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The Quick and the Dead

4K Ultra HD

Blu Ray

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    from 4 reviewers
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  • Stunning 2160p/HDR, top Atmos sound, worth it for fans; many await price drop.

    The Quick and the Dead 4K UHD Blu-ray Front Cover

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    True 4K
    Dolby Atmos
    Dolby TrueHD
  • Video
  • The 4K HDR enhancement provides sharp, crisp details and textures with brilliant whites, while maintaining a restrained, muted color scheme. Depth of field is exceptional, offering smooth camera movements and clear spatial differentiation.

  • Audio
  • Gunfights deliver crisp, intensive power and superb surround sound usage, with occasional overhead effects like stray bullets. The well-balanced mix complements vocals and score, featuring awesome sound travel alongside quick sweeping camera movements.

  • Extra
  • The Quick and the Dead's latest UHD and standard Blu-ray release offers new deleted scenes and supplements, a stark improvement over prior editions with minimal extras.

  • Movie
  • In a competition teeming with diverse shooters, including DiCaprio, and an unlikely pacifist preacher (Crowe), Raimi's unique zaniness clashes with the genre's norm amidst a backdrop of misleading promotions.

    Video: 88

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray presentation of "The Quick and the Dead" offers a visually engaging experience that significantly surpasses its Blu-ray counterpart, particularly in its meticulous attention to detail. The texture work is particularly impressive, with the worn woods, brick façades, dusty attire, complex fabrics, and facial features all presented with sharp, crisp detail that enhances the visual immersion into the gritty world of the film. This heightened detail provides a solidity to the image that is not only a noticeable upgrade but a commendable achievement in home cinema presentation.

    HDR processing plays a pivotal role in balancing the film's unique visual style, managing to bring out brilliantly crisp and radiant whites without undermining the director's intentionally dirty, muted, and understated cinematography. This delicate balance ensures that the film retains its original aesthetic intentions while benefiting from the enhanced dynamic range, offering viewers both a faithful and an improved viewing experience. The execution of HDR here is both thoughtful and technically proficient, demonstrating how high dynamic range can elevate a film's visual storytelling.

    Moreover, the depth of field in this 4K presentation is nothing short of remarkable. Camera movements, whether sweeping across landscapes or zooming into action, are rendered smoothly, showcasing an impressive spatial distinction between foreground and background elements. This not only adds to the cinematic quality of the home viewing experience but also accentuates the film's detailed production design and atmospheric settings. The success in translating this depth onto a home format further attests to the technical excellence of this 4K UHD Blu-ray release, ensuring that viewers are treated to a visually rich and immersive presentation that stands out as a definitive version for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

    Audio: 87

    The audio presentation of "The Quick and the Dead" on its 4K UHD Blu-ray incarnation demonstrates a masterful use of sound design to immerse viewers in its Wild West setting. Gunfights, a pivotal element of the film, are rendered with exceptional clarity and dynamism, providing an auditory experience that mirrors the intensity on screen. Each gunshot resonates with crisp, impactful power, utilizing the surround channels effectively to encapsulate viewers in the ensuing chaos. The sound engineers have skillfully managed to match the sonic energy of bullets whizzing by, with sounds meticulously placed to enhance the realism of these encounters, truly showcasing the potential of a well-crafted audio mix.

    Furthermore, the audio landscape of "The Quick and the Dead" is enriched with detailed sound effects that extend beyond the central action. The occasional stray bullet or the aftermath of explosions adds a layer of auditory depth, with debris and other effects subtly maneuvering through the soundscape, creating a more enveloping experience. Although the use of overhead channels is noted to be sporadic, when employed, it contributes significantly to the overall spatial dynamics of the film's audio presentation.

    Equally important, the balance between dialogue, sound effects, and Ennio Morricone's iconic score is meticulously maintained throughout. This equilibrium ensures that none of the audio elements overshadow another, providing a cohesive and immersive listening experience. The mix excels in complementing the film's quick and sweeping camera movements with corresponding sound transitions that are both smooth and engaging, further enhancing the cinematic quality of "The Quick and the Dead" 4K UHD Blu-ray edition. This audio review highlights the exceptional work done to transport viewers straight into the heart of the action through a rich and dynamic auditory experience.

