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  • Gandhi in 4K UHD impresses with stunning visuals, sound, and rich extras, earning high praise.

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  • Video
  • Gandhi's 4K UHD release dazzles with unmatched clarity, vibrant colors, and filmic texture from a pristine remaster, setting a new standard in visual presentation.

  • Audio
  • Gandhi's Dolby Atmos soundtrack impresses with detailed, natural soundscapes and clear dialogue, using 3D immersion for realism without overwhelming, blending modest and dynamic moments harmoniously.

  • Extra
  • The 'Gandhi' release features a comprehensive collection of extras across Blu-ray discs including director's commentary, interviews, and behind-the-scenes insights, alongside UHD trailers and added physical items like a hardback book documenting the film's legacy.

  • Movie
  • Richard Attenborough's 'Gandhi,' a heartfelt epic on the life of Mahatma Gandhi, is revered and now enhanced in 4K UHD, instilling renewed pertinence and poignancy in today’s context.

    Video: 93

    The Ultra HD Blu-ray presentation of "Gandhi" offers an exceptionally pristine and awe-inspiring visual experience, standing testament to the meticulous restoration and enhancement process undertaken for this iconic film. Utilizing the original 35mm camera negatives, this release benefits from a comprehensive scan resulting in a native 4K Digital Intermediate. This process, along with additional cleanup and color correction efforts, serves to accentuate fine details with extraordinary clarity and texture, from the individual strands in Gandhi’s moustache to the intricate patterns in traditional Indian garments. Presented in a widescreen 2.39:1 aspect ratio and employing the HEVC (H.265) codec for HDR10, every frame is a testament to the film’s visual splendor, supported by a dynamic range that brings to life the lush landscapes of India and the richness of its cultural tapestry in a way previously unseen.

    The High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Color Gamut (WCG) enhancements are pivotal in realizing the movie's visual potential, offering an expanded palette that imbues the scenery with a previously unparalleled vibrancy. From the verdant greens of India's countryside to the fiery reds of clothing and the serene blues of the sky, every color pops with natural saturation and clarity. Whites, in particular, benefit significantly from this treatment—Gandhi’s traditional attire radiates with a purity and intensity that adds a profound depth to the movie's visual narrative. Furthermore, black levels are deep and substantial, providing a robust foundation that enhances overall picture depth while maintaining detail even in the brightest whites without any signs of clipping.

    The leap to 4K UHD also brings with it an enriching layer of natural grain that preserves the filmic integrity of "Gandhi". This element adds a textured depth to the image that is both authentic and immersive. Coupled with impeccably defined black levels that enrich every scene with deeper and more intense contrasts, the transfer attains a harmonious balance between sharpness and softness intrinsic to the original source material. The meticulous attention to detail in this transfer ensures that every scene, whether it be the intimate facial expressions or vast crowd sequences, is rendered with lifelike precision. The combination of technological advancements in video presentation with the film’s historic and expansive cinematography results in a viewing experience that is not only superior to its Blu-ray predecessor but also sets a new benchmark for UHD releases.

    Audio: 85

    The Dolby Atmos soundtrack of "Gandhi" on 4K UHD Blu-ray offers an exceptional auditory experience that is both immersive and detailed, perfectly complementing the visual splendor of the film. The track takes advantage of the Atmos technology to create a 3D sound space that truly shines in scenes bustling with activity - from the riotous crowds to the resonant chuffs of steam engines. Ambient effects, such as the rustle within wide halls or the serene tranquility of Gandhi's compound, are rendered with a lifelike quality that envelopes the viewer. Dialogue, a critical aspect given the film's narrative focus, is delivered with pristine clarity and naturalness. Directionality is employed with finesse, ensuring voices are not only clear but positioned within the soundstage to reflect their on-screen locations.

    Sony's Atmos presentation meticulously handles the film's dynamic range, from its mostly subdued to occasionally vibrant auditory demands. The soundtrack's nuanced attention to detail is evident, with atmospheric effects like whispering winds and distant bird calls being smartly placed across the soundscape, offering a layered auditory experience. The score by Ravi Shankar and George Fenton gracefully sweeps through the arrangement, with a noticeable warmth and definition that enhances every scene. Notably, the sound design does not overwhelm but instead underpins the visuals with a supportive and harmonious audio canvas.

    Although "Gandhi" remains a dialogue-driven drama and thus a front-heavy mix, the Atmos enhancement introduces an expanded soundstage. This allows for a more convincing movement between channels, offering a richer sense of presence and atmosphere. Subtle but significant uses of the overhead and surround channels contribute to moments of immersion, such as wildlife sounds that add an extra layer of realism. Bass responses, while not overly aggressive, provide a firm foundation in scenes requiring it, such as the trampling hooves of horses or the distant rumble of thunder, rounding off a well-balanced and thoroughly satisfying audio presentation.

