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  • Blue Underground's 4K Zombie release sets a new standard; it's a must-have.

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  • Video
  • Zombie's 4K UHD release by Blue Underground provides unmatched visual clarity, enriched colors, and detailed textures, setting a new standard for Lucio Fulci's film presentations.

  • Audio
  • Audio enthusiasts face a subjective choice between pristine Mono and immersive Dolby Atmos tracks, each offering unique fidelity and experience.

  • Extra
  • 4K BLU-RAY features rich extras: Guillermo del Toro's intro, detailed commentaries, insightful interviews, promotional materials, and archival footage, offering a deep dive into 'Zombie's' production, impact, and Fulci's legacy.

  • Movie
  • Blue Underground releases Lucio Fulci's iconic 'Zombie' on 4K Blu-ray, packed with extras and subtitled in multiple languages, showcasing its cult status and groundbreaking effects.

    Video: 93

    Lucio Fulci's "Zombie" has been bestowed a stunning revival in its release on 4K UHD Blu-ray by Blue Underground. Encoded with HEVC/H.265 and offered with a pristine 2160p transfer in an aspect ratio of 2.40:1, this edition leverages the studio's remarkable 4K 16-bit restoration. Originally shot on Eastmancolor 35mm using Arriflex 35 IIC cameras and finished on film with an aspect ratio closely matching the current release, the 4K disc draws from a scan of the original camera negative. This source material, previously utilized for the 2018 Blu-ray upgrade, now shines brighter with Dolby Vision HDR, ensuring the definitive visual presentation of the film. The adept handling of Dolby Vision HDR complements the already remarkable detail and color spectrum found in this restoration, taking advantage of the format's ability to enhance both shadows and highlights. Hence, darker scenes gain new depth and clarity while daylight sequences flourish under an enriched color palette, showcasing lusher hues and improved saturation.

    This release transfigures "Zombie" into an almost new visual experience, exposing finer details and background nuances that might have been missed before. Grain levels are now tighter and more controlled, allowing for an astonishing clearness in image details—from the intricacies of zombie makeup to the minute details of the New York City skyline. Colors pop with vigor thanks to HDR grading, making blood-spray and ocean vistas leap off the screen, ensuring even the most gruesome scenes possess a newfound aesthetic appeal. The Ultra HD disc capitalizes on its capacity with a high data rate to make every frame count, setting new standards for home video presentations of Lucio Fulci’s works.

    This 2020 release surpasses expectations, building upon Blue Underground's ambitious 2018 restoration and presenting an unparalleled visual feast. With every frame refined and the natural film grain preserved, "Zombie" retains its authentic cinematic texture while embracing technological advancements in video presentation. Iconic scenes, such as the underwater shark battle, benefit from nuanced shadow effects and a more natural color transition, fostering a more immersive viewing experience. As "Zombie" steps into the realm of 4K UHD with Dolby Vision HDR, it not only enhances its visual legacy but also sets a benchmark for future genre releases, delivering a richly detailed and vibrant image that celebrates the film’s artistic and technical merits.

    Audio: 92

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "Zombie" introduces an exclusive Dolby Atmos audio track, elevating the movie's sonic experience by leveraging added ambience, panning activity, and a richer depth to the score, particularly noticeable in scenes like the New York harbor opening. This track distinctively enhances the movie's atmospheric elements and LFE channels, giving gunfire and the iconic main theme a new level of intensity. Maintaining integrity to the original sound mix, this Atmos presentation largely focuses its enhancements on the soundstage's front but with a more engaged and spatially aware audio environment. Complementing this, the release also retains the versatility of its audio options, offering English DTS-HD Master Audio in both mono and 7.1 configurations, alongside additional multiple language tracks, ensuring that the personal preference of the listener is highly catered to.

    While some might argue the merits of the original mono mix for its authenticity and clear, unaltered presentation of sound effects and score, the Dolby Atmos mix brings a nuanced layering and separation that doesn’t just stretch but instead reimagines the mono track for a modern auditory experience. The Atmos mix achieves this without introducing new effects or altering the core audio elements, thereby preserving the film’s original atmosphere while enhancing its spatial dynamics. Critical sound sequences, such as the helicopter fly-by or the zombies' siege on the hospital, demonstrate a discernible elevation in immersion with more defined presence and directional cues within the soundscape.

    Each audio option presents its own unique strengths -- from the direct, unfiltered character of the mono track to the expansive and immersive Dolby Atmos mix. The variation allows viewers to oscillate between a nostalgic aural fidelity and a contemporary, enveloping sound experience depending on their preference. Despite individual leanings towards either track based on subjective tastes, it's clear that this release offers an exceptional auditory experience across its offerings. Dedicated audiophiles and casual viewers alike can appreciate the careful balance between fidelity to the original audio and enhancement for today’s sophisticated sound systems, confirming that personal preference will predominantly drive one's choice among these meticulously crafted tracks.

