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My Cousin Vinny


  • Score: 58

    from 2 reviewers

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  • My Cousin Vinny blends humor & court drama in a fun, engaging film with a strong cast & decent Blu-ray quality.

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  • Video: 63

  • My Cousin Vinny's Blu-ray debut impresses with realistic details and colors, despite some softness and grain. A fine balance between preserving film authenticity and enhancing for 1080p makes it a worthy upgrade.

  • Audio: 65

  • 'My Cousin Vinny' on Blu-ray delights with a robust DTS-HD MA 5.1 audio, balancing vibrant music and lifelike sound effects with clear, distinct dialogue, ensuring an immersive and satisfying audio experience throughout.

  • Extra: 38

  • My Cousin Vinny's DVD extras include a dry but detailed director's commentary by Jonathan Lynn, covering various filmmaking aspects and anecdotes, along with four promotional videos in standard definition.

  • Movie: 65

  • 'My Cousin Vinny' blends humor and courtroom drama with standout performances in a memorable, albeit not groundbreaking, comedy.