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The Wicker Man

4K Ultra HD

Blu Ray

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  • The Wicker Man's haunting allure in 4K is a masterful, must-own cinematic triumph.

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  • Video
  • The Wicker Man's 4K restoration offers a richly detailed and vibrant visual experience, meticulously restored with over 500 hours dedicated to color grading and damage repair, yet acknowledges limitations in older segments. It's a labor of love enhancing its historical essence.

  • Audio
  • The audio tracks across releases provide clear dialogue, well-managed bass, and clean mixing, with some minor fluctuations in quality and thorough subtitle support, ensuring an immersive atmosphere.

  • Extra
  • The Wicker Man: 50th Anniversary Edition impresses with detailed features, including unseen director's cuts, interviews, and unique insights into the film's legacy, embodying a rich tribute to its cult status and enduring influence.

  • Movie
  • Christopher Lee shines in 'The Wicker Man,' a blend of mystery, horror, and folk elements, championing a sinister tale that remains profoundly impactful.

    Video: 93

    StudioCanal's restoration of "The Wicker Man" marks a significant milestone in both technical achievement and dedication to cinematic heritage, offering the 'Final Cut,' 'Director’s Cut,' and 'Theatrical version,' all presented in 4K glory. Painstakingly scanned from the original 35mm negatives and supplemented with second-generation interpositives and, where necessary, standard definition elements, this release respects the film's visual inheritance while navigating the inevitable challenges such sources present. Colour grading, conducted with over 500 hours of meticulous restoration work overseen by Silver Salt Restoration UK and approved by Robin Hardy, ensures a faithful reproduction of the movie's original aesthetic. The native 4K DI shines in a 3840 x 2160p resolution, enriched by HDR, a Wide Colour Gamut (WCG), and Dolby Vision encoding, presenting an image that is as close to the filmmakers' original intentions as current technology allows.

    Despite the restoration's triumphs, it's crucial to maintain realistic expectations regarding the variable quality across the cuts due to the condition of the sourced materials. Particularly in the 'Director's Cut,' some segments unavoidably betray their less-than-ideal provenance with noticeable degradation. These instances manifest as darkness, muted colours, and a pronounced grain structure that, while significantly improved from prior iterations, conspicuously contrast with the otherwise pristine 4K presentation. Yet, even these compromised sections benefit from the restoration's overall stability and color balance efforts, managing to look better than ever before.

    Material derived directly from the original negatives dazzles with remarkable clarity and detail, showcasing textures and nuances previously lost to time. Dolby Vision HDR enhances this visceral clarity with depth and vibrancy, vividly rendering the film’s unique palette from the sinister oranges and yellows of the flames to the lush greens of Summerisle's landscapes. Night scenes and shadow details are rendered with exceptional depth, anchored by solid blacks and enriched by meticulously balanced highlights. This release sets a new standard for home viewing, offering an immersive experience that both honors and transcends its source materials—provided viewers approach with tempered expectations for its unavoidably uneven moments.

    Audio: 89

    The audio presentation of "The Wicker Man" 4K UHD Blu Ray remains a singular experience with its English 2.0 LPCM track. This decision to stick with a familiar audio setup ensures that the eerie and atmospheric essence of the film is preserved, with a well-balanced mix that allows for precise dialogue, engaging effects, and a rich musical score. The treatment of the audio ensures clarity and fidelity, marking every line of dialogue crystal clear while enveloping the viewer in the film’s unique ambience. Bass response is robust, lending weight to key moments without overwhelming the subtler details, such as the nuanced strum of a guitar or Lee’s resonant vocal tones. The track is meticulously cleaned, ensuring an experience free from hiss, pop, or any form of distortion, maintaining a heavy, yet never overbearing, bass presence that enhances rather than detracts.

    While each of the film's versions carries the English LPCM 2.0 track, subtle discrepancies are noted primarily due to the source quality of certain sequences. Most notably, the pre-island segments exhibit a variable audio quality, though these fluctuations are minor and largely non-distracting, often meshing seamlessly with the atmospheric build-up. Despite these minute variances, the overall soundstage remains expansive and immersive, effectively conveying both the isolation of the setting and the intensity of the ensuing drama.

    Furthermore, in an environment as sonically rich and diverse as "The Wicker Man," the audio track manages to maintain an impressive dynamism and depth. From ambient environmental sounds to the hauntingly beautiful musical numbers, every element is given space to breathe and exist within the mix. The decision to maintain the mono format for its LPCM transition does not hamper its performance; rather, it underscores a commitment to preserving the film's auditory integrity. Vocals are consistently crisp, ensuring that every word is delivered with clarity and impact, further cementing this audio track as a carefully considered and expertly executed component of the film's 4K presentation.