    Extra: 92

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "Zombie" comes packed with a rich archive of extras that brilliantly encapsulate the making, impact, and legacy of Lucio Fulci’s iconic horror masterpiece. Esteemed director Guillermo del Toro’s video introduction sets a high bar, praising the film's enduring horror craftsmanship. The extensive interviews and commentaries, especially those featuring Troy Howarth and the lively duo of Ian McCulloch and Jason J. Slater, provide in-depth insights into the production intricacies and behind-the-scenes anecdotes. Notably, Stephen Thrower's interview offers a scholarly perspective on the film's place within Italian cinema and its international reception. The promotional materials and poster and still gallery offer a visual feast, transporting viewers back to the film’s original release. Although no new features are introduced in this edition, the exhaustive collection from prior releases ensures a comprehensive companion to this cult classic, reaffirming its significance in horror film history.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Introduction with Guillermo del Toro: Exclusive new video introduction.
    • Audio Commentary with Troy Howarth: Detailed exploration of Fulci's work and the film's production.
    • Audio Commentary with Ian McCulloch and Jason J. Slater: Insights and humorous anecdotes from star and editor.
    • When the Earth Spits Out the Dead: Interview with Stephen Thrower about the film's history and influence.
    • Trailers & Radio Spots: Collection of international and U.S. trailers, along with vintage radio advertisements.
    • Poster and Still Gallery: Extensive gallery of promotional images and artwork.
    • Zombie Flesh Eaters on Film: Archival interview with co-producer Fabrizio De Angelis.
    • Deadtime Stories: Discussion with co-writers on the film’s impact.
    • World of the Dead: Interviews with cinematographer and designer on the film's style.
    • Zombi Italiano: Special effects artists talk about their craft on the set.
    • Notes on a Headstone: Composer Fabio Frizzi discusses his iconic score.
    • All in the Family: Antonella Fulci reflects on her father's work.
    • Zombi Lover: Guillermo del Toro shares his personal connection to the film.

    Movie: 86

    Lucio Fulci's "Zombie" (also known as "Zombi 2" and "Zombie Flesh Eaters") remains a monumental piece in the realm of horror cinema, having been released in 1979 and subsequently in the US in 1980. This film, now presented in a stunning 4K Blu-ray format by Blue Underground, has not shied away from its gruesome roots, elevating the horror genre to new heights with its unflinching depiction of gore and undead havoc. Bereft of the conventional horror tropes, the movie's plot navigates through a tropical island's nightmare where the dead rise again, entrancing viewers with its unrelenting pace and visceral impact. The detailed restoration preserves every chilling detail, from the iconic eye-gouge scene to the absurd yet mesmerizing underwater zombie versus shark battle, showcasing Fulci's knack for balancing stark terror with bizarre spectacles.

    Technically, the 4K UHD presentation of "Zombie" shines, accentuating Sergio Salvati’s cinematography which brilliantly complements the film's macabre atmosphere. The profound special effects and makeup, led by Giannetto De Rossi, stand testament to the film's iconic status, their craftsmanship magnificently upheld in this high-definition transfer. Moreover, the vivid and haunting score by Fabio Frizzi and Giorgio Tucci adds layers of depth to the horror unfolding onscreen, making for an eerily seductive audio-visual experience. This release caters to aficionados with its plethora of language options and exclusive content such as new commentaries and interviews, enriching the viewing experience further.

    Fulci's "Zombie" transcends mere shock value, offering a meticulously crafted spectacle adorned with moments of sheer terror and oddity that have cemented its place in the annals of horror excellence. Its successful transition to 4K UHD is a celebration of its enduring legacy, inviting both veterans and newcomers to revisit the chills and thrills that have made it a cult favorite. With remarkable attention to detail in both picture and sound quality, this edition ensures that "Zombie" continues to horrify and fascinate, retaining its power to enthral audiences with its unique blend of gore, suspense, and unforgettable horror imagery.

    Total: 89

    Blue Underground's initial leap into the 4K UHD Blu-ray market with Lucio Fulci's "Zombie" sets a towering new benchmark for genre transfers, making it an essential acquisition for enthusiasts and collectors alike. Merging a native 4K transfer with Dolby Vision HDR, the visual presentation not only honors the film's gruesome aesthetics but elevates them to an unprecedented level of clarity and depth. The addition of a new Atmos audio mix is equally commendable. While rooted in the film's original mono source, this remix offers a dynamic auditory experience that is both immersive and respectful of its heritage. Despite a long history of home video releases, this edition's visual and audio enhancements ensure a freshness and vibrancy that surpasses all predecessors. Furthermore, the comprehensive inclusion of archival bonus features adds significant value, though it's noteworthy that the 3-Disc set from 2018's soundtrack CD is absent, and there is no 1080p Blu-ray version, gearing this release toward a purely 4K audience.

    Blue Underground demonstrates with this release not only a mastery over the technical aspects of film restoration and presentation but also an acute sensitivity towards preserving and accentuating the inherent qualities that make "Zombie" a cult classic. The company's dedication to pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with 4K UHD technology while respecting the source material's integrity is evident. It reconfirms their status as frontrunners in the production of definitive editions of genre films.

    In conclusion, Blue Underground's 4K UHD Blu-ray presentation of "Zombie" is not just a significant upgrade over previous versions; it is a monumental achievement that sets a new standard for the restoration and release of catalogue films within the genre. With exceptional video and audio enhancements that deepen the impact of Fulci's iconic work, alongside a robust set of extras (minus the soundtrack CD), this release is not just recommended but becomes almost obligatory for fans and cinephiles seeking the definitive experience of this horror classic. This is a pivotal moment in home video history, affirming the potential of 4K UHD to provide unparalleled film presentations.