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Raging Bull

4K Ultra HD

Blu Ray

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  • Raging Bull, a cinematic masterpiece, shines in 4K; a complex tale of triumph and torment.

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  • Video
  • Raging Bull's 4K Blu-ray debut showcases a stunning upgrade with superior clarity, dynamic range, and filmic texture, earning it the definitive presentation status.

  • Audio
  • Raging Bull's DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 track offers crisp, immersive sound, capturing the era perfectly with subtle effects enhancing the atmosphere, despite occasional dialogue clarity issues.

  • Extra
  • Criterion's Raging Bull UHD and Blu-ray editions offer rich insights with commentaries, documentaries, and video essays exploring its conception, iconic performances, and Scorsese's cinematic genius.

  • Movie
  • Criterion's 4K Blu-ray of 'Raging Bull' brings Scorsese's brutal, poetic study of boxer La Motta, packed with extras and a new restoration, to vivid life.

    Video: 91

    Criterion’s release of "Raging Bull" in 4K UHD is a monumental upgrade from any previous versions, bringing Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece into the modern age with a stunning visual clarity that was meticulously approved by Scorsese himself. Created from the 35mm original camera negative using a Lasergraphics Director film scanner, this version showcases an incredible level of detail, from the precise definition of sweat and blood in the boxing rings to the subtle nuances of facial expressions and textures that were previously unseen. The remastered 2.0 surround soundtrack complements this visual enhancement, ensuring that the auditory experience is as immersive as the visual.

    This new 4K restoration excels in presenting a dynamic range that breathes life into the black-and-white footage, offering a depth and clarity that significantly surpasses its predecessor. The HDR grading enriches the visuals, providing richer blacks, more nuanced grays, and a contrast that accentuates every punch and emotion portrayed on screen. Special attention has been paid to maintain an organic filmic appearance without succumbing to digital overprocessing, resulting in a grain structure that feels authentic and true to its cinematic roots. The exceptional sharpness and texture bring forth details like never before, from the intricate backgrounds to the intense boxing scenes, making it a definitive viewing experience.

    Viewers are treated to a flawless presentation where technological enhancements work harmoniously to highlight Michael Chapman’s Oscar-nominated cinematography. The transfer achieves a perfect balance between sharpness and the inherent softness of certain scenes, ensuring that each frame remains faithful to its original aesthetic. The enhanced grayscale and superior contrast not only improve visual depth but also enhance the storytelling, making "Raging Bull's" emotional and physical conflicts more palpable. With virtually no age-related anomalies, and benefiting from a pristine source material, this 4K UHD release undoubtedly represents the most authentic and visually striking version of "Raging Bull" available, making it an essential upgrade for enthusiasts and cinephiles alike.

    Audio: 88

    The Raging Bull 4K UHD release features a single English DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 track, accompanied by optional English SDH subtitles for accessibility. Comparing this updated lossless track to its predecessor from the old Blu-ray version reveals negligible differences in quality, suggesting that this release continues to honor the film's original sound design authentically. Despite the absence of a modern Dolby Atmos track, the DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 delivers a robust and vibrant soundscape that is surprisingly crisp for a film of its age. The audio quality does exceptionally well in preserving the dialogue's vintage clarity, achieving a level of precision that belies the film's decades-long tenure. This Criterion edition's decision to focus on a 2.0 surround track, remastered from the original 35 mm three-track magnetic source, reinforces an auditory experience that is both clear and richly atmospheric.

    The Raging Bull soundtrack has long been recognized for its dynamic and nuanced composition, which remains vigorous yet intricate in this edition. The reissue capitalizes on these qualities by providing an immersive audio experience that features distinct sonic accents such as popping flashbulbs, barking dogs, and the unmistakable roar of the crowd, alongside more subtle ambient sounds which contribute significantly to the film's period atmosphere. From the vivid rumbles of New York City streets to the intensity of the boxing ring, each auditory nuance is accounted for, adding depth to the cinematic environment. Although the mix sometimes struggles with balancing the effects-laden soundscape against the film's more softly-spoken dialogues, leading to moments where speech comprehension requires extra effort, it does little to detract from an otherwise sterling audio presentation.

    Dynamic range across the audio track is commendably vast, though occasionally pushing bass frequencies towards the edge of distortion. Nonetheless, the fidelity of sound enhances not only the impactful moments of fisticuffs but also elevates the musical score's presence without overwhelming the senses. The mild stereo separation contributes to an expansive auditory experience that prioritizes excitement without sacrificing the essential intimacy of character interactions. Despite these technological advancements, there remains a diligence to maintain authenticity, ensuring that Raging Bull's soundscape remains as compelling and resonant as it was upon its original release.

