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The Matrix

4K Ultra HD

Blu Ray

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  • The Matrix's 4K UHD release: a must-have, enhancing a timeless sci-fi classic.

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  • Video
  • The Matrix's 4K UHD restoration, overseen by DP Bill Pope, dazzles with enhanced resolution, precise color correction, and striking HDR, offering a definitive visual experience far surpassing previous formats.

  • Audio
  • The Matrix's Dolby Atmos remix is a sonic marvel, elevating its iconic sounds with unmatched clarity and immersion, while staying true to the original design.

  • Extra
  • The Matrix trilogy UHD/Blu-ray sets include films with bonus features, commentaries, documentaries, and music, offering a comprehensive exploration of its universe without new additions.

  • Movie
  • The Matrix redefined sci-fi with groundbreaking visuals, turning Neo into an iconic hero in a blend of thought-provoking narrative and revolutionary action.

    Video: 92

    The Matrix 4K UHD Blu-ray revitalizes the iconic film with a remarkable visual overhaul that both new and longtime fans will appreciate. Spearheaded by Director of Photography Bill Pope, the restoration process involved a new 4K scan of the original camera negative, ensuring fidelity to the filmmakers' vision while harnessing the advantages of high dynamic range (HDR) technology. Colors are now more nuanced, with the notorious green tint finely adjusted to blend rather than dominate scenes, enhancing detail and depth without compromising on the film's aesthetic signature. Scenes such as Trinity's opening sequence and the climactic lobby assault benefit significantly from these enhancements, showcasing deep blacks, vibrant colors, and an impressive level of clarity that breathes new life into these well-known sequences.

    Technical improvements extend to the color grading overseen by Jan Yarbrough, combining HDR's expanded luminance range with a wide color gamut to achieve an unprecedented level of visual fidelity. This meticulous work results in a striking balance between the cool blue tones of the 'real world' and the 'data world's' signature greens, with flesh tones appearing far more naturalistic than in previous releases. The distinction between the film’s dual realities is preserved and enhanced, offering a viewing experience that mirrors the directorial intent with unparalleled accuracy. Enhanced shadow detail and refined contrast contribute to a more immersive viewing experience, unveiling nuances previously lost in darker scenes.

    Moreover, the disc's presentation benefits significantly from advancements in HDR technology. With HDR10 and Dolby Vision support, black levels are deep and rich, creating a compelling contrast that adds dimension to every frame. The detailed review of environmental textures and character close-ups showcases an impressive clarity, bringing forward elements like fabric textures and facial imperfections with striking realism. Despite some minor challenges with noise levels and the inherent resolution limitations of VFX shots rendered at 2K, The Matrix on 4K UHD emerges as a definitive viewing experience. This release sets a new standard for how classic films can be revitalized through modern technology, ensuring that The Matrix remains as visually stunning and thematically relevant as ever.

    Audio: 93

    The Matrix's 4K UHD Blu-ray release heralds not just a visual feast but an auditory revelation, breathing new life into the already iconic Dolby Atmos soundtrack. This mix, initially stepping beyond its lossy Dolby Digital roots to the superb clarity of Dolby TrueHD 5.1, has now been transcended by an object-based Dolby Atmos lossless mix, promising an effortlessly immersive experience. From the subtle environmental ambiances to the thundering crescendo of its action sequences, every sound element is articulated with staggering precision and dynamic range. Notably, the dialogue, maintaining its original clarity, and the distinctive blend of Don Davis's instrumentals and selected songs, resonate with newfound vivacity, enveloping the listener in a more vivid soundscape than ever before.

    The dedication to preserving the film's original sonic blueprint while benefiting from Atmos' object-based mix is noteworthy. It enhances the fidelity without altering the intended sound design or directionality of key scenes, such as Neo dodging bullets or the intense helicopter rescue. This remix stands out for its faithfulness to the original auditory vision, now rendered with exceptional clarity across all directions. Action scenes, notably the lobby shootout and Morpheus' helicopter rescue, showcase this mix's capability to isolate and prioritize sounds, from the symphony of gunfire and shattering glass to the pounding score, ensuring a sustained intensity never experienced before.

    Despite these advancements in audio presentation, a word of caution: the disc defaults to Dolby Digital 5.1 upon play. It is imperative to manually select the Atmos track to unlock this aural nirvana. This minor inconvenience aside, The Matrix's Atmos mix sets a new benchmark in home theater soundscapes. Its aggressive, directionally precise audio delivery, coupled with impressive LFE channel output and height channel utilization, ensures a completely immersive experience that elevates every scene, from quieter moments of dialogue to the film's explosive climax, creating a sense of immersion that rivals any contemporary sonic experience.

