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  • Zootopia merges heartfelt themes & action in stunning UHD, proving Disney's mastery at creating hits for all.

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  • Video
  • Zootopia's 4K UHD upgrade presents sharper images and textures, modestly improved clarity, and notably richer HDR colors over the Blu-ray, offering a visually enhanced experience without significant encode issues.

  • Audio
  • Zootopia's Dolby Atmos track shines after a volume boost, with expansive soundscapes, deep rumbling effects, and clear dialogue. It delivers a robust, full-bodied audio experience, enhancing both action and ambiance, marking a notable improvement in Disney's sound design.

  • Extra
  • Zootopia's UHD disc lacks extras but comes with a Blu-ray, from Disney's 2016 release, packed with supplements including behind-the-scenes features, digital copy, and embossed slipcover. Contents cover from making-of to deleted content.

  • Movie
  • Disney's 'Zootopia' hits UHD with 2160p/HDR and Dolby Atmos, sans new extras but includes a rich Blu-ray set from 2017. Judy Hopps defies the odds to become a top cop in Zootopia, partnering with fox Nick Wilde to solve a critical case.

    Video: 66

    The 4K UHD presentation of "Zootopia" offers a discernible improvement over its Blu-ray counterpart, presenting an image that stands out with enhanced resolution, clarity, and sharpness. This is especially notable in the depiction of animal fur, where individual strands gain a new level of detail and naturalism, elevating the visual experience significantly. The various environments within the film, from bustling cityscapes to the lively fairgrounds, benefit from this upgrade in resolution, exhibiting a crisper and more defined appearance. Such enhancements contribute to an image that not only outshines the previous 1080p version but does so without any noticeable encoding issues, showcasing the technical prowess of the UHD format.

    The transition to UHD brings with it the advantages of HDR, which, in the case of "Zootopia," translates to a more vibrant and nuanced color palette. While the increase in color depth and brilliance might not always hit dramatic highs, it consistently presents the film’s diverse hues with a newfound boldness and clarity. From the striking blue of police uniforms to Judy Hopps' distinctive purple eyes and the lush greens of the film's verdant locales, every color seems more alive and impactful. This enhanced chromatic range, alongside deeper contrast levels and improved black depths, lends the visuals a richness and vibrancy that surpasses its Blu-ray predecessor.

    Despite these considerable improvements, there are moments where the HDR enhancement is less pronounced. For instance, a sunset scene in Judy's training montage does not exhibit a dramatic difference from its Blu-ray rendition, indicating that while the HDR upgrade generally uplifts the film’s visual appeal, its impact can vary. Nevertheless, the overall effect of the UHD presentation, bolstered by superior black levels and cleaner whites, is undeniably beneficial, making "Zootopia" in 4K UHD an exemplary showcase of how HDR can breathe new life into animation, ensuring a richer and more immersive viewing experience.

    Audio: 76

    Zootopia's audio presentation on its 4K UHD Blu-Ray format with the Dolby Atmos track offers an enriching auditory experience that requires an initial volume adjustment. This adjustment is becoming a common trait among Disney's releases, yet once optimized, the sound quality is exceptional. The meticulous calibration of volume unveils an expansive soundscape, laden with airiness and a notable depth during scenes like the training montage. This setup not only showcases the impressive low-end frequencies, capturing the essence of heavy animal movements and deep growls with remarkable subwoofer engagement but also elevates the immersive experience during action sequences and musical moments. The audio extends widely, enveloping the listener by integrating elements into the rear channels and occasionally utilizing overhead effects for a holistic auditory journey.

    Furthermore, Zootopia's soundtrack distinguishes itself by intertwining vibrant city ambiances with crystal-clear dialogue, where each word crisply emanates from a centered location, ensuring prioritization and natural delivery. The soundstage, broad and enveloping, efficiently pulls in the viewer with meticulously placed ambient sounds that animate the bustling city life, immersing one into the heart of Zootopia. This is complemented by action scenes and music that not only broaden the auditory experience but integrate seamlessly with subwoofers to enhance dynamism and depth.

    The Dolby Atmos soundtrack of Zootopia on 4K UHD Blu-Ray thus marries clarity with substantial low frequency and spatial distribution prowess, creating an engaging and realistic audio layer. From the hefty animal strides to the subtle nuances of urban life, coupled with well-balanced music and finely tuned dialogue representation, this audio track is skillfully crafted to elevate the viewing experience, making it a testament to Disney's evolving audio presentation standards.

