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  • MFKZ prioritizes style over depth, offering a mixed reception, with limited kid-friendliness and decent Blu-ray quality.

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  • Video
  • MFKZ's 1080p Blu-ray offers detailed, colorful world portrayal, showcasing Dark Meat City's gritty charm. Despite minor technical flaws like macroblocking, it impressively conveys texture and urban decay, enhancing the film's stylistic nuances.

  • Audio
  • MFKZ's DTS-HD MA 5.1 soundtrack is competently mixed but lacks impactful gunfire and deep tones, diminishing action immersion despite good musical clarity and environmental detail. Visual chaos isn't matched aurally, with dialogue well-prioritized.

  • Extra
  • MFKZ release includes a detailed making-of, trailers, a DVD, and digital copy, emphasizing the adaptation's challenges, character and environmental designs, and thematic elements like violence and sci-fi within its comprehensive extras.

  • Movie
  • MFKZ, a frenetic blend of fantasy and dystopia, dazzles with unique characters and a vivid, gritty world, despite its muddled narrative.

    Video: 66

    The 1080p Blu-ray transfer of "MFKZ" offers a commendable reproduction of the film's vivid, detail-rich universe, particularly exemplifying its prowess in rendering the gritty reality of Dark Meat City. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in the portrayal of the city's dilapidated infrastructure and unkempt natural landscapes, serving not only as a backdrop but as an integral component of the story's ambiance. This Blu-ray edition eloquently captures the essence and nuanced textures of the urban environment, alongside a plethora of references that enrich the viewing experience. Despite occasional instances of macroblocking and banding that detract from the overall clarity—noticeably at specific moments such as at 17:30 with one of the men in black—the visual presentation remains largely unblemished, making these moments more of an exception than the rule.

    Character models within "MFKZ" are delineated with precision, showcasing the transfer's capability to handle diverse textures and color palettes effectively. However, minor issues like jagged lines intermittently mar the picture’s perfection, with certain scenes, for example at 36:40, revealing these slight imperfections. Nonetheless, the color execution stands out, avoiding any bleed and preserving the integrity of various hues across numerous settings - from the neon-lit storefronts and cluttered alleyways to the more intimate setups like apartment interiors. The Blu-ray achieves a balance in saturation and contrast that gracefully complements the dark, semi-dystopian aesthetic of the movie, ensuring that unique character features, such as Angelino's dark skin tone and Vinz's perpetual flame, are portrayed with fidelity and without compromise.

    In summation, while the Blu-ray transfer of "MFKZ" is not without its flaws due to minor technical distractions, it excels in delivering a visually rich and immersive experience. The video quality superbly accentuates the film's elaborate artwork and eclectic urban landscape, maintaining high-definition fidelity that honors the original animation's depth and vibrancy. As such, viewers can enjoy a visually stimulating journey through the animated feature, albeit with a keen eye for occasional technical missteps that do not significantly impair the overall viewing pleasure.

    Audio: 61

    The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 soundtrack of MFKZ demonstrates proficient handling of its primary functions yet fails to reach the pinnacle of sonic excellence one might expect. The most notable shortfall comes in the form of its gunfire sound effects. Regardless of the firearm being depicted - from rapid machine guns and high-caliber sniper rifles to powerful magnum revolvers - the audio delivers these effects with a surprising lack of depth and power. Instead of offering a dynamic and impactful auditory experience, the soundtrack presents these sounds in a manner far too mild for the on-screen action, resulting in a sonic landscape that feels underwhelming.

    Despite the subdued impact of its action sequences, the soundtrack does not falter in other areas. The musical elements are well-represented, with a good spread and clarity that commendably supports the film's atmosphere. Furthermore, the ambient sounds and environmental details within various scenes are captured with a pleasing level of immersion and detail, enhancing the overall sense of place and moment. Dialogue is another strong point, consistently clear and well-prioritized, anchored firmly at the front-center of the audio mix.

    However, this fidelity in music and speech cannot fully compensate for the lackluster rendering of sound effects crucial to an action-packed animation like MFKZ. While ambient noises and musical components create an engaging background, the absence of a robust low-end frequency response, especially in scenes abundant with gunfire and explosions, notably detracts from what could have been a fully immersive audio experience. This results in a soundtrack that, although technically competent in many aspects, falls short of fully complementing the film’s visually and thematically rich tapestry with the aural intensity it demands.

