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  • Score: 56

    from 2 reviewers

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  • Scorpion's rare Blu-ray is outpaced by MVD's richer release and Joysticks epitomizes '80s pop culture.

    Joysticks Blu-ray Front Cover

    Disc Release Date

  • Video: 66

  • Joysticks' Blu-ray, with a 2K scan from 35mm, offers grainy yet adequate visuals, vibrant arcade colors, natural flesh tones, and decent contrast despite some fading and minor damage.

  • Audio: 71

  • Brian finds the LPCM 2.0 Mono audio of the 'Joysticks' Screen Archives release lackluster, with a chaotic design yet clear dialogue and energy-boosting rock tunes by Legion, despite its overall rough, basic production quality.

  • Extra: 61

  • Special features include director and fan commentaries, an interview with Greydon Clark, a faux trailer, and trailers. Also, a mix-up led to a recall due to an audio issue, but praises for the Joysticks' packaging design.

  • Movie: 56

  • Greydon Clark's 'Joysticks' triumphed at the box office despite its crude, exploitative nature, contrasting its arcade-focused story with '80s excess and crude humor, marking a distinctive yet controversial piece of the era.


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