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Jupiter Ascending

4K Ultra HD

Blu Ray

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    from 4 reviewers
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  • Jupiter Ascending's 4K UHD release impresses in visuals and sound but story and character depth falter.

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  • Video
  • Review critiques HDR standards and calibration tools, praises 'Jupiter Ascending's 4K UHD visuals for detail and HDR's nuanced tones, while noting slight softness in CGI and dark scenes. LG E6 OLED TV review anticipated for its superior display qualities.

  • Audio
  • Jupiter Ascending's Dolby Atmos track impressively blends immersive, detailed sound with vertical effects, making for an engaging, atmospheric experience in both action and quieter scenes.

  • Extra
  • Jupiter Ascending package includes a 4K UHD disc with no extras and a Blu-ray with detailed featurettes on its world, characters, and creation, reflecting a mix of substantive insights and fluff.

  • Movie
  • Jupiter Ascending blends vibrant visuals and original sci-fi concepts but suffers from convoluted plotting and underdeveloped characters, resulting in a mixed reception.

    Video: 81

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray presentation of "Jupiter Ascending," released by Warner Brothers Home Entertainment, delivers a visual upgrade that, while notable for its increased detail and HDR enhancements, may not constitute a monumental improvement over its Blu-ray counterpart. With an HEVC / H.265 encoding and a 2160p resolution framed at the film's native 2.40:1 aspect ratio, the release capitalizes on high dynamic range to refine the texture within the movie's extensively CGI-generated imagery and practical sets. Despite being sourced from a 2K digital intermediate—a common practice for films shot at higher resolutions—this transfer manages to extract subtle yet appreciable increments in clarity. This is especially true in the delineation of human features and some CGI elements, which exhibit a newfound sharpness absent in the 1080p version. However, certain wide shots and darker scenes maintain a softness indicative of the film’s digital finishing limits.

    The HDR implementation notably enhances the film's color grading, especially in its cooler tones, bringing a nuanced depth to the heavily blue-graded scenes that previously appeared somewhat flat on Blu-ray. Contrast levels see an improvement, particularly in shadow detail, contributing to a more dynamic visual experience though leaving room for further enhancement in darker sequences. Despite these advancements, some viewers may find the overall picture appears darker than the Blu-ray version, with even daylight scenes taking on a shaded quality. Nonetheless, this release distinguishes itself with improved depth perception and character separation from backgrounds, creating a more immersive three-dimensional effect in many of the movie's expansive CGI landscapes.

    Color reproduction benefits significantly from the wider color gamut available on 4K UHD, with vivid hues emerging in both natural and CGI environments without compromising on realism. Spaceship engines and planetary atmospheres dazzle with enhanced spectral highlights, while skin tones remain faithfully reproduced, revealing finer details such as freckles and facial injuries with greater clarity than before. Despite these strengths, there are notes of compression, particularly in scenes with complex lighting or when objects are backlit against dark backgrounds, hinting at the technical challenges involved in balancing HDR’s potential against the source material’s limitations. In sum, "Jupiter Ascending" on 4K UHD displays a commendable leap in home video presentation, improving upon its predecessor in several key areas while occasionally succumbing to the inherent constraints of its digital intermediate source and HDR execution.

    Audio: 89

    The audio presentation on the 4K UHD Blu-ray of "Jupiter Ascending" showcases an exemplary Dolby Atmos track that elevates the cinematic experience significantly. The Atmos surround mix is described as highly active, leveraging the platform with a mix of atmospheric and discrete effects that create a high degree of immersion. The extended chase sequence in chapter three, along with the third act’s violent encounter, are highlighted for their dynamic use of sound, moving around and above the listener. This aggressive mix not only complements the film’s visual spectacle but also enhances the overall engagement by integrating sounds from falling debris, weapon fire, and music to create a cohesive auditory experience.

    The 4K UHD disc maintains the impressive Dolby Atmos track found in earlier releases, offering a rich audio experience that accentuates the movie's vivid sci-fi world. With configurations including a 7.1.4 setup and specific scenes delivering overhead audio that adds depth to the environment, this mix stands out for its detailed design. Notably, quieter moments and explosive action scenes alike benefit from careful sound placement and powerful bass response, ensuring clarity and depth throughout. The various audio formats and subtitle options available cater to a wide audience, ensuring accessibility and a tailored viewing experience.

    The audio track's dynamics are meticulously crafted, capturing the essence of both tranquil settings and high-octane action sequences. Environmental ambiance and directional sound are managed with precision, making full use of the expanded speaker placement. Dialogue reproduction remains crisp and clear despite the mix's robust activity, ensuring no detail is lost. This Atmos track is not just about volume but about enriching the viewer's sensory experience, making "Jupiter Ascending" a showcase for home theater capabilities, particularly in demonstrating the immersive potential of Dolby Atmos technology.

