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  • Score: 71

    from 2 reviewers

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  • 'Sinister' impresses with moody horror, strong performances, and a quality Blu-ray; a must for genre fans.

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  • Video: 76

  • Sinister's Blu-ray release impresses with its 1080p visual clarity, striking colors, and effective use of shadows, despite the inherent challenges of digital filming, achieving a moody, detailed presentation.

  • Audio: 79

  • 'Sinister' enchants with a DTS-HD Master Audio track, blending nuanced sound effects and dissonant scores for an immersive, foreboding atmosphere, amplifying scares with high fidelity and dynamic soundstage.

  • Extra: 56

  • Scott Derrickson offers directorial insights and technical choices in commentaries, while featurettes explore true crime fascination and challenging real estate of murder houses. Includes deleted scenes and insights into writing process.

  • Movie: 69

  • In 'Sinister,' true-crime author Ellison Oswalt explores a chilling mystery through unsettling home movies, leading to terrifying discoveries and obsession, melding classic horror elements with a fresh, atmospheric narrative.