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Vantage Point

Blu Ray

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  • Vantage Point is an average yet recommendable thriller with a stellar Blu-ray edition.

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  • Video
  • Sony's Blu-ray release of 'Vantage Point' impresses with a stunning 1080p transfer, featuring vivid colors, exceptional detail, and immersive realism, despite minor edge enhancement and crowd detail limits.

  • Audio
  • 'Vantage Point' Blu-ray dazzles with its top-tier Dolby TrueHD 5.1 sound, delivering an immersive, realistic experience with flawless dialogue and striking sound effects.

  • Extra
  • Vantage Point Blu-ray offers a mixed bag of extras, from informative commentaries and featurettes to quirky outtakes and high-def previews, pleasing fans yet leaving room for more depth.

  • Movie
  • Vantage Point, despite its stellar cast and promising setup, disappoints with convoluted twists and lacks replay value, becoming an average, though initially engaging, thriller.

    Video: 72

    Sony's release of "Vantage Point" on Blu-ray exemplifies their commitment to superior 1080p high definition transfers, particularly apparent in this film's 2.40:1 aspect ratio presentation. The image quality is exceptional, with vibrant color reproduction and outstanding detail that enhances the viewing experience, making it nearly indistinguishable from the theatrical presentation. The colors in the film, ranging from the vivid red and yellow of Spanish flags to the rich, earthy tones of Spanish architecture, pop with a brilliance that adds a layer of immersion to the film. Moreover, the fine detail in the movie is meticulously preserved - from the textures of clothing and surfaces to the nuances of facial features - contributing to a crisp, clear picture that remains consistent even during the movie's fast-paced action sequences.

    There's an impressive handling of different visual elements throughout the film. The nuanced shadows and depths of blacks contribute to the overall atmospheric depth, ensuring that even in the darkest scenes, viewers can discern the intricacies of the film's locales and sets. Meanwhile, skin tones are rendered naturally, maintaining authenticity across various lighting conditions. Despite some minor issues such as occasional edge enhancement and the resolution challenge during long-distance crowd shots, these hardly detract from the overall excellence of the transfer. The meticulous attention to detail, from the reproduction of fine textures to the careful rendering of action sequences without motion artifacts or noise, makes "Vantage Point" a showcase example of high definition’s capabilities.

    In essence, Sony's Blu-ray transfer of "Vantage Point" is nothing short of a revelation when compared to its DVD counterpart. It not only faithfully replicates the film's theatrical experience but also highlights the advantages of high definition with its vibrant contrasts, deep blacks, and meticulous detail. This transfer is a testament to what Blu-ray technology can offer, making it an ideal choice for those desiring to demonstrate the superior video quality achievable in home theater setups.

    Audio: 74

    The audio presentation of "Vantage Point" on Blu-ray is presented with a Dolby TrueHD 5.1 sound mix that is nothing short of stellar. From the beginning, viewers are treated to a high-quality aural experience, exemplified by sudden explosions and ambient sounds that place you directly in the center of the action. The film's unique narrative structure, with its repeating scenes from different perspectives, is greatly enhanced by the meticulous sound design. The lifelike crowd noise in outdoor summit scenes, alongside detailed sound effects like the clicking of flash bulbs and slamming car doors, creates an immersive environment that is akin to being in the midst of a high-stakes event. The film's dynamic score, especially evident in the chase scenes, complements the fast-paced and serious yet somewhat surreal tone of the movie, making for an aural experience that benefits immensely from the heightened resolution and capabilities of the Blu-ray format.

    Dialogue throughout "Vantage Point" is delivered with clarity and precision, ensuring every word is heard amidst the chaos and intensity of the film’s events. The sound mix excels at creating palpable tension, with rear channels vividly conveying panic and destruction that makes the action feel alarmingly realistic. The sophisticated handling of directional sound and the seamless integration of low-frequency effects—ranging from ground-shaking explosions to the visceral impact of gunfire—exceed expectations, elevating the sound design to an exemplary status.

    Overall, "Vantage Point" boasts one of the most bombastic and meticulously crafted Dolby TrueHD 5.1 surround tracks available. The audio experience is exceptionally well-balanced, with a solid foundation in both ambient noise creation and action-packed sequences that demand your attention. The effective use of the TrueHD track not only complements the visual elements of the Blu-ray but stands on its own as a reason to experience the film in this format. The commitment to audio excellence ensures an immersive and startlingly realistic viewing experience that encapsulates the chaos and thrill of "Vantage Point" with unmatched fidelity.