    Extra: 46

    The Blu-ray extras for "MFKZ" are a testament to the thoroughness and attention to detail the creators invested into the project, offering an invaluable glimpse behind the curtain for fans and cinephiles alike. The standout feature is the extensive "Making of MFKZ," spanning over 53 minutes and divided into ten chapters, which meticulously dissects the adaptation process of the source material, the elaborate character and environmental designs, as well as the intricate animation techniques utilized. This deep dive elaborates on the collaborative efforts across language barriers, exploring the film’s narrative depth, its unique blend of American setting with Sci-Fi elements, and its dynamic incorporation of violence and sound design. Additionally, the inclusion of both American and French trailers rounds out the package, offering a comprehensive view of the film's promotional strategy across different markets. This release is complemented by a DVD copy and a digital code for Movies Anywhere, housed in a standard non-embossed slipcover.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • The Making of MFKZ: A detailed exploration of the film's development, from conception through to animation.
    • Trailers: A collection of the film’s promotional trailers, including the US Teaser, US Redband Trailer, and Original French Trailer.

    Movie: 51

    MFKZ," a title cleverly disguised for broader audiences, stands as a testament to the unique collaborative effort between Japanese and French filmmaking by directors Shōjirō Nishimi and Guillaume Renard. This animated feature immerses viewers in a potpourri of blood-soaked violence, peculiar characters, and a sci-fi tinged dystopian world that feels eerily close to reality. It doesn’t shy away from exploiting themes of the macabre, excess, and the outright bizarre, targeting an audience with a penchant for the unusual and grotesque elements of animation. Despite its many layers and visual richness, the film struggles with coherence, as its narrative thread seems to unravel, favoring isolated plot points over a tightly knit storyline, which might leave viewers perplexed yet mesmerized by its audacity.

    Centered around Angelino, a down-on-his-luck character with an equally unusual circle of friends including Vinz, a skeleton with a flaming head, "MFKZ" embarks on a narrative that is as chaotic as the setting of Dark Meat City—a grim reflection of societal despair. Their misadventures kickstart from an apartment raid by stormtroopers, thrusting them into an unforeseen journey of self-discovery and rebellion. While the premise hints at a typical hero’s journey, the execution diverges, presenting a fractured tapestry of events and character development that plays out more effectively in isolation rather than as a collective whole.

    Despite its narrative shortcomings, "MFKZ" is undeniably captivating. The film brims with intricate details, both visually and sonically, creating a rich tapestry that holds the audience’s attention even when the storyline wavers. The characters, distinct not only in their design but in their essence, add depth to the film’s multifaceted universe. Particularly, Angelino’s arc provides a sliver of coherence in the chaotic whirlwind of events, making "MFKZ" an eccentric yet engaging cinematic experience for those drawn to its peculiar charm.

    Total: 56

    MFKZ," a film where style unapologetically trumps substance, caters to a niche audience with its unique blend of visual and aural extremities. It boldly navigates through its narrative with an overwhelming preference for its edgy, often crude aesthetics over exploring deeper existential themes that lurk beneath its surface. This polarizing approach ensures that "MFKZ" will be celebrated within certain circles for its audaciousness while being starkly criticized by others for lacking a coherent sense of direction and purpose. The Blu-ray release by Universal reflects a similar sentiment – providing a satisfactory, albeit not outstanding, viewing experience. The video and audio quality are competent, ensuring that the film's distinctive visual flair and soundtrack are appreciated without significant compromise. However, it doesn't elevate the experience to exceptional levels.

    Included in the Blu-ray package are extras that allow for deeper engagement with the film for those intrigued by its unique production. A comprehensive making-of documentary offers insights into the creative process behind "MFKZ," likely to appeal to fans and those fascinated by its stylistic choices. Additionally, several trailers are available, giving newcomers a taste of the movie’s unconventional appeal. These supplements help round off the package, providing value beyond the movie itself.

    In conclusion, the Blu-ray release of "MFKZ" is a mixed bag that mirrors the divisive nature of the film it presents. While it does justice to the movie's raw energy and distinctive style with decent audiovisual quality and informative extras, it may not convert skeptics into fans. This release is best suited for aficionados of the film's unorthodox approach or collectors seeking an intriguing addition to their library. Newcomers should temper their expectations and approach with an open mind, ready to dive into a world where conventional storytelling takes a backseat to explosive stylistic expression.