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Jack Reacher

4K Ultra HD

Blu Ray

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  • Jack Reacher thrills with charisma, action, and solid Blu-ray upgrades.

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  • Video
  • Despite a 2K to 4K upscale, Jack Reacher's UHD Blu-ray impresses with refined details, vibrant colors, and film-like quality, making for a near-perfect viewing experience.

  • Audio
  • The Jack Reacher 4K Blu-ray features a demo-quality DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 track with clear dialogue, dynamic effects, and a captivating score, creating an immersive, precision-rich sound experience.

  • Extra
  • The Jack Reacher 4K UHD release features existing commentaries and a secondary Blu-ray with all extras, including making-of docs and insights into Child's character, without new additions.

  • Movie
  • Tom Cruise's 'Jack Reacher' excites with its thrilling, old-school detective narrative and top-notch action, despite a divisive sequel.”

    Video: 87

    Tom Cruise's inaugural portrayal as Jack Reacher leaps from the silver screen to 4K UHD Blu-ray, presenting an almost flawless video quality that surpasses expectations. Originally captured on 35mm film and processed through a 2K Digital Intermediate for this release, the film might only offer an upscaled 4K image, but the result is nothing short of spectacular. Presented in its native 3840 x 2160p resolution, maintaining the theatrical aspect ratio of 2.4:1, and enhanced with 10-bit video depth, Wider Colour Gamut (WCG), High Dynamic Range (HDR), Dolby Vision, and encoded using the HEVC (H.265) codec, the video quality is a testament to the advancements in home cinema technology.

    Despite originating from a 2K DI, the transition to 4K reveals a significant uptick in detail, showcasing refined textures and nuanced clarity that breathes new life into every frame. The colour scheme benefits immensely from HDR and WCG, with Dolby Vision adding depth and vibrance to the visuals, ensuring that colors pop with vitality while blacks achieve profound depths. This enhancement creates a palette that is more vibrant and dynamic, making scenes like the lush greenery and the striking red Chevrolet stand out with improved contrast and sharpness. Close-ups reveal greater detail, exposing subtle textures and features more precisely than before. However, it's worth noting that while these improvements are appreciable, they are not always consistently transformative across every scene.

    The enhancement doesn't stop at visuals alone; blacks are deeper and more nuanced, allowing for exceptional shadow detail and adding a layer of realism to darker scenes. Contrast levels are heightened, providing a crisp delineation between light and dark areas, thus offering viewers an immersive cinematic experience akin to watching the movie anew in theaters. The overall presentation remains beautifully filmic, retaining a natural grain structure that pays homage to its original shooting format. The balance of colors, including cooler skin tones under Dolby Vision, might divide preferences, but they contribute to the thematic atmosphere of the film, underlining its gritty and intense narrative. This 4K UHD Blu-ray of "Jack Reacher" not only sets a high benchmark for visual presentation but also serves as a prime example of how technology can elegantly enhance the watching experience without detracting from the film's original aesthetic virtues.

    Audio: 91

    The Jack Reacher 4K Blu-Ray maintains its audio prowess with the same DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 track that graced its original Blu-ray release. Despite the absence of an advanced Atmos or DTS:X track, it remains a remarkable auditory experience. The soundtrack stands out with its crystal clear dialogue delivery, where even the subtleties of hushed tones are perceptibly distinct. The surround sound mix engages the listener with precise spatial dimension and discrete directional sounds, creating a convincingly immersive environment. This is particularly evident in high-octane sequences, such as the gripping car chase where the roar of the Chevy's engine envelops the soundstage, complementing the film's thematic elements and enhancing tension.

    Sound effects within the Jack Reacher audio presentation are meticulously crafted, showcasing precision over mere loudness; from the thunderous echo of sniper shots that seem to pierce through the room to the ambient, atmospheric sounds that build the movie's mood. The balance achieved between action-packed sound effects and dialogue clarity is commendable, ensuring every witty one-liner lands with impact without overshadowing the atmospheric soundscape. The LFE channel is expertly utilized not just for enhancing the gunfire and engine growls but also for adding depth to the orchestral score, which is prominently featured across the frontal array.

    Despite retaining the original DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 soundtrack and lacking an upgrade to an object-based audio option, this release doesn't falter in delivering a demo-quality audio experience. The powerful dynamics and robust low-end present in the soundtrack make for an enthralling listening experience, from the bustling city ambiance to the meticulously spaced gunshots, creating a rich, enveloping soundfield. The effective use of receivers' Dolby Surround or DTS: Neural:X up-mixing functionality further elevates the action scenes, seamlessly integrating ambient effects into the overheads for an even more immersive auditory journey.

