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  • Yesterday delights with whimsy, nostalgia, and stellar 4K UHD presentation.

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  • Video
  • Yesterday's Ultra HD Blu-ray presents a naturally detailed, vivid 4K image with dynamic HDR10+ enhancing its realistic cinematography, offering a significant visual upgrade from Blu-ray, celebrated for its clarity, color depth, and texture detail in a warmly immersive home viewing experience.

  • Audio
  • The Dolby Atmos mix of 'Yesterday' delivers an immersive experience with exceptional concert sound, clear dialogue, and a well-balanced use of audio objects, enhancing the film's visuals and emotional impact while providing a natural and engaging soundscape.

  • Extra
  • Yesterday's Blu-ray features engaging extras including deleted scenes, performances, and featurettes that delve into the film's making, showcasing the cast and crew's camaraderie and creativity.

  • Movie
  • Yesterday weaves a heartwarming tale of love, truth, and self-discovery, set against the backdrop of a world that has forgotten The Beatles, spotlighting a musician's moral and romantic journey.

    Video: 91

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "Yesterday" takes full advantage of its RED Weapon 8K-shot origins and a native 4K digital intermediate, offering a visual experience that is not only an upgrade over its Blu-ray counterpart but a testament to the capabilities of high-end home cinema setups. With a presentation encoded in HEVC/H.265 and supporting HDR10+, the image is rendered at a native 3840 x 2160p resolution across a widescreen 2.39:1 aspect ratio. This encoding choice complements the meticulously captured details in every frame—from the textures of facial features and clothing to the vivid expressions in crowds and the nuanced environments of both indoor and outdoor settings. Regardless of setting, clarity is maintained, ensuring no detail is lost, rendering faces, nature, and both interior and outdoor environments with striking sharpness and depth.

    Color reproduction benefits enormously from HDR10+, with the wider color gamut bringing a liveliness and depth to hues that surpass traditional Blu-ray capabilities. The color palette surprises with its vibrancy, where even subdued tones make a significant impact, highlighting the golden hues and warm overall presentation throughout the film. Flesh tones remain natural across various lighting conditions, further enhancing the realistic portrayal of characters. Black levels are deep and consistent, contributing to an image with admirable contrast and shadow detail that adds a substantial sense of depth to the visual composition.

    This release handles the dual demands of showcasing fine details and maintaining a naturalistic color balance with aplomb. Even scenes that might not be the focal point are showcased with abundant detail, such as background textures that are impressively delineated. Moreover, the HDR’s prowess illuminates bright skies and enriches night scenes without sacrificing detail, making "Yesterday" in 4K UHD not just a viewing experience but a demonstration of the potential for home theater technology to deliver nearly lifelike picture quality. The occasional presence of minute banding does little to detract from an otherwise pristine source, showcasing an image that is clean, detailed, and devoid of noise or artifacts. This presentation underlines how high-definition imaging can elevate even the most straightforward narrative content, making "Yesterday" a benchmark for visual quality in home media.

    Audio: 91

    The audio experience provided by the 4K UHD Blu-Ray presentation of "Yesterday" emphatically showcases its Dolby Atmos track, standing out as a remarkable testament to audio engineering excellence. The dynamic range is expansive, facilitating a crystal-clear distinction between the vibrant musical sequences and the more nuanced moments of dialogue and ambient sound. The mix excels in delivering a perfectly intelligible dialogue, firm in its placement across the frontal soundstage, with occasional directional enhancements that add a layer of depth and immersion. Music, the film's pulsating heart, thrives within this auditory landscape, from intimate acoustic sessions to the grandiose spectacle of concert performances, each note and chord is rendered with lifelike clarity and richness.

    Enveloping the listener, the Atmos track makes judicious use of overhead channels and surround sound, adding an enveloping dimension to the auditory experience. This is particularly evident in the larger concert scenes where the overheads and surround channels palpably recreate the euphoria and intensity of live performances, extending the soundstage beyond the confines of the screen. The low-frequency extension underscores these moments without overpowering them, ensuring the bass complements rather than dominates. Environmental sounds and crowd noises are meticulously crafted, enhancing the realism of varied settings, from bustling streets to tranquil beaches.

    Technical specifics of the audio presentation include both French and Spanish 7.1 Dolby Digital Plus tracks alongside the English Dolby Atmos (7.1 TrueHD core), catering to a diverse audience with high-quality audio options. Subtitles are readily available in English SDH, French, and Spanish, ensuring accessibility. Noteworthy is the balanced use of height channels not only in concert scenes but also in subtler moments, enriching the films' atmospherics and drawing viewers deeper into its world. The overall audio mix strikes a harmonious balance between the power and intensity of its musical components and the subtlety required for its quieter moments, making "Yesterday" aurally vibrant and engaging throughout.

