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Ghost Rider


  • Score: 58

    from 2 reviewers

    Review Date:

  • 'Ghost Rider': a poorly-executed film with excellent Blu-ray quality.

    Ghost Rider Blu-ray Front Cover

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    Dolby TrueHD

  • Video: 70

  • 'Ghost Rider' on Blu-ray impresses with its high-quality, film-like transfer, rich colors, and exceptional detail, despite minor black levels and noise issues, it's a visual treat.

  • Audio: 73

  • Ghost Rider's Blu-ray audio thrills with dual high-quality soundtracks, delivering an immersive and dynamic listening experience with impactful bass and clear dialogue.

  • Extra: 58

  • 'Ghost Rider' Blu-ray stands out with extensive commentaries, a detailed documentary on its making, focusing on effects and production, amidst some omissions.

  • Movie: 40

  • Despite attempts, 'Ghost Rider' fails to ignite with a blend of poor script, acting, and clichés, overshadowed by superior Marvel films and lacking the depth and excitement of its superhero peers.