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Fight Club

Blu Ray

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  • Fight Club's Blu-ray is a must-own; visual and audio perfection, with innovative features. Highly recommended.

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  • Video
  • Fight Club's Blu-ray release astonishes with vivid details and a gritty aesthetic, preserving its unique style and offering the best home video version despite limited input from Fincher.

  • Audio
  • The A/V's DTS-HD MA 5.1 track delivers an immersive, room-shaking experience, blending explosive scenes with subtle sonic details and a bold score, leaving no room for criticism.

  • Extra
  • The 'Fight Club' special edition brims with extras, boasting four rich commentary tracks, unique interactive features, and behind-the-scenes vignettes, but falls short in HD content upgrades.

  • Movie
  • Fight Club, a seminal film that critiques consumer culture and redefines masculinity through visceral storytelling and dynamic visuals, remains piercingly relevant decades after its release.

    Video: 70

    The Blu-ray presentation of "Fight Club" delivers a visually striking experience that enhances the film's distinct, gritty aesthetic. Transferred at 1080p/AVC, it brings out textures and details in a way that's never been seen before, particularly noticeable in the dilapidated mansion where much of the action unfolds. The image retains a consistently applied layer of grain throughout, preserving the film's intentionally dirty, filmic look without succumbing to the pitfalls of artificial sharpening or noise reduction. Colors, while generally desaturated in keeping with the director's vision, pop with intensity when they do appear — such as in Marla's bright blue shirt or the vivid fireball of an exploding computer store. The deep, dense black levels contribute to the film's moody atmosphere, though they come with a slight intentional crush in certain scenes. Despite these stylistic choices, the transfer is commendably free from technical distractions like banding or haloing, allowing viewers to immerse fully in the visual experience.

    While some may lament the lack of direct involvement from director David Fincher in this particular transfer, given his detailed work on previous releases like "Seven," the outcome here still stands as perhaps the best visual representation of "Fight Club" since its theatrical debut. Fine details, previously lost in DVD editions, are now vividly apparent, from the textures of skin and fabric to the grime and decay permeating the film's iconic locations. A consistent grain structure and careful handling of color and contrast further heighten the film's unique visual style without resorting to embellishment or distortion.

    This Blu-ray release respects and amplifies "Fight Club's" original gritty and visceral atmosphere. The upgrade in clarity and color depth from previous DVD releases makes it a worthy addition to any collection, offering a closer look at the film’s charged visuals. Whether revisiting "Fight Club" or experiencing its bruised beauty for the first time, viewers will find this 1080p transfer both a technical and artistic triumph, capturing the essence of Fincher's vision with an authenticity that both newcomers and long-time fans will appreciate.

    Audio: 78

    The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround track of "Fight Club" on Blu Ray is a testament to the power of immersive audio in storytelling, proving to be more than just an auditory treat; it's a full-on assault on the senses. From the get-go, viewers are thrust into a sonic landscape that is as meticulously crafted as the film's visuals. The aggressive score by The Dust Brothers sets an electrifying tone, perfectly complementing the film's dark themes and intense action sequences. Explosions, the shattering of glass, and the chaos of a car crash are rendered with astounding clarity and spatial accuracy, placing the viewer right in the center of every scene. These high-impact moments are balanced by the masterful handling of subtler sounds, like the haunting ambient noise of a cancer support group, adding layers of depth and realism to the film's audio palette.

    Particularly noteworthy are the film's fight scenes, where the audio track flexifies its muscles, delivering every punch, kick, and bone crack with gut-wrenching precision. The spectators' reactions, coupled with environmental sounds like distant sirens or the iconic squeak of Tyler's shoes, create an enveloping soundscape that enhances the on-screen action. Despite the overwhelming power of these moments, the track maintains a meticulous balance, ensuring dialogue remains clear and distinct, with Edward Norton's voiceovers and character exchanges reflecting the acoustic environments they occupy. This attention to detail extends to the music as well; though The Dust Brothers' score might evoke a certain period nostalgia, it's given a vibrant new lease on life through this audio mix.

    In sum, this Blu Ray audio presentation of "Fight Club" sets a high bar for what can be achieved with a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround track. It's loud, unyielding, yet intricately detailed, capturing both the thunderous moments of chaos and the whisper-quiet nuances with equal proficiency. There are no noticeable flaws like hiss or hums—just clean, dynamic audio that immerses you fully into the film's world. Whether it's the ear-splitting destruction of material possessions or the subtle shifts in a quiet room, this track demonstrates a masterful command over its audio landscape, making it a reference-quality experience for audiophiles and cinephiles alike.

