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Run Fatboy Run

Blu Ray

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  • Quality audio in 'Run Fatboy Run' can't justify high purchase price; consider renting.

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  • Video
  • The film's color grading errs on the warm side, enhancing London's bleakness with rich, vivid hues, particularly in garish settings, despite occasional softness inherent to the print.

  • Audio
  • The subtle LFE presence enriches the realism and depth of voices and sound effects, enhancing the film's audio experience with a significant boost to its low-end musical tones.

  • Extra
  • In a 7½ minute commentary, Schwimmer offers insightful scene analysis with typical runtime cuts, while Pegg adds humor. Newton and Pegg’s mother, however, distract without adding value to the discussion.

  • Movie
  • Simon Pegg's commitment to comedy shines, making the film a joy despite the diverging careers of creative partners, reminiscent of Damon and Affleck's split.

    Video: 64

    The Blu-ray presentation of "Run Fatboy Run" offers a video quality that, upon closer inspection, reveals a mixed bag in terms of its visual fidelity. Most notably, the color grading of the film leans towards a warmer palette. This choice might stem from an attempt to imbue the often dreary London backdrop with a sense of vibrancy and life, creating scenes that pop with rich and vivid colors especially in more garishly decorated settings. While this decision may sit well with some, purists might argue that it detracts from the naturalistic tone the film occasionally seeks to portray.

    In terms of the actual transfer quality, the Blu-ray does exhibit occasional softness throughout its duration. However, it's important to clarify that this softness doesn't stem from any deficiencies in the transfer process itself but appears to be an inherent quality of the original print. This suggests that what we're seeing is likely very close to the director's original vision, making it a faithful replication in terms of detail and texture despite these minor inconsistencies.

    Overall, while the presentation isn't devoid of flaws—namely a slightly overzealous warmth in its color grading and sporadic moments of softness—these aspects do not significantly detract from the viewing experience. Instead, they present a version of "Run Fatboy Run" that is perhaps best viewed as authentically stylized, maintaining a balance between enhancing visual appeal and preserving the original cinematic intent. The Blu-ray does a commendable job at navigating these complexities, making it a worthwhile purchase for fans and cinephiles interested in the nuances of film transfer quality.

    Audio: 69

    The audio presentation of the "Run Fatboy Run" Blu-ray impresses with its meticulous attention to detail, particularly in the low-frequency effects (LFE) channel. The subtle yet discernible LFE presence enhances realism across dialogue and sound effects, creating a more immersive viewing experience. This careful application of low-end boosts enriches the film's musical score, adding depth and resonance that complements the visual storytelling effectively. Such technical finesse ensures that the audio quality significantly contributes to the overall enjoyment of the film.

    In addition to the adept handling of LFE, the audio mix excellently balances multiple elements, ensuring clarity and cohesion. Dialogues remain front and center, crisp and intelligible, amidst a diverse array of background sounds and musical components. This balance is crucial in maintaining audience engagement, preventing any strain or confusion that could arise from an overcrowded soundscape. The technical skill in mixing and mastering such elements showcases a high caliber of audio production, expected from a Blu-ray release.

    Moreover, the surrounding sound effects and ambiance are thoughtfully placed within the surround channels, creating an enveloping sound field that adds to the film's dynamic environment. This spatial allocation not only heightens the realism of scenes but also enhances the emotional impact on the viewer. The audio team's proficiency in leveraging the full potential of the Blu-ray format's audio capabilities is evident, contributing to a rich and satisfying auditory experience that perfectly complements the visual aspects of "Run Fatboy Run.

    Extra: 47

    The extras on the "Run Fatboy Run" Blu-ray present a mixed bag that certainly adds value for fans of the film, albeit with some distractions. Schwimmer’s commentary across the various deleted scenes provides insightful context on the necessity of each scene's removal, primarily to maintain a tighter runtime. While Schwimmer offers a measured analysis of the production's elements, it's Pegg’s humor that injects a dose of entertainment into the proceedings. However, contributions from Newton and Pegg’s mother, intended perhaps to offer a more rounded discussion, end up detracting from the professional and technical insights that Schwimmer and Pegg aim to provide. This section blends technical breakdowns with lighthearted banter effectively, though not without its hiccups.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Commentary with David Schwimmer and Simon Pegg: A blend of technical insight and humorous anecdotes.
    • Deleted Scenes with Director’s Commentary: Schwimmer explains the rationale behind cutting specific scenes.

    Movie: 59

    In the film "Run Fatboy Run," Simon Pegg demonstrates a commendable dedication to his role, embodying the character with a level of commitment that elevates the movie significantly. His willingness to engage in both slapstick comedy and scenes that could potentially embarrass lesser actors showcases his versatility and commitment, making the film a more enjoyable experience for the audience. Pegg's performance is a standout, infusing the movie with both heart and humor, ultimately serving as the linchpin for the film’s appeal.

    Unfortunately, the film also highlights the challenges inherent in creative partnerships, especially when individual careers begin to diverge. Much like the famous duo of Damon and Affleck, the separation of creative paths is evident in "Run Fatboy Run." This separation manifests in the film’s execution, leading to a mix of ideas that sometimes feels disjointed. Despite these challenges, Pegg's compelling performance maintains coherence and provides enough momentum to carry viewers through the narrative's peaks and valleys.

    Technical details of the movie, from cinematography to sound design, are executed proficiently, underscoring Pegg's performance without overshadowing it. The physical comedy is well-captured, ensuring that each gag lands with the intended impact. The technical team's ability to balance these elements without detracting from the story’s emotional core is commendable, thus providing a polished backdrop for the actors' performances. While "Run Fatboy Run" may navigate the tricky waters of creative collaboration with varying degrees of success, it remains anchored by Simon Pegg's engaging portrayal and solid technical execution.

    Total: 59

    The Blu-ray release of "Run Fatboy Run" showcases an ambitious 7.1 lossless audio mix, an interesting choice considering the genre's reliance on dialogue over expansive soundscapes typical of action-packed features. Despite the seemingly disproportionate audio specification for a comedy, the quality is undeniably stellar, offering an immersive viewing experience that ensures every line of wit and humorous dialogue is crisply delivered. This aspect of the presentation adds a layer of polish that complements the film's narrative and performances, albeit unexpected for a film of this nature.

    However, when assessing the overall value of this Blu-ray presentation, potential buyers might find themselves at a crossroads. The inclusion of Simon Pegg in the cast does add a significant draw for audiences familiar with his work, suggesting that the film might attract viewers based on star power alone. Yet, the recommendation leans towards renting "Run Fatboy Run" before making any substantial financial investment. This approach seems prudent, allowing fans and newcomers alike to appreciate the film and its high-quality Blu-ray presentation without the initial hesitation that comes with a hefty price tag.

    In conclusion, while the Blu-ray edition of "Run Fatboy Run" impresses with its superior audio quality, particularly notable in a comedy that one would not expect to benefit from a 7.1 lossless mix, it falls into a niche category where the enhancement might be appreciated more by audiophiles than the average viewer. The suggestion to rent before buying serves as a cautious nudge to consumers, hinting at a product that, while technically commendable, might not justify its expense upfront for all. The presence of Simon Pegg surely adds appeal but does not singularly make a case for immediate purchase absent of prior appreciation for the film's merits.