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Uncle Drew

4K Ultra HD

Blu Ray

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  • Uncle Drew is a heartful yet predictable underdog tale with okay visuals but iffy makeup.

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  • Video
  • Uncle Drew's 4K UHD presentation impresses with improved detail and rich colors, leveraging Red Camera footage and Dolby Vision, though makeup flaws are more noticeable.

  • Audio
  • This release features the lively and detailed Dolby Atmos track previously celebrated in our Uncle Drew Blu-ray review.

  • Extra
  • Lionsgate skillfully transfers all detailed extras from our Uncle Drew Blu-ray review to the 4K UHD disc, maintaining commendable consistency.

  • Movie
  • Uncle Drew shines as a heartwarming, albeit predictable, sports film that celebrates community through street basketball, aging with grace, and the spirit of the game, despite its formulaic plot and uneven pacing.

    Video: 70

    The 4K UHD presentation of "Uncle Drew," courtesy of Lionsgate Films, delivers an impressive viewing experience with its 2160p transfer showcased in a 1.85:1 aspect ratio. Originally captured using Red Cameras at resolutions up to 8K but finished with a 2K Digital Intermediate, the film's upconversion to 4K UHD is notably one of the more refined transformations available, particularly for a movie that doesn't inherently boast visually stunning scenes. Despite the subtlety of its visual enhancements, the detail within the frame sees a marked improvement. For instance, the graininess present in the film's flashback sequences becomes more pronounced, adding a layer of texture that enhances the visual narrative. Similarly, tangible elements like the intricacies of costume fabrics and the distinctive feel of surfaces in Drew's van appear more lifelike. However, this heightened clarity also amplifies the somewhat distracting makeup effects used to age the characters, making the prosthetic additions quite conspicuous.

    Color reproduction in this 4K UHD version is robust, displaying a rich palette that, while not necessarily overflowing with vibrancy, brings a nuanced enhancement to the film's visual aesthetic. The dynamic range adjustments offered by Dolby Vision contribute to a slightly altered color presentation, noticeable in certain elements such as the basketball scenes where oranges appear with a slightly more yellow hue, bringing a fresh vibrancy to these moments. Although "Uncle Drew" may not be a color-rich cinematic experience, the 4K UHD format ensures that where color and light interplay, such as within Drew’s van, there are moments of visual delight.

    Detail retention and shadow delineation across various lighting conditions are areas where this presentation really shines. Fine details are consistently crisp throughout the film, aiding in a more immersive viewing experience. Even in lower light scenarios, which typically challenge digital transfers, there's an appreciable level of improvement in shadow detail, ensuring that darker scenes maintain depth and clarity. While some might find the more pronounced makeup effects a drawback, the overall enhancement of visual elements in this 4K UHD version of "Uncle Drew" significantly elevates its viewing experience beyond its Blu-ray counterpart.

    Audio: 70

    The audio presentation of the 4K UHD Blu-ray edition of "Uncle Drew" comes equipped with an impressively energetic Dolby Atmos track, echoing the high praise previously noted in our Blu-ray review. This enhancement in audio quality offers a comprehensive aural experience that envelops the viewer, leveraging the multi-dimensional soundstage that Atmos is renowned for. The dynamic range is broad, capturing everything from the subtle dribble of a basketball on the court to the roaring crowds, ensuring each scene feels alive and immersive.

    Attention to detail within this presentation is meticulous. The dialogue is crisp and clear, cutting through the mix with precision, ensuring that every witty quip and heartfelt moment is delivered with clarity. Surround channels are utilized effectively, creating a sense of space and ambiance that places the audience right at the heart of the action. Whether it’s the bustling energy of a basketball game or the more intimate moments off the court, the Atmos track handles it with finesse.

    Moreover, the low-frequency effects channel receives ample use, adding significant weight to the soundtrack's musical elements and the on-screen action's more kinetic moments. This layer of rich bass enhances the overall texture of the film’s soundscape, grounding it with a palpable sense of realism. It's a testament to the meticulous engineering behind this release, offering not just an auditory experience but an immersive journey that complements the visual splendor of the 4K UHD presentation. The Dolby Atmos track on "Uncle Drew" sets a high standard for home entertainment, showcasing what is possible when audio is given as much attention as visuals in the world of cinematic releases.

