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It Chapter Two

4K Ultra HD

Blu Ray

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  • It Chapter Two: Solid yet bloated, with strong tech specs & emotional depth.

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  • Video
  • It Chapter Two's 4K UHD release boasts enhanced details and richer colors via HDR, Dolby Vision, with vivid reds and deep blacks enhancing the horror, though its 2K DI upscale and CGI lack perfection.

  • Audio
  • The Dolby Atmos track of It: Chapter Two impresses with its immersive, reference-quality sound engineering, seamlessly blending intense, dynamic audio with articulate dialogue and atmospheric effects, providing an enveloping horror experience.

  • Extra
  • IT Chapter Two's 4K UHD set includes a director's commentary, with extensive behind-the-scenes featurettes and interviews on a second Blu-ray disc, detailing the making of both films.

  • Movie
  • It Chapter Two is a well-acted but overlong sequel that struggles with pacing and fulfilling high expectations, yet delivers strong performances, especially from Bill Hader.

    Video: 89

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray presentation of "It Chapter Two" delivers an impressive, if not revolutionary, upgrade over the standard 1080p version. The film, shot with Arri Alexa digital cameras in raw 3.4K resolution but finished with a 2K Digital Intermediate, enjoys a noticeable increase in detail and texture thanks to the upscale to 3840 x 2160p resolution. Displaying the original theatrical aspect ratio of widescreen 2.39:1 and utilizing the HEVC (H.265) codec, the detail enhancement is particularly evident in close-ups and mid-level shots. Textures on interior surfaces, clothing, and physical features benefit from improved refinement and depth. Despite a few moments where CGI elements appear slightly soft, the overall sharpness and clarity lend the image a more defined and three-dimensional appearance.

    The use of HDR, incorporating both Dolby Vision and HDR10+ encoding, brings remarkable improvements to color depth and vibrancy. The wide color gamut (WCG) permits a more vibrant array of primaries, making the visuals more striking and enhancing the film's intentional aesthetics. Scenes are infused with warmer hues and more dynamic contrasts, from the lush greens of Derry's landscapes to the sinister reds of Pennywise's makeup and balloons. Special attention is given to shadow detail, with darker scenes revealing an appreciable depth and maintaining clarity even in the murkiest corners. This enriches the film’s nightmarish visuals without compromising on visibility.

    The presentation’s dynamic contrast showers the town of Derry in pitch-perfect, glowing whites and opulent blacks, creating a richer cinematic quality. Specular highlights beam with intensity, enabling finer detail visibility in various lights and contributing to the overall atmospheric horror of the film. Despite being an upscale from its 2K DI origins, "It Chapter Two" on 4K UHD Blu-ray stands out as a visually splendid experience that showcases the technical prowess of modern home cinema, offering a substantial upgrade that is particularly noteworthy for its enhanced texture, color fidelity, and shadow delineation.

    Audio: 91

    The Dolby Atmos soundtrack of "It Chapter Two" is an intricate masterpiece of sound engineering that expertly leverages 3D object-based immersive audio to enhance the movie-watching experience. Its comprehensive use of overhead sounds and robust Low-Frequency Effects (LFE) channels delivers a tangible atmosphere that significantly surpasses the capabilities of the more traditional DTS-HD MA or TrueHD audio tracks. The audio mix strikingly balances dialogue clarity with environmental effects, setting a high bar for home theater presentations. Moreover, the dynamic range is expansive, ensuring that from the subtle rustling of leaves to the thunderous roars of monstrous encounters, each sound is meticulously placed and effectively contributes to creating a deeply immersive and terrifying soundscape.

    Among the standout features of this Atmos track are its detailed layering and nuanced integration of eerie sound effects. These elements seamlessly combine with the visuals, crafting spaces that palpably extend beyond the screen. Specifically, overhead channels are put to particularly good use, providing an added depth that elevates the perception of action and amplifies the impact of Pennywise’s terrifying presence. The soundtrack thrives not just in its grand moments of horror but also in quieter scenes, where the ambient soundscape enriches the film’s suspenseful atmosphere. The terrifying sequences are enhanced by an intelligently discrete placement of sounds that engage audiences fully, immersing them into the heart of the story’s most intense moments.

    Equipped with a sweeping array of audio effects and a shockingly authoritative low-end response, the Atmos experience for "It Chapter Two" is unparalleled, from deep unsettling tones that resonate with chilling effectiveness to vivid atmospheric sounds that envelop the audience. This aural precision, combined with an array of dub and subtitle options, including but not limited to English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, ensures a versatile and accessible viewing experience. The sound engineering team’s attention to detail is commendable, achieving an atmospheric depth that enhances every moment of terror and suspense, making it a reference-quality showcase of what high-definition 3D audio can achieve in enhancing cinematic horror.

