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Daddy's Home 2

4K Ultra HD

Blu Ray

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  • Daddy's Home 2 offers modest laughs, enhanced by a stellar 4K & Atmos, with additions like Lithgow boosting its charm.

    Daddy's Home 2 4K UHD Blu-ray Front Cover

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  • Video
  • Daddy's Home 2 shines in 4K UHD, with vibrant colors, enhanced textures, and improved clarity despite its 2K DI origins, offering a visually spectacular experience.

  • Audio
  • Daddy's Home 2's Atmos soundtrack shines in clarity and dialogue, with spatial enhancements in key scenes, despite its modest material not fully exploiting the immersive potential.

  • Extra
  • Daddy's Home 2 Blu-ray pack offers over 45 mins of extras with featurettes, deleted scenes, a gag reel, and a digital copy, highlighting the sequel's making and cast fun.

  • Movie
  • Daddy's Home 2 delivers mixed humor and heart with Ferrell and Wahlberg's chemistry, adding Gibson and Lithgow’s eccentric grandfather dynamics to this family-friendly sequel amidst predictable comedy and squandered potential.

    Video: 87

    Daddy's Home 2's debut on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray brings the holiday comedy to life with unparalleled visual vibrancy and detail. The film, presented in a 3840 x 2160p resolution on a widescreen 1.78:1 aspect ratio, is encoded using the HEVC (H.265) codec and benefits from the enhanced fidelity of 10-bit video depth, a wider colour gamut (WCG), and high dynamic range (HDR), including Dolby Vision. Despite originating from a 2K digital intermediate, thus resulting in an upscale to 4K, this release dazzles with an unexpected increase in visual complexity that far surpasses its 1080p Blu-ray counterpart. Enhanced textures and superb colour rendition emerge as definitive strengths, with vivid primaries and nuanced flesh tones contributing to a more natural, immersive viewing experience.

    The picture quality consistently impresses with its crisp clarity and detailed presentation, particularly noticeable in clothing textures and environmental sharpness, such as the cozy cabin scenes or the winter outdoor settings where snow jackets and Christmas decorations pop with radiant energy. Black levels are deep and solid, enriching the visual depth and contrast without sacrificing detail in darker scenes. Furthermore, the Dolby Vision implementation injects a remarkable vibrancy into the image, elevating the film's festive atmosphere with richly saturated reds and greens, alongside a noticeable improvement in whites that are cleaner and more organic in appearance.

    However, slight imperfections are present, such as occasional softness attributed to the film's original photography intended to give certain sequences a dreamy quality. A few instances of negligible aliasing on sharp edges could be spotted by the keen observer but do not detract significantly from what is otherwise an exceptional visual presentation. Daddy's Home 2 may not leverage the full potential of native 4K material, but this upscale delivers a compelling argument for the format's merits with exceptional colour fidelity, nuanced detailing in facial features and textures, and robust black levels that collectively ensure a lively and engaging home viewing experience.

    Audio: 82

    The Dolby Atmos soundtrack on the "Daddy's Home 2" 4K UHD Blu-ray, while built on an impressive Dolby TrueHD 7.1 core, seems to wrestle with the film's modest sonic demands, offering a mix that, despite its technical prowess, often feels restrained by the source material. Dialogue, as the film's linchpin, is crisply and clearly presented, ensuring that the rapid-paced humor is delivered with clarity and coherence. This focus on spoken word does not detract from the soundtrack's ability to create engaging environments—be it bustling airports or cheerful holiday events—with well-positioned atmospherics providing modest immersion. The occasional use of LFE and a spirited score add layers to the audio experience, albeit without reaching the heights of demo-worthy material due to the inherent limitations of the comedy genre.

    Frequent leveraging of the discrete and ambient capabilities of the surrounds offers a dynamically gratifying soundscape, with tight bass reproduction and seamless soundstage pans. While the film's comedic nature might suggest an underutilization of Atmos' potential, key sound effects and select action moments—such as a theatrical shotgun blast or the collapse of a tree—gain an enhanced spatial presence. These instances, alongside well-crafted scenes in crowded locales like bowling alleys or movie theaters, demonstrate a judicious but effective use of overhead and surround channels, drawing viewers into the film's most sonically rich settings.

    Despite sporting Atmos technology, "Daddy's Home 2" handles its audio with a subtlety that complements its comedic focus. Surround sound presentation predominantly emphasizes the front, but does not shy away from utilizing rear and overhead channels for atmospheric depth and specific sound cues, such as a movie within the movie scene that cleverly employs ceiling speakers. The low-end is present but never overpowers, contributing to a balanced mix that supports rather than dominates. Overall, the audio track effectively serves the film's needs, offering moments of immersion and environmental texture within a predominantly dialogue-driven mix.