    Extra: 75

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "Uncle Drew" not only delivers an exceptional viewing experience but also champions in presenting a comprehensive portfolio of extra content, as initially detailed in the Blu-ray edition. Lionsgate ensures that enthusiasts and newcomers alike are treated to an enriching exploration of the movie's creation, character development, and behind-the-scenes endeavors. The commitment to preserving and translating these supplemental features onto the 4K format undeniably enhances the overall value of this release, making it a notable addition for collectors and fans of the film.

    Extras included in this disc:

    Behind the Scenes Featurette: Insight into the making of the movie.

    Character Development: Explore the backstory and creation of iconic characters.

    Director’s Commentary: A detailed commentary by the director offering deeper insights into the film's production.

    Deleted Scenes: A compilation of scenes removed from the final cut.

    Gag Reel: A collection of outtakes and bloopers from the filming.

    Photo Gallery: An assortment of production and promotional photographs.

    Theatrical Trailer: The official trailer for "Uncle Drew".

    Movie: 55

    Uncle Drew," presented in a stellar 4K UHD Blu-ray format, capitalizes on the nostalgia and community spirit inherent in street basketball, particularly highlighting the Rucker Classic tournament's vibrant culture in Harlem's iconic Rucker Park. The film, evolving from a clever series of Pepsi Max adverts starring Kyrie Irving as the aged yet skilled basketball player Uncle Drew, ambitiously stretches this premise into a feature-length journey. This transition from commercial to cinema is somewhat uneven, as the movie delves into familiar sports underdog narratives peppered with humor and heart. While its story might tread familiar ground, featuring an underdog team of senior citizens, the film's emphasis on camaraderie, competition, and achieving despite the odds presents a charming albeit predictable experience.

    The technical excellence of the 4K presentation enhances the lively and dynamic basketball scenes, making every dribble, dunk, and dance of victory a visual treat. However, it's not just about basketball; it's about community, aging, and legacies. As Uncle Drew and Dax (Lil Rel Howery) embark on a humorous quest to assemble Drew's old team for the tournament, themes of redemption and resilience are explored amidst the laughs. The film’s portrayal of aging athletes, played by basketball luminaries like Shaquille O'Neal and Reggie Miller, adds a touch of poignancy to the otherwise lighthearted narrative.

    Despite its foray into cliché territory and a somewhat rote plot, "Uncle Drew" shines through its spirited performances and the unmistakable joy everyone on screen seems to have in participating in this project. The 4K UHD Blu-ray presentation not only elevates the film's visual appeal but also serves as a testament to the enduring allure of street basketball and its ability to foster community. With standout performances from both NBA stars and actors alike, "Uncle Drew" manages to score with its heartwarming message and entertaining delivery, even if it occasionally loses footing with its by-the-numbers storytelling.

    Total: 50

    Uncle Drew," in its 4K UHD Blu-ray presentation, exhibits a heartwarming journey wrapped within the well-trodden paths of underdog sports stories, despite its narrative leaning heavily on familiar tropes and a degree of predictable plot lines. The attempt to inject novelty through the application of old age makeup on the characters, while ambitious, sometimes detracts from the authenticity of the characters, leaving viewers with mixed feelings about the visual execution. Nevertheless, the film compensates with a robust emotional core and a comedy that hits more often than it misses, making it a light-hearted viewing experience.

    From a technical standpoint, "Uncle Drew" on 4K UHD does not necessarily showcase the need for ultra-high-definition visuals to enhance its narrative or comedic elements. However, for enthusiasts and collectors, the upgrade offers solid technical merits that shine through particular scenes, benefiting from the enhanced resolution and color depth that 4K UHD delivers. It is worth noting that while the movie's visual appeal might not demand the highest definition, the upgrade provides an incrementally enriched viewing experience for those discerning enough to appreciate the subtleties.

    Conclusively, while "Uncle Drew" may not push the boundaries of what 4K UHD can showcase in terms of visual storytelling, the film's release in this format offers a solidly entertaining viewing experience with appropriately enhanced technical aspects. The movie's inherent charm, combined with moments of genuine humor and warmth, ensures that it remains an appealing option for fans and collectors alike. For those seeking to revel in the technical improvements of 4K UHD without expecting revolutionary visual impacts, "Uncle Drew" stands as a testament to how heart and humor can triumph in elevating a predictable storyline.