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Office Space

Blu Ray

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  • Office Space is a masterful, hilarious classic with great Blu-ray quality. A must-watch!

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  • Video
  • The Blu-ray of Office Space shines in 1080p with vibrant colors, sharp detail, and a clean, natural look, making its office dullness visually delightful.

  • Audio
  • Office Space's DTS-HD MA 5.1 soundtrack delivers crisp dialogue and nuanced sounds with minimal bass, primarily enhancing scenes with Hip-Hop and a few ambient office noises, achieving its intent without unnecessary flair.

  • Extra
  • 'Office Space' DVD extras include a comprehensive retrospective, interactive games, a trivia track with random facts, deleted scenes, and the trailer. Highlights are director insights and cast interviews, enriching the film's experience.

  • Movie
  • Office Space, hailed as Mike Judge's comedic masterpiece, perfectly captures workplace monotony with its brilliant satire and relatable humor, establishing it as a must-have in any Blu-ray collection.

    Video: 70

    The Blu-ray edition of "Office Space" by 20th Century Fox is a testament to how well classic cinema can be transitioned into the high definition era. The movie is presented in a pristine 1080p resolution within a precise 1.85:1 aspect ratio, ensuring that the visual experience is as close to flawless as possible for home audiences. The meticulousness in image quality is evident – from the sharp, blemish-free picture to the minimal presence of grain and exceptional delineation between foreground clarity and background detail. This release showcases the film's deliberate color palette with remarkable fidelity, from the drearily monotonous office environment to the vibrantly contrasting attire of its downtrodden employees. The color reproduction is genuinely striking, highlighting the monochrome of Initech's surroundings against the vivid bursts of color that symbolize both rebellion and monotony.

    Every frame benefits from an astounding level of detail, bringing out nuances that may have been overlooked in previous formats. The improved resolution magnifies elements like the fabric of Milton's shirt, the infamous red Swingline stapler, and even the individual features on character's faces, presenting them in a light that makes them almost leap off the screen. Exterior scenes are equally impressive, with natural elements and urban contours rendered in a manner that approximates direct observation through a crystal-clear window. Flesh tones are natural and consistent, black levels deepen the cinematic depth, and overall image clarity enhances the viewing pleasure significantly.

    "Office Space" on Blu-ray does not attempt to reimagine or modify the film's original aesthetic but instead chooses to honor it by delivering an unparalleled visual fidelity. The simple yet effective approach to its visual presentation allows for an authentic recreation of the film's intended look and feel. Through careful preservation of technical details such as sharpness, color balance, and detailed textures, this edition provides a high-quality viewing experience that respects both the source material and its audience. This release is a clear demonstration of how high-definition treatment can breathe new life into beloved classics without sacrificing their original charm.

    Audio: 62

    The audio presentation of "Office Space" on Blu Ray, featuring a DTS-HD MA 5.1 lossless soundtrack, proves to be a commendable effort that prioritizes clarity and precision over immersive, wall-shaking sound experiences. The film's laid-back sound design places a strong emphasis on dialogue, which is presented with exceptional clarity predominantly through the center channel. The soundtrack is careful and meticulous in its delivery, ensuring every spoken word is heard without having to navigate through an overly busy soundscape. Despite this focus, the surround channels and subwoofer remain underutilized, coming to life only occasionally to underscore specific scenes with a hip-hop flair or to add impact to key moments, such as the montage in chapter 21 and the iconic printer destruction scene in chapter 23.

    Bass frequencies are sparingly employed but effectively enhance the few scenes they accompany, without overwhelming the overall audio experience. Ambient office sounds, such as ringing telephones and background radio chatter, are subtly deployed across the front speakers, demonstrating a well-considered approach to sound staging and directional effects. These moments, though not frequent, are accurately positioned to add a layer of realism to the film's setting without detracting from the primary focus on dialogue.

    In essence, the audio track for "Office Space" on Blu Ray fulfills its role with competence and restraint. It opts for an unobtrusive approach that supports the film's narrative and comedic elements without resorting to exaggerated audio techniques. The result is an audio experience that, while not pushing any boundaries in terms of sound design, accomplishes its task with efficiency and a clear understanding of the film's requirements. The soundtrack is neither lazy nor lacking; it simply chooses to prioritize dialogue and critical sound cues in a manner befitting the film's character-driven storytelling.