    Extra: 72

    The "Jupiter Ascending" 4K UHD Blu-ray disc itself might be missing supplementary material, but the accompanying standard Blu-ray more than compensates with a collection of insightful featurettes, all presented in 1080p with Dolby Digital 2.0 audio. The bonus content delves deep into the making of this visually striking film, offering a blend of behind-the-scenes footage, cast and crew interviews, and a detailed look at the film's universe - from character analyses of Jupiter Jones and Caine Wise, to the intricate detailing of the gene-spliced characters and CG creatures. Enhanced by on-set experiences shared by the Wachowskis, these featurettes explore their unique filmmaking style and provide comprehensive insights into the action scenes' choreography, as well as the elaborate production designs that brought the expansive worlds to life. Despite some redundant material, these bonuses are a treasure trove for fans and cinephiles interested in the complexities of crafting a cinematic universe.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Jupiter Jones: Destiny Is Within Us: Maximal look into Jupiter's character and thematic importance.
    • Caine Wise: Interplanetary Warrior: Insights into character design, stunts, and gravity boots.
    • The Wachowskis: Minds Over Matter: Spotlight on the directors' approach and style.
    • Worlds Within Worlds Within Worlds: Detailed exploration of costumes, sets, and production designs.
    • Jupiter Ascending: Genetically Spliced: Focus on the creation of gene-spliced characters and CG creatures.
    • Bullet Time Evolved: Breakdown of action scenes' practical and CG implementation.
    • From Earth to Jupiter (And Everywhere in Between): Overview of world-building, themes, and storytelling.

    Movie: 62

    Jupiter Ascending, presented on 4K UHD Blu-ray, is as ambitious in its visual scope as it is divisive in reception, offering a tale that stretches the boundaries of sci-fi narratives, grounded in the journey of Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) from mundane earthling to cosmos-altering royalty. The Wachowskis attempt to carve out an original space opera amidst a sea of adaptations and sequels, crafting an expansive universe filled with genetic engineering, intergalactic politics, and a classic rags-to-riches storyline. Despite this bold endeavor, the film struggles under the weight of its own narrative complexities and an abundance of characters that often cloud rather than clarify its thematic intentions. Its commitment to grandiosity is palpable, with stunning special effects and elaborate set pieces that occasionally outshine the story's ability to cohesively bind them together.

    The performances, particularly from Kunis and Channing Tatum as Caine, oscillate between engaging and bewildering, limited not by the actors' capabilities but by a script laden with clichés and underdeveloped relationships. Eddie Redmayne's portrayal adds a memorably eccentric villain to the mix, albeit one that sometimes verges on the comical due to the whispered menace imbued in his character. The film’s dedication to spectacle is undeniable; action sequences enliven the narrative with visceral thrills, exemplified by an early chase through Chicago's skyline that marries creative ambition with technical prowess. These moments of brilliance, however, are juxtaposed against a backdrop of narrative and thematic elements that feel insufficiently explored or too hastily compiled.

    Despite criticisms of its overambitious plot and occasionally stilted dialogue, Jupiter Ascending achieves a kind of cult status for its unwavering originality and lavish production values. Its position within the Wachowskis' oeuvre is contentious yet fascinating, representing both a missed opportunity for richer storytelling and a testament to their undiminished vision. While it may not have ascended to the heights anticipated, its presence in the sci-fi genre is marked by a daring attempt to forge something unique, bringing forth a discourse on the value of originality in a landscape often dominated by familiarity.

    Total: 76

    Jupiter Ascending," while hailed for its ambitious visuals and action-packed sequences by the Wachowskis, is subjected to critique for its narrative weaknesses and underutilized characters, notably its protagonist. This Ultra HD Blu-ray release from Warner Brothers Home Entertainment endeavors to make up for the film's storytelling gaps with its technical presentation. It boasts a superb high-definition video quality and a reference-quality Dolby Atmos soundtrack that enrich a viewer's experience significantly. However, despite these enhancements, some may find the improvements over its regular Blu-ray counterpart less than revolutionary. Notable too, is the slightly darker transfer on the 4K UHD version, which, though deemed an upgrade, might not warrant an immediate purchase for those already owning the Blu-ray, especially given the film's lukewarm reception and the premium pricing of 4K releases.

    The package’s value is further augmented by a decent collection of bonus materials that delve into the making of this sci-fi spectacle, albeit it might not satiate diehard fans looking for an exhaustive compendium. The audiovisual uplift facilitated by the Dolby Atmos mix and subtle yet appreciable enhancements in visual detail and palette reproduction offer a more immersive viewing experience. Nonetheless, potential buyers might want to weigh these improvements against their penchant for the film itself and the current state of their home theater setups.

    In conclusion, "Jupiter Ascending" on 4K UHD Blu-ray presents a conundrum. On one hand, it champions technical excellence with its video and audio presentation, arguably serving as a fine showpiece for one's home entertainment system. On the other, the darker video transfer and the film’s narrative flaws might deter some from upgrading or investing. It comes recommended with reservations; ideal for aficionados of the Wachowskis’ work or 4K collectors, but others may want to deliberate on its addition to their library considering both the film's inherent value and the technical merits of this release.