    Extra: 49

    The Blu-ray extras for "Vantage Point" offer a mix of engaging and superficial content, leaning heavily on director Pete Travis's participation to anchor the experience. The commentary track, though occasionally marred by dry spells, provides a solid foundation of information, including shooting locations and Travis's insights into the film's production. Three featurettes—"An Inside Perspective," "Plotting an Assassination," and "Coordinating Chaos"—vary in depth, with the latter standing out for its focus on the film’s stunts and special effects. "Surveillance Tapes" and previews of other films add lighter content, while "Vantage View: GPS Tracker" and BD-Live features, including "Trick Geography" and "Enhancing the View," introduce interactive and behind-the-scenes elements that enrich the viewing experience. Overall, the collection of extras serves to complement the film, despite some segments feeling lacking in substance.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Audio Commentary: Director Pete Travis offers insights into the making of the film.
    • An Inside Perspective: A featurette on the characters, actors, and production.
    • Plotting an Assassination: Discusses the story's structure and perspectives.
    • Coordinating Chaos: Focuses on stunt work and special effects.
    • Surveillance Tapes: An outtake featuring director Pete Travis.
    • Vantage View: GPS Tracker: An interactive map tracking characters through the film.
    • BD-Live Features: Including "Trick Geography" and "Enhancing the View."
    • Previews: High-definition trailers for various films.

    Movie: 59

    Vantage Point" arrives with the promise of an intriguing, multi-perspective narrative centered around an assassination attempt on the President of the United States during a pivotal peace summit in Spain. The concept—exploring the same event through multiple viewpoints, each adding layers and depth to the unfolding drama—is initially compelling. Director Pete Travis embarks on an ambitious storytelling journey, presenting a fractured thriller that replays the critical moment from various angles. The ensemble cast, including Dennis Quaid as Secret Service agent Thomas Barnes and Forest Whitaker as an American tourist, provides the film with a measure of gravitas and believability amidst an otherwise far-fetched plot. Their performances, alongside those of other key players like William Hurt’s President and Sigourney Weaver’s news director, anchor the chaos with a semblance of realism.

    However, the film's narrative technique, while innovative, falters as it progresses. The segmented storytelling loses its cohesion, transforming what begins as a fresh take on the political thriller genre into a bewildering puzzle that struggles to fit together. The refocusing of perspectives towards the middle act not only dilutes the impact of its earlier sequences but reveals the plot's reliance on improbable coincidences and underdeveloped character motivations. Despite Travis’s adept use of frenetic camera work to mirror the disarray and tension, the movie descends into a conventional whodunit with a predictable twist, undercutting the initial intrigue promised by its setup and trailer.

    In essence, "Vantage Point" could have transcended its genre with its audacious premise and solid performances. Yet, it is bogged down by a script that can't fully deliver on its complex narrative structure and ends up retreading familiar territory. The final product is a film that entertains in moments but ultimately fails to capitalize on its potential, offering up an experience that might warrant a casual viewing but lacks the replay value and impact of more nuanced thrillers.

    Total: 64

    Vantage Point" on Blu-ray delivers a middling thriller experience that might not redefine the genre but is certainly bolstered by its technical presentation. The film weaves a tale with a unique premise, centered around multiple perspectives of a single event, and while it features commendable efforts from its cast—with Sigourney Weaver's performance being an exception—the narrative stumbles towards its conclusion. However, the direction under Peter Travis manages to escalate tension throughout, making it a piece that, despite its narrative flaws, offers a worthwhile viewing experience. The real highlight lies in Sony's commitment to excellence in its Blu-ray releases, showcasing "Vantage Point" with stellar video and audio quality that enhances the overall viewing experience.

    The Blu-ray edition of "Vantage Point" stands out as a demonstration of high-definition media's capabilities. The disc boasts a video transfer that can only be described as stunning, paired with a reference-level audio track that immerses viewers into the intense atmosphere of the film's unfolding drama. Additionally, the package comes complete with a decent array of supplementary content that, although standard in both quality and quantity, adds value to the overall package. This commitment to quality makes the Blu-ray version more appealing than the film's storyline alone might suggest.

    In conclusion, while "Vantage Point" as a film may not capture the imagination of all viewers due to its occasionally faltering storyline and mixed performances, its Blu-ray presentation is undeniably impressive. For enthusiasts looking to showcase the prowess of their home theater systems, this release is a must-have. Sony continues to excel in delivering quality home entertainment options, making "Vantage Point" an attractive addition to any collection for its technical merits, even if found at a moderate price. It comes recommended for those who appreciate high-definition media's ability to elevate a film's presentation beyond its narrative limitations.