    Extra: 82

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "Gandhi" is an impressive collection that maintains the essence and quality of the film's legacy. It brings together an array of extras spread across multiple discs, notably the two 1080p Blu-ray discs. Viewers are treated to a comprehensive suite of interviews, including discussions with Ben Kingsley and insights from director Richard Attenborough on various aspects like casting and music. The discs delve into the film's production with segments on its design, shooting challenges in India, and the crafting of key sequences such as the memorable funeral scene. Additionally, historical context is provided through newsreel footage that influenced Attenborough, and a photo montage offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse. Notably, the UHD disc enhances the package with two high-definition trailers, supplementing the rich content found on the Blu-ray discs. Extras like an audio commentary and "Gandhi's Legacy: A Picture-In-Graphics Track" further enrich viewer understanding, making this release a definitive collection for both cinephiles and historians alike.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Audio Commentary: With director Richard Attenborough
    • Gandhi's Legacy: A Picture-In-Graphics Track
    • Introduction by Sir Richard Attenborough
    • Interviews (480i): Including discussions with Ben Kingsley
    • In Search of Gandhi: Attenborough’s exploration of Gandhi's impact
    • Looking Back: Reflections on the film’s success and legacy
    • Madeline Slade: An Englishwoman Abroad: Delving into character portrayal
    • Reflections on Ben: Focusing on Kingsley's performance
    • Shooting an Epic in India: The production journey
    • Designing Gandhi: Detailed look at set design
    • The Funeral: Behind crafting the opening sequence
    • The Words of Mahatma Gandhi: Displayed quotes from Gandhi
    • Newsreel Footage: Vintage reels that inspired Attenborough
    • The Making of Gandhi Photo Montage: Set stills and music
    • Theatrical Trailers: Two high-definition trailers on UHD Disc

    Movie: 92

    Richard Attenborough's "Gandhi," released in the pristine 4K UHD format by Sony as part of its Columbia Classics Collection, receives a striking enhancement to its visual and audio experience. This classic 1982 epic, which required two decades of perseverance by Attenborough to come to fruition, is presented in remarkable 2160p/HDR video quality across two UHD discs, accompanied by the immersive Dolby Atmos audio. This four-disc set not only heightens the impressive cinematography by Billy Williams and Ronnie Taylor, capturing the essence and beauty of India, but also ensures that Ben Kingsley's award-winning portrayal of the iconic Mahatma Gandhi is seen and heard with unprecedented clarity and depth.

    The narrative, rich in detail regarding Gandhi's journey from his South African days to the pivotal role he played in India's struggle for independence, is compellingly told. Attenborough masterfully weaves together the intimate, personal moments of Gandhi's life with the grand scale of his public endeavors, like the iconic Salt March. Despite the film being an idealized portrait focusing predominantly on Gandhi's saint-like persona, it doesn't shy away from the impact of his philosophy and tactics against imperialist forces and racial prejudice. This storytelling, combined with the film’s improved technical aspects, brings a refreshing dimension to this historical epic.

    The presentation in Sony’s Columbia Classics Volume 1, exclusive for now, does not merely offer a film but an enriched viewing experience that balances historical narratives with technological advancements. This version underscores how contemporary perspectives can lend older films like "Gandhi" new layers of relevance and urgency. As we navigate through current challenges, Gandhi’s philosophy resonates with a renewed gravitas, making this 4K UHD release not just a technological upgrade but a timely reminder of timeless ideals.

    Total: 88

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray presentation of Richard Attenborough’s "Gandhi," released as part of the esteemed Columbia Classics Box Set, delivers an unparalleled visual and auditory experience that honours the epic's historical and cinematic significance. Having waited over two decades for its cinematic rendition, "Gandhi" exemplifies storytelling at its most potent—narrating the life of a complex figure through sublime acting, lavish locations, and breathtaking cinematography. The native 4K scan elevates this moving narrative with stunning clarity, rich and lustrous colors that stay true to the filmic essence, alongside a Dolby Atmos soundtrack that offers a natural, immersive listening experience with impressive bass and sound mixing.

    As we approach the film’s 40th anniversary, the relevance and inspirational power of Gandhi’s story seem even more poignant against today’s sociopolitical backdrop. The Ultra HD enhancement captures the sprawling landscapes and human drama with reference-quality precision, ensuring every detail contributes to the larger-than-life portrayal of the legendary Mahatma Gandhi, backed by Sir Ben Kingsley's award-winning performance. The Blu-ray and UHD discs come packed with an extensive array of supplements, providing depth and context that complements the main feature, making this edition a must-have for aficionados of cinematic masterpieces.

    In conclusion, the 4K UHD Blu-ray release of “Gandhi” stands as a testament to the film’s enduring legacy, offering an immersive experience that is both enriching and aesthetically superior. It not only preserves but enhances every nuance of Attenborough’s vision, making it an essential addition for collectors and new audiences alike. With its combination of visual splendour, compelling narrative, and comprehensive extras, this edition earns the highest recommendation for those seeking to experience a pivotal moment in cinematic and world history through the lens of high-definition splendor.