    Extra: 82

    Yesterday's 4K UHD Blu-ray extra presentation impresses with a robust package of bonus content that both enhances and complements the film. A standout is the Live at Abbey Road Studios featurette, where Himesh Patel's live performances bridge the gap between fiction and music history, showcasing his remarkable journey from acting to musicianship. The Deleted Scenes offer insights into alternative narrative paths and character development, though their exclusion maintains the film’s pacing and focus. The inclusion of Alternate Opening and Ending provides a fascinating glimpse into the film's possible different directions, enriching the viewing experience. Audio Commentary with Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis adds a personal touch, filled with anecdotes and reflections that fans will find engaging. The featurettes delve into the making of the film, revealing the collaborative spirit behind its creation, from casting to the unique challenges of reinterpreting The Beatles' iconic music. This extra content is not only a tribute to the film's production journey but also to the legacy of The Beatles, making it a must-have for fans of the film and the legendary band alike.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Audio Commentary: Director Danny Boyle and writer/producer Richard Curtis share insights and anecdotes.
    • Alternate Ending: A distinct wrap-up to the story that could have been.
    • Deleted Scenes: A collection including Late for School, Nutters Italian Ice Cream, Sortisimus, and more, adding depth to the narrative.
    • Live at Abbey Road Studios: Himesh Patel performs Beatles classics live, showcasing his musical talent.
    • Alternate Opening: Another perspective on how the movie could have begun.
    • Gag Reel: Light-hearted moments caught on tape during the production.
    • A Talented Duo: An exploration of the creative partnership between Richard Curtis and Danny Boyle.
    • Playing for Real: A deep dive into Himesh Patel’s musical preparation for his role.
    • Soul Mates: Examines the on-screen relationship between Jack & Ellie.
    • Ed Sheeran: From Stadium to Screen: Ed Sheeran reflects on his acting role and contribution to the film.
    • Agent of Comedy: Kate McKinnon: A look at McKinnon's comedic role and her take on her character.
    • A Conversation with Richard & Ed: An informal chat about the making of YESTERDAY.

    Movie: 87

    Yesterday" delivers a refreshing twist on the universal themes of love, truth, and the pursuit of one's dreams, all set against the backdrop of what-if: what if The Beatles had never existed? Directed by the acclaimed Danny Boyle and penned by Richard Curtis, known for his mastery in crafting romantic comedies, the film invites viewers into an altered reality through the eyes of Jack Malik (Himesh Patel), a struggling artist who wakes up in a world oblivious to the Beatles' legacy. As he exploits this gap in cultural memory to catapult his career, the narrative delicately balances on the tightrope of ethical quandaries and the illusions of fame, underscored by Boyle's adept storytelling and the undeniable chemistry between Patel and his co-star, Lily James, who plays Ellie, Jack's perennial supporter and love interest.

    Boyle and Curtis weave together a narrative that is as much an homage to the enduring impact of The Beatles as it is a commentary on authenticity and the often-fraught path to realizing one's potential. Despite employing familiar tropes from the rom-com playbook, "Yesterday" manages to feel both contemporary and timeless, thanks to its clever premise and a soundtrack that reminds us why The Beatles' music remains pivotal. Patel delivers a performance that balances the weight of his character's deception with a relatable desire for recognition, making his journey towards self-discovery and genuine success engaging from start to finish. Alongside, Lily James shines brightly, bringing depth and vibrancy to her role, further enriching the film's exploration of love and sacrifice.

    As Jack's newfound fame puts him on a collision course with his values and his feelings for Ellie, "Yesterday" offers more than just a musical reverie. It prompts introspection about the price of success and where true fulfillment lies. The inclusion of Ed Sheeran, playing himself, adds an interesting layer to the narrative, juxtaposing real-world musical fame with Jack's fictional rise. While the film treads a familiar path towards its resolution, it does so with a sincerity and wit that culminate in a viewing experience that is as thought-provoking as it is heartwarming. Amidst light comedy and fantastic music, "Yesterday" stands out for its soulful examination of legacy, love, and the lengths we go to for a dream, making it a compelling watch for rom-com aficionados and Beatles fans alike.

    Total: 88

    Yesterday" finds itself gracefully presented in the 4K UHD format, courtesy of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. This unique blend of comedy, romance, and musical homage captures the essence of a what-if scenario with the legendary Beatles' music vanishing from collective memory, providing a fresh and charming movie experience. Danny Boyle’s direction alongside Richard Curtis's storytelling brings this unlikely concept to life with an enchanting mix that resonates well on screen, underpinned by strong performances from Himesh Patel and Lily James. The technical aspects of this release further elevate the viewing experience. The 4K presentation shines with stunning detail, vibrant colors, and deep blacks that make the picture look remarkably natural. Accompanied by an immersive Dolby Atmos soundtrack, the package ensures that the Beatles' music - central to the film's appeal - is as engaging as ever, making it "very highly recommended" for fans of the legendary band and quality cinema alike.

    On a technical level, the Ultra HD Blu-ray set does not disappoint. It features sparkling video quality that presents the film in its best light with HDR10+ support, enhancing the visual palette of Boyle's direction. The dynamic Atmos sound mix complements the visuals impeccably, enveloping viewers in a rich auditory experience that accentuates the film's musical heart. Although some may find the content light on depth and wanting more from the supplemental materials, these aspects do little to diminish the overall package. Its fan-friendly set-up and technical superiority make it an essential addition for collectors and enthusiasts.

    In conclusion, "Yesterday" on 4K UHD blurs the lines between fantasy and reality in a delightful manner that is both visually and audibly immersive. Despite its narrative simplicity, the film's earnestness coupled with top-notch performances make it a compelling watch. The 4K UHD presentation not only enhances this experience but validates the purchase for fans looking to indulge in a high-quality home cinema experience. Recommended for a joyous exploration of "what if" filled with nostalgia, love, and timeless music, making it worthy of being "definitely worth a spin or two.