    Extra: 78

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray of "Jack Reacher" presents a robust, albeit familiar, collection of extras, primarily hosted on the accompanying Blu-ray disc rather than the 4K UHD disc itself. Fans of the franchise may find the lack of new supplements disappointing, but the quality and depth of the existing features, including insightful commentary tracks and detailed looks into the film's production and adaptation process, remain compelling. The highlight is the director’s commentary, providing in-depth insights into the film's creation, complemented by a composer's commentary that interestingly doubles as an isolated score track. Additional features explore the making of the film, combat training, and the translation of Lee Child's iconic character from page to screen, making this set a valuable addition for enthusiasts looking to dive deeper into the world of Jack Reacher.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Audio Commentary with Director Christopher McQuarrie and Star Tom Cruise: In-depth discussion on film-making process.
    • Audio Commentary with Composer Joe Kramer: Offers insights with an isolated score track feel.
    • When the Man Comes Around: A making-of documentary.
    • You Do Not Mess with Jack Reacher: Combat & Weapons: Featurette on film's combat and weapons training.
    • The Reacher Phenomenon: An overview of Lee Child's creation and adaptation of the character.

    Movie: 83

    "Jack Reacher," the adaptation of Lee Child's novel "One Shot" directed by Christopher McQuarrie, emerges as a critically engaging action-thriller, promising the genesis of a captivating franchise led by Tom Cruise's compelling performance. McQuarrie harmonizes action and intellect, sculpting Reacher into a character that amalgamates the solitary precision of Dirty Harry, the deductive prowess of Sherlock Holmes, and the unyielding drive of Bullitt. This film distinguishes itself with its measured approach to storytelling and action, prioritizing substance over spectacle. Rosamund Pike delivers a solid if somewhat uneven performance, while the formidable duo of Jai Courtney and Werner Herzog provides a credible threat. Robert Duvall shines, offering a memorable performance that reinforces McQuarrie's mastery in character utilization and narrative pacing.

    The script shrewdly navigates through a plot that unfolds with surgical precision, showcasing Tom Cruise's versatility by blending elements of his iconic roles into a refreshingly grounded Reacher. The film's technical execution enhances its storytelling, with cinematographer Caleb Deschanel capturing arresting visuals that underscore the narrative's tension and dynamism. Noteworthy is the car chase sequence - an inventive addition not found in the source material - which epitomizes Reacher's relentless pursuit, presented through immaculate choreography and strategic camerawork that departs from the genre’s contemporary norms of rapid editing.

    Paramount's 4K UHD release of "Jack Reacher" elevates the visual experience, offering clarity and depth that significantly enhance the viewing experience, despite some aspects of the upgrade sparking debate. The adaptation’s disciplined direction and Cruise’s multifaceted portrayal converge to revive the classic action thriller for modern audiences. Coupled with a tactful script that smartly eschews convoluted plot devices for character-driven narrative progression, "Jack Reacher" stands not only as a solid detective thriller but also as a testament to the enduring appeal of well-crafted storytelling in cinema.

    Total: 81

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "Jack Reacher" presents an intriguing amalgamation of Tom Cruise's dynamic performance, Christopher McQuarrie's skilled direction, and the robust storytelling rooted in Lee Child's original work, rendering it a compelling watch for enthusiasts of crime and action thrillers. Despite the film's conversion from a 2K to 4K upscale not offering the full potential of the format, the visual presentation is notably improved, with greater texturing and enhanced contrasts between blacks and whites. The absence of Dolby Atmos audio is a minor caveat, given the package maintains its reference-quality DTS-HD MA 7.1 soundtrack from previous releases, ensuring an auditory experience that is as engaging as it is immersive.

    The Ultra HD Blu-ray edition does foster some debate among purists regarding its superiority over its Blu-ray counterpart, particularly due to a cooler color palette presented through Dolby Vision HDR. However, this difference, while noticeable to keen eyes, doesn't detract from the overall filmic quality that remains true to McQuarrie's cinematic vision. The reiteration of supplements from the Blu-ray edition might leave some desiring more, yet the existing extras still provide a worthwhile delve into the film's production and narrative intricacies.

    In conclusion, the 4K UHD Blu-ray of "Jack Reacher" stands as a testament to the film's enduring appeal, driven by strong performances, a well-crafted plot, and proficient technical execution. While the release might not justify a repurchase for those satisfied with the Blu-ray version, it undeniably serves as a definitive edition for collectors and first-time buyers alike. Paramount Home Media Distribution has curated a package that, despite its minor drawbacks in video upgrade and supplemental freshness, remains recommended for its audio-visual fidelity and the sheer enjoyment of revisiting Jack Reacher's gritty world with enhanced cinematic detail.