    Extra: 45

    The extra presentation of the "Office Space" Blu-ray delivers a unique blend of entertaining and insightful bonus features, catering to both fans and newcomers alike. Highlights include a comprehensive retrospective hosted by Mike Judge himself, "Out of the Office: An 'Office Space' Retrospective With Mike Judge," which dives into the making of the film, featuring interviews with the cast and behind-the-scenes anecdotes that are as humorous as they are enlightening. However, not all extras shine equally, with "Jump to Conclusions 2.0" feeling like a missed opportunity for engagement. The interactive "Executive Games," particularly "Grab the Stapler" and "Printer Beat-Down," offer amusing distractions, while "Post-it Pandemonium" serves up trivia in an unconventional yet occasionally overwhelming manner. Completing the package are eight standard-definition deleted scenes and the original theatrical trailer, making this collection a solid companion to the cult classic film.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Out of the Office: An 'Office Space' Retrospective With Mike Judge: A segmented feature with director Mike Judge and cast interviews discussing the film’s creation and legacy.
    • Executive Games: Interactive games including “Grab the Stapler,” “Printer Beat-Down,” and “Whack-a-Drone.”
    • Jump to Conclusions 2.0: A digital “magic 8-ball” offering random, often irrelevant advice.
    • Post-it Pandemonium / The Apathy of Man: History Track: A pop-up trivia track providing random facts via Post-it notes.
    • Deleted Scenes: A collection of eight standard-definition scenes removed from the final cut.
    • Theatrical Trailer: The original film trailer in 480p resolution.

    Movie: 67

    Office Space, directed by Mike Judge, stands as a formidable beacon in the realm of comedy, encapsulating the drudgery and absurdities of corporate America with unmatched wit and relatability. With a runtime of 89 minutes, the film intensifies its comedic and satirical lens on the oblique world of cubicle dwellers, particularly focusing on protagonist Peter Gibbons, portrayed with disillusioned charm by Ron Livingston. The script's brilliance lies in its understanding and reflection of mundane workplace frustrations, elevating everyday grievances to an art form. The cast's performances, from Livingston to Stephen Root’s portrayal of the eccentric Milton Waddams, bring a diverse personality palette to life, each adding a layer of complexity and humor that resonates with anyone who has ever felt misplaced in the corporate machine.

    Mike Judge cements his position as a comedic virtuoso with Office Space, a film that not only critiques but celebrates the unexceptional heroes of office life. The nuanced approach to social satire presents a microcosm of American work culture, inviting laughter and empathy in equal measure. The film's pacing and comedic timing are impeccable, ensuring that its humor is as accessible as it is insightful. The detailed development of characters, from the beleaguered Peter to the duplicitous management consultants known as the Bobs, showcases Judge’s capacity to transform stereotypical office roles into memorable, multifaceted personalities.

    Technically, Office Space shines through its subtle attention to detail—whether it’s through the office’s drab aesthetic that mirrors its inhabitants' dwindling spirits or through the strategic use of supporting characters that magnify the film’s thematic concerns. The meticulous casting and character development ensure that every scene, line, and visual gag converges to produce a cohesive comedic masterpiece. Office Space is not just a film about workplace dissatisfaction; it is a testament to finding humor and humanity in the most monotonous aspects of life.

    Total: 62

    Office Space, the epitome of comedic brilliance, translates its satirical genius seamlessly into the Blu-ray format. This 20th Century Fox release is more than just a trip down the humor-laden, cubicle-ridden corporate world; it's an audiovisual feast that encapsulates the very essence of workplace satire with unparalleled clarity and wit. With an exceptional cast delivering memorable performances that resonate with anyone who's ever felt undermined by the monotony of office life, the film's direction shines, allowing its clever narrative and unforgettable scenes—including the iconic red Swingline stapler—to become a part of cinematic history. The Blu-ray edition enhances this experience with superior picture quality and a dynamic soundtrack that complements the film's comedic timing impeccably, alongside a handful of meticulously selected supplements that add considerable value to the overall package.

    The technical prowess of this Blu-ray edition cannot be overstated; it presents Office Space in its finest form. The picture quality is nothing short of spectacular, offering a visual clarity that breathes new life into the film's already vibrant storytelling. Moreover, the supporting soundtrack, with its uncanny ability to underscore the film’s satirical punches, makes for an immersive viewing experience that fans and new viewers alike will appreciate. The inclusion of thoughtful supplements further enriches this release, making it a comprehensive tribute to one of the most quotable and endearing comedies of our time.

    In conclusion, the Blu-ray release of Office Space stands as a definitive must-have for movie enthusiasts. Its technical merits are matched only by its unyielding comedic appeal, making it a superior viewing choice for both longtime fans and newcomers. Whether you're in need of a hearty laugh or a nostalgic trip to the cubicle-infested lands of Initech, this Blu-ray delivers on all fronts. Very highly recommended, this edition ensures that Office Space continues to leave an indelible mark on the landscape of comedy cinema.