex vampire child trapped in eternal adolescence. Their connection, underscored by themes of acceptance and self-discovery, challenges viewers to contemplate the essence of humanity amidst unfathomable circumstances.

    The narrative's pacing, often described as deliberate, enriches the storyline, allowing deep character development and a nuanced plot to unfold. This slow burn approach is crucial in constructing the film's immersive atmosphere, accentuated by meticulous shot composition and a mood that encapsulates both the bleakness of Owen's reality and the eerie otherworldliness of Abby's existence. The remarkable performances by Smit-McPhee and Moretz, both embodying their roles with an emotional depth rare in young actors, elevate the film beyond its horror roots into a somber meditation on loneliness and the transformative power of companionship.

    Technically, "Let Me In" presents a refined aesthetic, with its visual storytelling and sound design contributing significantly to the overall impact. The film's ability to juxtapose the mundane and macabre—to render moments of genuine terror as well as tender intimacy—showcases Reeves' directorial skill and vision. Despite a few lapses in special effects, the film remains an exceptional piece within both its genre and the broader landscape of modern cinema, challenging audiences to find beauty amidst horror and light in the darkest of places.

    Total: 72

    Let Me In," presented on Blu-ray by Anchor Bay, is a beautifully haunting exploration of the complexities of friendship and the search for self-worth amidst an often cruel world. It transcends the typical boundaries of dark narratives by embedding within its core a story of true friendship that navigates beyond the superficial. This film, a rendition distinct from its Swedish counterpart 'Let the Right One In,' is masterfully directed by Matt Reeves, who introduces us to a world where love finds its place amidst despair and horror. The Blu-ray release encapsulates this dark yet tender tale with an outstanding technical display, featuring a striking picture quality and an immersive audio experience that enhances the atmospheric depth of the film. The additional supplements, including a notable short comic, add significant value to this edition, making it an essential acquisition for aficionados of the genre.

    The packaging of "Let Me In" on Blu-ray stands out not only for its audio-visual excellence but also for the thoughtful curation of extra content. This high-quality release benefits from a robust collection of bonus materials that delve deeper into the thematic and cinematic elements of the film. The combination of sensational storytelling, exceptional acting, and a wonderfully moody ambiance underscores its success as one of the best offerings of 2010. A testament to Anchor Bay's commitment to quality, this release satisfies both cinematic purists and fans looking for a comprehensive home entertainment experience.

    In conclusion, the Blu-ray presentation of "Let Me In" is an exemplary showcase of how technical excellence can complement and elevate a film's narrative. From its exceptional picture and sound quality to the enriched assortment of supplementary content, this release is a testament to the enduring power and complexity of the story it tells. It's a compelling blend of horror and drama, marked by profound themes of friendship and acceptance that resonate long after the credits roll. Highly recommended for those who appreciate cinema that daringly explores the depths of human connection and the nuances of storytelling.