    Extra: 90

    The 4K UHD release of "The Matrix" sets a high standard for home entertainment, meticulously compiling previously released extras across its comprehensive disc library. From the visually stunning 4K restoration to the immersive Dolby Atmos audio mix, it provides an unparalleled viewing experience. The inclusion of both the UHD and standard Blu-ray versions ensures accessibility for a variety of setups. More than just a visual upgrade, the package is enriched with insightful commentaries from the Wachowskis, cast and crew, and external critics and philosophers, offering depth and perspective to the seminal film. Supplementary materials like "The Matrix Revisited" and the extensive "The Music Revisited" playlist extend the exploration beyond the film itself. The preservation of technical details in this collection is commendable, ensuring that enthusiasts can appreciate the nuances that made "The Matrix" a groundbreaking piece of cinema.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Written Introduction by The Wachowskis: A personal introduction to the film by its creators.
    • Philosophers Commentary: Insights from Dr. Cornel West and Ken Wilber.
    • Critics Commentary: Perspectives from Todd McCarthy, John Powers, and David Thomson.
    • Cast & Crew Commentary: Stories and details from Carrie-Anne Moss, Zach Staenberg, and John Gaeta.
    • Composer Commentary by Don Davis with Music Only Track: A unique auditory experience focusing on the score.
    • In-Movie Experience: A feature combining commentary and video, guiding viewers through the filmmaking process.
    • The Matrix Revisited: A comprehensive documentary on the film's production.
    • Behind The Matrix: A collection of featurettes exploring different aspects of the film's creation.
    • Follow the White Rabbit: Interactive feature leading to in-depth scenes analysis.
    • Take the Red Pill: Featurettes delving into specific filmmaking techniques used in "The Matrix".
    • The Music Revisited: A vast playlist of songs from the soundtrack.
    • Rock Is Dead: Marilyn Manson music video.
    • Trailers & TV Spots: A compilation of The Matrix's promotional materials.

    Movie: 90

    Diving into the mesmerizing depths of "The Matrix" on 4K UHD Blu Ray presents a groundbreaking experience that redefines the visual and auditory elements of cinema in this genre-defining sci-fi action flick. Released in 1999, The Matrix shattered expectations and set a new standard for movie-making technology, storytelling, and character development. Drawing inspiration from a myriad of sources including Japanese anime like "Akira" and other sci-fi films such as "Dark City," it carved its niche as an unparalleled event movie that reshaped audience expectations of a digital reality, much like "Star Wars" did in 1977. The amalgamation of a neo-noir thriller with pulse-pounding action and deep philosophical underpinnings offers viewers an enthralling journey through dual worlds, magnifying the allure of its narrative, iconic performances, and the revolutionary implementation of special effects including the awe-inspiring 'bullet time.'

    The Matrix's cinematic prowess is further magnified in its vividly remastered 4K/HDR presentation. Warner Brothers' meticulous color correction under the director of photography's supervision resurrects the film's imagery with an unprecedented clarity and finesse, elevating home theater experiences to new heights. This visual enhancement, together with the remixed Dolby Atmos soundtrack, rejuvenates the film's stunning action sequences and immersive storyline in a manner that even those most intimate with the film would find startling and novel. The sheer dedication to preserving the original essence while enhancing the technical fidelity makes this 4K UHD release a testament to The Matrix’s enduring legacy as a turning point in cinematic history.

    Moreover, the re-release encapsulates not just an upgrade in visual and sound quality but serves as a gateway for longtime fans and new generations to immerse themselves into a universe that has significantly impacted pop culture and action filmmaking. The blend of Eastern martial arts influences, philosophical narratives, and cyberpunk elements encapsulated within The Matrix’s tapestry remains as compelling today as it was at the time of its debut. With innovations such as bullet time redefining action choreography and set pieces, and its rich allegorical content providing fodder for endless analysis, The Matrix on 4K UHD Blu-Ray transcends a mere cinematic experience into an essential cultural phenomenon that challenges perceptions of reality and freedom, thereby solidifying its stature as a quintessential viewing must.

    Total: 90

    The 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray release of "The Matrix," either as a standalone product or within the Warner Bros. 100th Anniversary Studio Collection, signifies a monumental upgrade for this quintessential sci-fi action masterpiece, which has impressively stood the test of time. Released on 16th October 2023, this edition pulls "The Matrix" into the spotlight once again, showcasing its groundbreaking influence on the genre. The film, which has garnered four Academy Awards, is presented with a newly restored video quality that splendidly complements its status. Alongside this, the addition of a terrific Dolby Atmos immersive audio experience enhances each moment, supported by legacy supplements that enrich the viewing experience.

    Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has positioned this release as a benchmark for catalog films transitioning to UHD, standing shoulder to shoulder with other notable upgrades like "Unforgiven" and "Blade Runner." Rooted deeply in literary cyberpunk and demonstrating a blend of influences from William Gibson to Lewis Carroll, "The Matrix" is more relevant today than ever, maintaining its stature as one of the greatest sci-fi films. This package not only includes the 4K disc with support for Dolby Vision and HDR10 but also features a newly remastered Blu-ray disc, ensuring that both newcomers and ardent fans can experience the film in unparalleled quality. Coupled with object-based audio enhancements and an expansive collection of special features, this release caters to every conceivable expectation.

    In conclusion, the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray presentation of "The Matrix" is an unequivocal must-have for both enthusiasts of the film and aficionados of superior home cinema experiences. As it nears two decades since its initial release, this version undeniably marks the best the film has looked and sounded, serving not just as a nostalgic revisit but as a testament to its enduring legacy in visual and philosophical storytelling. Whether for those upgrading their collection or new viewers discovering its genius, this edition is highly recommended, encapsulating the essence of what makes "The Matrix" a timeless classic.