    Extra: 91

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "Raging Bull" offers a comprehensive and meticulously curated selection of extras that enhance the understanding and appreciation of this cinematic masterpiece. The inclusion of three distinct archival audio commentaries provides a multidimensional view of the film’s inception, production, and legacy, featuring insights from director Martin Scorsese, editor Thelma Schoonmaker, director of photography Michael Chapman, and the real Jake LaMotta among others. These commentaries are complemented by feature-length documentaries, video essays, and vintage interviews that delve into the meticulous crafting of the movie's iconic fight scenes, the nuanced performances, and the collaborative relationships that underscored its creation. The preservation of rare material, along with new contributions like the insightful video essays by Geoffrey O’Brien and Sheila O'Malley on Scorsese’s style and character exploration, fortifies the disc’s offering for both enthusiasts and scholars.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Audio Commentaries: Archival commentaries offering various perspectives on the film.
    • Feature-Length Documentary: Raging Bull: Fight Night: An in-depth exploration of the film's production.
    • NEW Video Essay: Pour Everything In: Geoffrey O'Brien's analysis of Scorsese's cinematic technique.
    • NEW Video Essay: Gloves Off: Sheila O’Malley’s examination of main performances.
    • Featurette: Marty and Bobby: A look into Scorsese and De Niro's partnership.
    • Featurette: Marty on Film: Scorsese discusses his filmmaking influences.
    • Vintage Audio Interview: Robert De Niro on Acting: Insights from a 1980 AFI seminar.
    • Vintage Jake La Motta Interview: A mix of interview and fight footage.
    • Featurette: Remembering Jake: Impressions of Jake La Motta by veteran boxers.
    • Vintage Television Interview: Cathy Moriarty and Vikki La Motta: Candid insights into the real-life dynamics behind the film’s story.
    • Theatrical Trailer: The original preview of "Raging Bull".

    Movie: 91

    Martin Scorsese's "Raging Bull," presented in a meticulously supervised 4K Blu-ray by Criterion, encapsulates more than merely the tumultuous life and career of Jake LaMotta, notorious for being a ferocious middleweight champion and a complex figure outside the ring. This cinematic endeavor not only showcases Scorsese's prowess in navigating the gritty narrative with technical finesse but also affords Robert De Niro the canvas to deliver one of his most transformative performances. Delving deep into LaMotta's psyche, the film navigates his rise and subsequent downfall, masterfully blending the visceral violence of his professional bouts with the turbulent violence marking his personal relationships. Remarkably, the film refrains from glorifying its subject; instead, it presents a raw and unflinching portrayal of a man wrestling with his demons, a theme underscored by the stunning black-and-white cinematography that lends an almost operatic quality to LaMotta's story.

    Scorsese's approach to the tale is nothing short of audacious; employing a barrage of cinematic techniques including rapid edits, skewed angles, and variable speed photography, he embeds a visceral authenticity within each frame. The use of slow-motion sequences interspersed with classical music during the opening sets an anticipatory tone for a narrative that oscillates between grandeur and grim reality. Despite its harsh depiction of LaMotta's flawed character and abusive tendencies, particularly towards his wife Vikki (a role that earned Cathy Moriarty an Oscar nod), the film doesn’t seek to elicit sympathy for him. Instead, it emphasizes the tragic consequences of his unchecked aggression and paranoia, casting a spotlight on the darker facets of masculinity and fame.

    The 4K restoration breathes new life into this canonical piece of American cinema, ensuring that its technical magnificence and emotional depth are preserved for future generations. Through this release, viewers are not only reintroduced to an unparalleled artistic achievement but are also provided with an encompassing view of the tumultuous 1940s and '50s, an era that molded LaMotta. The careful curation of extras by Criterion, including vintage audio commentaries and essays, further enriches the viewing experience, offering multifaceted insights into the creation of a film that remains a seminal study in character and craft. Through "Raging Bull," Scorsese and De Niro solidify their legacy as one of cinema's most dynamic duos, delivering a masterpiece that transcends its boxing milieu to explore the profound implications of unchecked ambition and the inevitable downfall it precipitates.

    Total: 91

    Raging Bull," Martin Scorsese's seminal work depicting the tumultuous life of boxer Jake LaMotta, has been brought to vivid life once more through Criterion's latest 4K UHD Blu-ray release. This edition features an exclusive new 4K restoration, supervised and approved by Scorsese himself, ensuring that every frame reflects the director's precise vision. LaMotta's story, embodied with raw intensity by Robert De Niro, presents a complex character study of a man whose prowess in the ring is matched only by his self-destructive behavior outside of it. The film's depiction of post-war masculinity and vulnerability resonates profoundly, providing insight into the human condition through the lens of a fighter who battles his demons with the same fervor as his opponents.

    The technical quality of this release is beyond reproach, with the transfer boasting clarity and depth that surpasses all previous home video iterations. The HDR10 presentation enhances the stark black-and-white cinematography, emphasizing the contrast and texture that are pivotal to the film's aesthetic. Moreover, new supplementary materials offer both fresh insights and treasured commentary, making this release a comprehensive homage to Scorsese's masterpiece. While some may lament the absence of certain extras from past releases, the sheer caliber of this update makes it an essential addition to any cinephile's collection. This 4K UHD Blu-ray not only elevates the viewing experience but also serves as a meticulous preservation of what has been rightly hailed as one of the 20th century's most compelling cinematic achievements.

    In conclusion, this Criterion 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "Raging Bull" is indispensable for both longstanding admirers and newcomers to Scorsese’s oeuvre. With unparalleled visual and auditory restoration, guided by Scorsese's exacting standards, and enriched by substantive bonus content, it encapsulates the enduring significance of a film that challenges and captivates. This rendition is not just an upgrade but a testament to the craftsmanship behind and within "Raging Bull," representing the pinnacle of home cinema experiences for one of cinema's greatest biographical dramas.