    Extra: 65

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "The Quick and the Dead" significantly enhances the home viewing experience with its supplemental content, a notable improvement over its predecessor. While maintaining all supplements from the previous releases, this edition introduces new 7 never-before-seen deleted scenes, enriching the narrative depth and providing fans with unseen content. Additionally, the inclusion of a theatrical trailer adds a touch of nostalgia. The package also comes with the standard Blu-ray edition and a digital copy, ensuring versatile viewing options. This release marks a definitive upgrade in terms of bonus content, making it a must-have for enthusiasts seeking to dive deeper into this classic film's universe.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • NEW 7 Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes: Exclusive deleted scenes adding depth to the story.
    • Theatrical Trailer: Original theatrical trailer of the film.

    Movie: 78

    Sam Raimi's "The Quick and the Dead," presented in 4K UHD Blu-ray, offers a unique and vibrant foray into the western genre, diverging from the traditionalists’ expectation of slow-burn narratives and instead, infusing the storyline with his signature blend of screwball antics and cartoonish dynamism. This approach, while not seamlessly aligning with the genre's more meditative and scenic tradition, does carve out its unique niche. The ensemble cast, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio as the young gun out to prove himself, and Russell Crowe as the reluctant fighter donned in clerical garb, thrusts a diverse array of motives and backstories into the fast-paced competition that is both the film's central plot and greatest spectacle.

    Raimi’s directional choice paints the wilderness with a vivid palette, enhancing the visual experience, especially in 4K resolution, albeit sometimes at odds with the expected tone of its genre. This presentation layer elevates the cinematography, ensuring every duel and dramatic vista is crisp and immersive, thus compensating for any thematic dissonance with pure visual spectacle. However, the exaggeration of characters and scenarios sometimes mirrors the film industry's tendency to oversell or misrepresent its products, leading to a divergence between audience expectation and delivery. This aspect is seen in the way "The Quick and the Dead" was initially promoted versus its actual thematic and aesthetic offerings.

    In conclusion, while "The Quick and the Dead" in its 4K UHD Blu-ray glory stands as a testament to Raimi's ability to craft visually stunning pieces, it also serves as a reminder of the discrepancy between traditional genre norms and modern stylistic experimentation. The movie revels in its ability to blend a variety of characters with its distinctive visual flair, making it an interesting albeit polarizing piece in the western genre’s evolution.

    Total: 70

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray of "The Quick and the Dead" shines in technical presentation, offering a dramatically improved visual and auditory experience that fans of the film and genre will appreciate. The transfer’s 2160p/HDR presentation delivers a stunning level of detail and color depth, breathing new life into the Western vistas and fast-paced duels that define this unique Sam Raimi piece. Additionally, with an Atmos soundtrack that envelops the viewer in the cinematic environment, every gunshot and line of dialogue is rendered with top-tier clarity and immersion. Extras, though limited, include legacy supplements and one new exclusive feature that rounds out the package nicely.

    Despite its strengths in presentation, the collector's package carries over most of its supplemental content from previous releases, with only a smattering of new material to entice the hardcore enthusiast. This decision may temper the urgency of an immediate purchase for some, considering "The Quick and the Dead" has historically been a more affordable find in its Blu-ray and DVD incarnations. Nevertheless, for those drawn to the allure of unprecedented visual and audio fidelity in their home media collection, this release marks a compelling upgrade that enhances every aspect of Raimi's stylish Western.

    In conclusion, the 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "The Quick and the Dead" is a worthwhile investment for fans eager to experience the film's dynamic action and vibrant settings in unparalleled quality. The combination of an exceptional 2160p/HDR video presentation with a powerful Atmos audio track significantly elevates the viewing experience. While the special features department leaves room for desire, the core appeal of improved visuals and sound are more than enough to recommend this release. Enthusiasts of the genre and Raimi’s directorial flair should consider adding this to their collection, albeit perhaps after scouting for a price drop to maximize value.