    Extra: 71

    The "Daddy’s Home 2" 4K UHD Blu-ray combo pack enriches the viewing experience with a collection of extras housed on the accompanying Blu-ray disc, accentuating the comedic ensemble and behind-the-scenes camaraderie. Although the primary 4K disc is devoid of extras, the Blu-ray compensates with over 45 minutes of bonus content. Viewers are treated to a series of featurettes exploring the sequel’s development, the dynamics between co-dads Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, the introduction of Mel Gibson and John Lithgow as the new dads, and a surprising cameo by Captain Sully. These succinct yet insightful segments delve into the making of the sequel, cast reflections, and character developments, supplemented by deleted, extended, and alternate scenes totaling 11 minutes, alongside a humor-filled 3 minutes and 40 seconds gag reel. A Digital HD copy and, for a limited time, a bonus digital copy of the original "Daddy’s Home" are included, underscoring the package’s value to fans and newcomers alike.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Making a Sequel: Explores the origins and development of the sequel.
    • Look Who's Back: Reunites the original cast, focusing on returning characters.
    • Co-Dads: Will & Mark: Highlights the relationship between Ferrell and Wahlberg's characters.
    • The New Dads in Town: Mel & John: Introduces Gibson and Lithgow's new characters.
    • Captain Sully: Briefs on the cameo by national hero Captain Sully.
    • Deleted/Extended/Alternate Scenes: Offers a collection of six scenes not included in the final cut.
    • Gag Reel: Provides laughs with outtakes from filming.

    Movie: 70

    Daddy's Home 2" returns with the winning formula of unexpected family dynamics and the tumultuous yet humorous journey of co-parenting, this time adding a festive twist. The decision to introduce the grandfathers, played with gusto by Mel Gibson and John Lithgow, adds a new layer to the comedy, echoing the first film's successful dynamic between Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. The sequel rides on the chemistry and comedic timings of its lead actors, yet struggles to consistently deliver laughs, often faltering with forced humor and a somewhat predictable storyline. Despite this, the moments when it shines—thanks to its ensemble cast—offer a glimpse of holiday chaos that is both entertaining and relatable.

    Amidst the laughter, "Daddy's Home 2" attempts to navigate family complexities and rivalries, underpinned by a message of unity and reconciliation. The inclusion of the grandfathers brings out old grievances and sets the stage for new conflicts, challenging the already delicate balance Ferrell and Wahlberg’s characters have achieved in their co-parenting arrangement. Although the film occasionally succumbs to clichés and slapstick comedy, it does not shy away from exploring themes of masculinity and familial expectations, albeit with mixed results. The clash of parenting styles, generational differences, and the struggle for familial harmony are depicted with a blend of humor and heart, albeit inconsistently.

    Technically, the movie benefits from its crisp 4K UHD presentation, which enhances the festive atmosphere and chaotic charm of the family's holiday setting. While “Daddy's Home 2” may not reinvent the wheel concerning holiday comedies or sequels, it manages to provide a dose of lighthearted entertainment. The ensemble cast, from the beleaguered duo of Wahlberg and Ferrell to their polar-opposite fathers Gibson and Lithgow, ensures the film navigates its turbulent comedic waters with enough flair to keep the audience engaged. Despite its shortcomings and a tendency towards a more formulaic narrative, the film ultimately delivers on its promise of a feel-good holiday movie experience, underscored by the spirit of reconciliation and familial bonds.

    Total: 75

    Daddy's Home 2, Paramount's sequel to the modest hit comedy Daddy's Home, arrives on 4K UHD Blu-ray with an unexpectedly superb video presentation, supported by Dolby Vision that enhances the visual experience significantly. Couple this with the film's Dolby Atmos soundtrack, and the aural experience is equally impressive, presenting a package that is technically commendable. Although the movie itself might not redefine family comedies, offering a predictable yet largely agreeable storyline accentuated by the chemistry between Ferrell and Wahlberg and bolstered by the additions of Gibson and Lithgow, it manages to secure its place as a satisfying family comedy option. The film’s humor, while occasionally dipping into repetitive masculine in-fighting, generally maintains an enjoyable tone throughout, especially for audiences looking for a less raunchy alternative in the comedy genre.

    The 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray package comes equipped with a reference-level 4K video quality that, despite some underwhelming moments, mostly impresses, especially when paired with an exceptional high-definition audio/video performance. The package's supplementary materials might be considered sparse by some standards, yet they contribute value to fans of the franchise. The set also includes a digital copy of the first Daddy's Home movie, catering well to those already partial to the series' particular brand of comedy.

    In conclusion, Daddy's Home 2 on 4K UHD Blu-ray represents a worthwhile acquisition for enthusiasts of the franchise and those seeking family-oriented entertainment with technical excellence in audiovisual presentation. While it may not break new ground in the genre, its quality production values, from Dolby Vision and Atmos enhancements to its charismatic cast, ensure it's a pleasurable viewing experience. Notwithstanding its few drawbacks in narrative depth and innovation, this release is recommended for fans and newcomers alike searching for a light-hearted and technically polished home cinema experience.