    Extra: 65

    The "Fight Club" Blu-ray extras compilation marks a solid transition from the 2000 DVD release, leveraging both classic and new elements to engage viewers. While the reused material largely remains in standard definition, the technical depth and interactive opportunities are appreciable. Four engaging commentary tracks provide insider perspectives ranging from directorial insights to cast experiences, with David Fincher's solo track being a highlight for deep dive fans. The innovative Insomniac Mode enhances the viewing by linking thematic and commentary content in real-time, although it may suit more determined fans. The inclusion of "A Hit in the Ear" offers a unique foray into sound design interactivity, compelling for audiophiles. Despite a few high-definition upgrades—most notably in the Art Gallery section—the extras package impresses with its breadth and detail, even as some lament the absence of more contemporary features or sharper visual updates.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Commentary Tracks: Diverse insights from directors, cast, and crew across four distinct tracks.
    • Insomniac Mode: I am Jack's Search Index: An innovative feature allowing viewers to navigate the movie and special features via a comprehensive index.
    • A Hit in the Ear: Ren Klyce and the Sound Design of Fight Club: An interactive sound mixing feature targeting audiophiles.
    • Flogging Fight Club: Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards segment featuring cast appearances.
    • Behind the Scenes Vignettes: Multiple clips exploring production, visual effects, and on-location trivia.
    • Deleted and Alternate Scenes: A collection of scenes omitted or changed in the final cut.
    • Publicity Material: Extensive promotional footage including trailers, TV and internet spots, and public service announcements.
    • Art Gallery: High-definition stills showcasing visual effects, production design, costumes, and pre-production artworks.

    Movie: 70

    In the two decades since its cinematic debut, "Fight Club" persists as a relentlessly relevant critique of consumer culture and a dissected view on masculinity, embedding itself in the cultural zeitgeist with the same ferocity as its bare-knuckle brawls. Directed by David Fincher and based on Chuck Palahniuk's provocative novel, the film weaves an existential narrative that captures the essence of pre-millennium tension while presenting a stark, stylistic vision of self-destruction and identity. Through the lens of the insomniac narrator Jack and his alter-ego Tyler Durden, "Fight Club" confronts viewers with the emaciated soul of man in the late 20th century, struggling under the weight of consumerist ideals and societal expectations.

    Production-wise, "Fight Club" is a tour-de-force, encapsulating the zenith of 90s filmmaking. Its groundbreaking visual effects, combined with Fincher's gritty, industrial aesthetic, push boundaries and create a visceral experience that feels as innovative today as it did upon its release. Working in tandem with the script's sharp wit and the dynamic performances of Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, and Helena Bonham Carter, the film delivers both a literal and metaphorical punch. The fight scenes, raw and brutal, transcend mere spectacle to become a medium for exploring deeper themes of freedom, identity, and rebirth through chaos.

    Yet, beneath its surface aggression and shock value lies a complex dialectic on modern existence. The film oscillates between biting satire and grim commentary, questioning not just the constructs of masculinity but also the very fabric of societal values. Whether interpreted as a cinematic masterpiece or a problematic emblem of its time, "Fight Club" undeniably molds itself into both critic and champion of the era it depicts. Its portrayal of violence and nihilism, mirrored against the backdrop of late 20th-century disillusionment, makes it a uniquely polarizing yet deeply compelling narrative that continues to fascinate, provoke, and engage audiences long after the credits roll.

    Total: 73

    In assessing the Blu-ray release of David Fincher's "Fight Club" a decade after its initial uproar, it's clear that this edition not only sustains the grit and provocativeness of the original but elevates it with superior audio-visual quality deserving of any fan's collection. The transition from DVD to Blu-ray brings into sharp relief the meticulous detail and dark vibrancy of Fincher's vision, underscored by a lossless audio track that delivers every punch, whisper, and explosion with startling clarity. While the set may lean on previously released supplementary materials, the addition of new features, including an innovative Google-y search functionality, anticipates a future where Blu-ray discs offer even more immersive and interactive experiences.

    The visual enhancement alone is a significant reason to upgrade or purchase this version, showcasing the film's avant-garde cinematography with greater precision and depth. The preservation of all special features from the groundbreaking 2000 DVD release, coupled with these enhancements, ensures that the disc is not merely a replay but an extension of the "Fight Club" legacy. Such attention to maintaining and improving upon the original experience aligns with Fincher's reputation for creating some of the most compelling Blu-ray releases in recent years, as evidenced by his work on "Zodiac" and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."

    Conclusively, this Blu-ray edition of "Fight Club" stands as an essential acquisition for both longtime enthusiasts and newcomers to Fincher's oeuvre. With its upgraded audiovisual fidelity and innovative features, it represents not just an homage to the film's enduring impact but a forward-looking iteration that respects the audience's demand for quality and engagement. It is, without hesitation, highly recommended, further cementing "Fight Club's" place in the pantheon of films that continue to challenge and captivate viewers well into the digital age.