    Extra: 81

    The "It Chapter Two" 4K UHD Blu-ray package delivers a robust viewing experience, enhanced significantly by its array of special features. Disc 1 contains only the movie with the notable inclusion of Director Andy Muschietti's in-depth audio commentary, a highly valued component for fans and cinephiles alike, offering a deep dive into the creative process and choices behind the film. The remainder of the supplemental material is found on a dedicated Blu-ray disc, including several featurettes that delve into the making of both "It" films, with particular emphasis on casting, behind-the-scenes footage, and transformation of Bill Skarsgård into Pennywise. Notably absent are deleted scenes or an extended cut, which leaves room for potential future releases. This combination of visual spectacle and insightful extras make it a comprehensive package for enthusiasts looking to explore the depths of "It Chapter Two" and its production.

    Extras included in this disc:

    Audio Commentary: With director Andy Muschietti.

    The Summers of IT: A two-part documentary featuring in-depth cast and crew interviews, extensive behind-the-scenes footage spanning both films.

    • Chapter One: You'll Float, Too
    • Chapter Two: IT Ends

    Pennywise Lives Again!: Focuses on Bill Skarsgård's transformation and performance as Pennywise.

    This Meeting of the Losers' Club Has Officially Begun: Interviews and discussions about the portrayal of characters from children to adults.

    Finding The Deadlights: Stephen King discusses the novel's themes and inspirations.

    Movie: 79

    It Chapter Two," the eagerly awaited conclusion to the 2017 remake, embarks on a hauntingly epic journey with a runtime that stretches nearly three hours, threading together a tapestry of fear, nostalgia, and unresolved trauma from the past. The film reunites the adult Losers Club as they confront Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård), the shape-shifting entity that terrorized them 27 years earlier. With Stephen King's story as its backbone, the narrative revisits the town of Derry, where the group, now burdened by the scars of their childhood encounter, must vanquish their fears and the demonic clown once more. Amidst high expectations set by its predecessor and a star-studded cast featuring James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, and a standout performance by Bill Hader, whose blend of humor and depth adds a rich layer to the sequel, "It Chapter Two" seeks to encapsulate the spirit of horror intertwined with profound emotional undertones.

    Despite its moments of brilliance and a commendable attempt at fidelity to King's original vision—accentuated by chilling set pieces and stellar acting—this sequel occasionally falters under its own ambition. The film grapples with pacing issues, notably during its bloated middle section where characters embark on solitary quests, diluting the engaging dynamic observed when the group unites. Furthermore, though it boasts high-caliber visual effects and harrowing scares, certain choices in storytelling and humor undermine the tension, leading to an uneven tone that struggles to balance fright with levity. Criticisms notwithstanding, "It Chapter Two" remains a visually captivating exploration of adulthood's haunted memories and the formidable task of confronting them.

    Notably, Bill Skarsgård's portrayal of Pennywise elevates the movie's horror elements, cementing the character's status as an emblem of pure terror. The adult cast's performances resonate well, capturing the essence of their childhood counterparts with palpable chemistry and emotional depth. However, the film's length and some narrative choices have ignited debate among its audience. With intense moments that shine amidst its ambitious scale and at times cumbersome execution, "It Chapter Two" stands as a testament to both its strengths and imperfections. While it may not reach the pinnacle of horror mastery achieved by its first act, it offers a satisfying albeit imperfect conclusion to the saga, marked by passion and memorable scares that linger long after the curtains close.

    Total: 78

    It Chapter Two," the much-anticipated sequel to the 2017 horror hit, finds itself in a precarious position, carrying the weight of its predecessor's success while attempting to conclude the saga of Derry's most infamous supernatural entity. The film, described as overlong and indulgent by some, nonetheless offers a blend of emotion, horror, and a touch of nostalgia, largely held together by strong performances, particularly Bill Hader's standout portrayal. Technical aspects of the 4K UHD Blu-ray release receive high praise across the board, with the Dolby Vision HDR presentation enhancing visual detail and color depth, and the Dolby Atmos soundtrack creating an immersive auditory experience. The release is further bolstered by a collection of extras, including behind-the-scenes featurettes that are both charming and informative.

    The 4K presentation shines a spotlight on the film's technical merits, with reviewers noting subtle yet noticeable improvements in fine detail and HDR/Dolby Vision contributions that introduce lustrous highlights and nuanced color grading differences. The emotional storyline, enhanced by top-notch visual and audio quality, makes for a compelling home viewing experience. Despite criticisms regarding the film's pacing and scare factor, the Ultra HD package is recommended for its sparkling image quality and rousing sound mix, providing fans and home theater enthusiasts with a release that arguably stands as one of the best in terms of picture quality.

    In conclusion, while "It Chapter Two" might falter in fully capturing the essence of its predecessor and satisfying all horror expectations, its 4K UHD Blu-ray release elevates the experience through outstanding technical prowess. The combination of visually stunning presentation, immersive sound design, and engaging extras culminates in a package that is not just for devoted fans of the narrative but also for connoisseurs of superior home cinema quality. Despite its narrative and pacing flaws, this release is an essential addition for collectors and serves as a testament to how high-quality home media can complement and enrich cinematic storytelling.