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  • Gaslight's timeless take on abuse shines in Warner's Blu-ray, a must-have despite minor flaws.

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  • Video
  • Gaslight's Blu-ray edition, sourced from Warner Archive's 4K scan of a fine-grain master, boasts stunning visuals with consistent details and strong grain structure. Night or day, scenes display deep blacks and balanced whites without defects, thrilling all viewers.

  • Audio
  • The DTS-HD 2.0 Master Audio mix for 'Gaslight' excellently preserves its mono origins with crisp dialogue and a strong dynamic range, despite minimal use of score. Subtitles are in ALL CAPS yellow, less readable during whispers.

  • Extra
  • Warner Archive's Blu-ray of Gaslight includes the 1940 version, featurettes, an Oscars newsreel, and a 1946 radio broadcast, enriching viewers' appreciation with historic and behind-the-scenes insights.

  • Movie
  • MGM's manipulative dominance over 'Gaslight' adaptations echoes the film's themes of control, shining with high-budget production and star-studded performances, all while exploring the sinister facets of domestic abuse.

    Video: 71

    The Warner Archive Collection's Blu-ray presentation of "Gaslight" harnesses the vibrant quality of a 4K scan from a second-generation safety fine-grain master positive, delivering an image that is as spellbinding as the narrative it envelops. Though the film initiates with a somewhat hazy opening sequence, this minor glitch quickly gives way to a visual feast boasting remarkable levels of detail and texture. The digital restoration honors the film's original grain structure, ensuring that both the enchantingly lit daytime scenes and the atmospherically dense nighttime vistas of vintage London are rendered with a clarity that is both immersive and authentic. Black levels are commendably stable throughout, avoiding common pitfalls like flickering, and ensuring that contrasts are sharp without succumbing to crush or blooming, thus preserving the film’s evocative mood.

    Diving deeper into technical merits, "Gaslight's" Blu-ray edition showcases an adept handling of the film's original aesthetic nuances. Neutral tones of interiors and the luminescent glow of gaslights in external shots are impeccably balanced, highlighting the meticulous attention to maintaining the film’s historical authenticity. This release shows no hint of compression artifacts, aliasing, banding, edge enhancement, or other digital distractions that could detract from the viewing experience. Thanks to a generous bit rate, every frame is a testament to the care invested in bringing this cinematic classic to contemporary audiences in its most pristine form.

    In essence, this Blu-ray edition of "Gaslight" is a technical tour de force that will unquestionably delight aficionados and newcomers alike. Its visual presentation not only respects but elevates the original film, showcasing it in a light that ensures its timeless allure remains undimmed. Confirming Warner Archive Collection's reputation for quality releases, this edition sets a high standard for classic film restorations, making it an essential addition to any discerning collector's library.

    Audio: 66

    The DTS-HD 2.0 Master Audio mix of "Gaslight" on Blu-ray meticulously honors the film's original monoaural presentation, resulting in an audio experience that is remarkably clear and well-defined. This clarity extends to the dialogue, which is presented with precision, ensuring that every word is understandable without any signs of audio syncing errors or distortions. The preservation of the film's audio integrity not only enhances the viewer's engagement but also significantly rejuvenates its auditory appeal, making the classic cinematic piece sound surprisingly fresh and contemporary.

    Despite "Gaslight" being a film that heavily relies on its visual elements to build suspense and atmosphere, the moments where Bronisław Kaper's score is utilized are treated with great care. The score emerges with adequate potency, showcasing a respectable dynamic range that remains unaffected by any reduction in the quality of higher frequencies. This careful handling ensures that the music contributes effectively to the film's tension without overpowering the dialogue or falling victim to the limitations often associated with monaural tracks.

    The inclusion of optional English (SDH) subtitles provides an added layer of accessibility, though their implementation isn't without its peculiarities. The choice of bright yellow for the subtitle color and the use of all caps formatting, except when indicating whispered dialogue, may seem unconventional and potentially distracting to some viewers. Regardless, this decision does have its practical aspect, aiming to differentiate between normal and whispered conversations. Despite these quirks in subtitle formatting, the overall audio presentation of "Gaslight" on Blu-ray offers a commendable restoration effort that significantly enhances the viewing experience for both new audiences and long-time fans of this classic thriller.