    Extra: 71

    The "Zootopia" 4K UHD Blu-ray itself may not house any extras, but the accompanying Blu-ray compensates with a comprehensive collection of supplementary material identical to Disney's 2016 release. This rich compilation provides an insightful glimpse behind the animated masterpiece, exploring various facets from its inception to the final animation. It delivers an intriguing blend of educational content, creative roundtables, and entertainment that enhances the viewing experience. Notably, it includes everything from the initial research that inspired the movie to deleted scenes and characters, offering fans a detailed look at what could have made it into the film. Also bundled is a Movies Anywhere digital copy code, and the set is presented with an embossed slipcover, elevating its collectibility and appeal.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Research: A True-Life Adventure: Dive into the real-world research that inspired the creation of Zootopia.
    • The Origin of an Animal Tale: Insight into how the story of Zootopia was born.
    • Zoology: The Roundtables: Discussion forums focusing on the characters, environments, and animation techniques used in the film.
    • Characters: A deep dive into the creation and development of Zootopia's memorable characters.
    • Environments: Exploration of the unique settings within Zootopia.
    • Animation: Behind-the-scenes look at the animation process for the film.
    • Scoretopia: Examination of the movie's musical score.
    • Z.P.D. Forensic Files: Uncover Easter eggs hidden throughout the movie.
    • Music Video: Features a music video related to the film.
    • Deleted Characters: Introduction to characters that didn't make the final cut.
    • Deleted Scenes: Presentation of scenes removed from the final film.

    Movie: 66

    Disney's "Zootopia," a 2016 digitally animated film, has made its way onto the 4K UHD format, boasting a significant upgrade in visual and audio experience. The release features a 2160p/HDR video presentation that elevates the vibrant, detailed world of Zootopia with richer colors and deeper contrasts than ever before. Accompanied by a Dolby Atmos soundtrack, the audio environment is equally immersive, enveloping viewers in the bustling city soundscape with remarkable clarity and depth. While the 4K UHD package does not introduce new extras, it includes a Blu-ray disc packed with existing special features, identical to Disney's 2017 release.

    The film itself is a compelling narrative focused on Judy Hopps, articulately voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin, a determined rabbit aspiring to become a police officer despite societal discouragement. Overcoming daunting obstacles, Judy graduates top of her class from the police academy and ventures into Zootopia to pursue her dream. Yet, the initial dismissal of her capabilities by her superiors, illustrated through her relegation to meter maid duties, highlights prevailing prejudices in her new environment. The intricate dynamics of Zootopia are skillfully explored through Judy's interactions and eventual partnership with Nick Wilde, a cunning fox voiced by Jason Bateman. Their evolving friendship and collaborative endeavor to solve a missing person's case present a nuanced examination of trust, bias, and unity.

    "Zootopia" on 4K UHD Blu-ray showcases not only the technological prowess of modern digital animation but also the depth and relevance of its storytelling. The upgrade significantly enhances the viewing experience, bringing the richly layered world and its inhabitants to life with impeccable detail and sound. This presentation underscores Disney's commitment to delivering exceptional home entertainment experiences, cementing "Zootopia" as both a visual and narrative achievement.

    Total: 51

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "Zootopia" enhances the already vivid and bustling world that Disney has painstakingly created, where anthropomorphic animals mirror human society with a blend of humor, adventure, and a poignant message on diversity and inclusion. This conversion into 4K brings to life the fur, fabrics, and neon-lit cityscapes of Zootopia with an impressive depth and clarity that’s simply stunning. However, it's worth noting that the package lacks new extras exclusive to the 4K release, instead relying on the accompanying Blu-ray to house the previously released bonus content. Despite this, the visual enhancement coupled with an engaging Atmos soundtrack, which truly comes alive at higher volumes, makes for a compelling viewing experience.

    The film itself is much more than a technological marvel; it's a heartwarming tale that succeeds in discussing themes of individuality and acceptance through a well-crafted narrative and a diverse cast of characters. The video quality of the UHD is complemented by the dynamic range of the HDR, offering a visually richer experience that outshines its standard Blu-ray counterpart. The audio mix complements this with crisp, clear dialogue, and an immersive soundscape that fills the room, provided you're willing to adjust the volume accordingly.

    In conclusion, "Zootopia" on 4K UHD Blu-ray stands not only as a technical achievement in animation and sound design but also as a reminder of Disney's ability to weave meaningful societal themes into entertaining narratives. While the lack of new bonus materials may leave some wanting, the visual and auditory improvements make this release a recommended upgrade for fans and newcomers alike who are looking to experience the vibrant city of Zootopia in the best quality available at home.