    Extra: 66

    The Warner Archive Collection’s Blu-ray release of "Gaslight" enhances the viewing experience with a selection of meticulously curated extras that dive deep into the film's legacy and making. Notable is the inclusion of both the original 1940 British version of the film, offering a darker and more suspenseful narrative in standard definition but improved audio, and a newly added 1946 radio broadcast featuring Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman, providing a unique auditory experience of the story. "Reflections On Gaslight," a featurette hosted by Pia Lindstrom, offers insightful commentary on Ingrid Bergman’s role and the significant contributions of Angela Lansbury, among other aspects. The package also contains a slice of Hollywood history with "Oscars for Movie Stars," showcasing 1944 Academy Awards newsreel footage, and rounds off with the original theatrical trailer, presenting an old-school marketing charm. This collection not only preserves but enriches the experience of "Gaslight," bridging the gap between past and present audiences.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Original 1940 British Version: Thorold Dickinson's earlier film adaptation known for its darker tone.
    • Reflections On Gaslight: Hosted by Pia Lindstrom, discusses various aspects of the film's production.
    • Oscars for Movie Stars: 1944 Academy Awards newsreel footage featuring notable celebrities.
    • Theatrical Trailer: A vintage piece of marketing for the film.
    • Lux Radio Theater Broadcast: A 1946 radio adaptation with Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman.

    Movie: 66

    Director George Cukor's rendition of "Gaslight," a 1944 cinematic masterpiece, emerges as a standout adaptation of Patrick Hamilton’s play, eclipsing its 1940 predecessor in grandeur and execution. The narrative intricately explores the psychological manipulation within the volatile marriage of Paula Anton (Ingrid Bergman) and Gregory (Charles Boyer), set against the backdrop of London’s foggy streets. This film showcases MGM's commitment to production quality, demonstrated by their controversial efforts to eclipse the original British version by insisting on the destruction of its prints and negatives, an act that mirrors the film's themes of control and manipulation. Despite this historical footnote, MGM’s edition benefits immensely from a lavish budget, focusing on opulent production design and securing an enviable cast.

    The film's allure lies not just in its gripping storyline but also in the caliber of performances it boasts. Ingrid Bergman delivers an Oscar-winning performance that captivates audiences with her portrayal of a woman ensnared in her husband's cruel ploy, her turmoil rendered with poignant depth. Charles Boyer, alongside Bergman, adds significant star power, enriching the film’s dramatic intensity. Supported by a stellar cast including Joseph Cotten, Dame May Whitty, and a young Angela Lansbury, "Gaslight" excels in its exploration of domestic abuse's psychological facets, employing its higher budget to enhance its narrative and visual aesthetics significantly.

    Warner Archive Collection’s recent Blu-ray release presents a substantially enhanced viewing experience of "Gaslight," with a restoration that surpasses its previous DVD incarnation. Although it outshines with its visual and audio improvements, it's notable that the 1940 version, included as a special feature, hasn't received the same restorative attention. This new release affords audiences a renewed appreciation for Cukor’s work, offering a refined glimpse into a classic that adeptly delves into the exploitation of power and manipulation within a seemingly genteel society.

    Total: 66

    The recent Blu-ray release by Warner Archive Collection of "Gaslight," George Cukor's masterful adaptation of the gripping stage play, encapsulates an essential piece of cinematic history that resonates profoundly even today. This edition stands out for its inclusion of both Cukor's 1944 classic and Thorold Dickinson's 1940 British film, offering a comprehensive view of the story's cinematic evolution. Although Dickinson's version does not benefit from the same level of restoration as its American counterpart, both films are presented with considerable care, ensuring a satisfying experience for viewers. The main feature boasts impressive audio and video specifications, which elevate the viewing experience, immersing the audience in the unsettling narrative of manipulation and deceit.

    Not only does this release excel in presenting the film in high quality, but it also enriches the viewer's understanding with its array of well-curated extras. These supplementary materials delve deeper into the film's legacy, its thematic relevance, and its impact on cinema and culture. Such additions underscore the Blu-ray as not just a simple reissue but a thoughtful compilation that appreciates the film's significance.

    In conclusion, the Warner Archive Collection’s Blu-ray of "Gaslight" serves as an indispensable acquisition for both aficionados of classic cinema and newcomers intrigued by its psychological depth. Despite minor shortcomings in the restoration of the British version, the overall package triumphs through its stunning audio-visual presentation and insightful extras. This release not only commemorates an iconic piece of film history but also invites reflection on its enduring themes, making it a commendable addition to any collection.