    Extra: 94

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray extra features for "The Wicker Man" Anniversary Edition stand as a compelling testament to the film’s enduring legacy and cult status, offering an extensive and meticulously curated collection of both new and archival materials. This collection presents an enriching experience for fans and newcomers alike, combining detailed insights into the making of the film, its unique musical score, and the cultural impact it has sustained over the decades. The inclusion of previously unreleased interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, alongside newly produced content such as Robin Hardy’s son revisiting the film’s iconic locations and discussions on the lost script ending, adds depth to our understanding of this cinematic masterpiece. The technical commentary and retrospectives from cast and crew members weave a comprehensive narrative on "The Wicker Man's" production intricacies and its mystical allure, enriched further by artistic and musical tributes in the included CD and collectors' memorabilia.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Revisiting the Locations of The Wicker Man: Dominic Hardy explores iconic shooting sites.
    • The Wicker Man at 50: A celebration of the film's half-century legacy.
    • Robin Hardy’s Script - The Lost Ending: Discussion on the original screenplay's unique climax.
    • Britt Ekland Interview: Insights into her role and filming experiences.
    • Stills Gallery: Collection of production stills.
    • The Wicker Man Enigma: A documentary on the making and impact of the film.
    • Burnt Offering: The Cult of The Wicker Man: Examines the film's cult phenomenon.
    • Worshiping The Wicker Man: Personal reflections on the film's influence.
    • The Music of The Wicker Man: Details on Paul Giovanni's iconic score.
    • Interviews with Robin Hardy and Christopher Lee: Archival and new interviews shedding light on their experiences.
    • Making of Commentary: Behind-the-scenes look at commentary recording.
    • Audio Commentary: Feature-length commentary with key figures.
    • CD Disc - Katy J Pearson & Friends present songs from The Wicker Man: Musical tribute to the film's soundtrack.
    • Collectors Booklet, Posters, Artcards, and Packaging: Exclusive memorabilia enhancing the collector's experience.

    Movie: 94

    Robin Hardy's "The Wicker Man" (1973), now stunningly presented in 4K UHD Blu-ray by StudioCanal, remains an indelible milestone of cinema, effortlessly weaving a tapestry of horror, mystery, and folklore into a mesmerizing cinematic puzzle. Starring Edward Woodward as the devoutly Christian Sergeant Howie and Christopher Lee in one of his most compelling roles as Lord Summerisle, the film explores the confrontation of belief systems amidst a backdrop of sinister paganism. Woodward’s portrayal of the pious sergeant, determined yet increasingly bewildered by the island's peculiar customs and Lee's charismatic yet nefarious Lord Summerisle, provide a masterclass in nuanced performance, highlighting the film’s thematic depth and character-driven storytelling.

    The film's narrative, based on David Pinner’s novel "The Ritual", slowly unspools like a tightly wound mystery. The Scottish island of Summerisle is brought to life through vibrant folk songs and unsettling pagan rituals, casting a spell of eerie beauty over the film’s chilling undercurrent. This blend of genres, from horror to musical, imbued with a sense of impending doom, renders "The Wicker Man" a unique and unforgettable viewing experience. Cinematographer Harry Waxman’s lens captures this duality with precision, juxtaposing the island’s pastoral allure against the growing sense of unease that envelops Woodward’s character on his quest to find the missing girl.

    Amid its seductive landscape, the film prompts contemplation on the nature of faith and the dangers of religious fanaticism, themes as relevant today as they were upon its release. The fusion of Paul Giovanni's haunting music score with the film’s folk horror aesthetic amplifies its unsettling atmosphere, inviting audiences into a world where charm and horror intertwine seamlessly. Lee's advocacy for the film and its subsequent versions - including the Director's Cut and the Final Cut - underscores its significant impact on cinema. "The Wicker Man" endures not just as a pinnacle of folk horror but as a cultural artifact reflecting on humanity's darkest inclinations and enchantments.

    Total: 95

    The Wicker Man, a film that transcends mere horror to encapsulate a blend of mystery, music, and indelible erotic eeriness, receives an almost reverential treatment in its 4K UHD Blu-ray presentations. Spearheaded by Anthony Shaffer's script, Paul Giovanni's score, Robin Hardy's direction, and the iconic performances of Christopher Lee and Edward Woodward, this cinematic piece is ethereally enigmatic, enthralling audiences worldwide. The recent efforts by StudioCanal, Imprint Films, and Lionsgate in restoring and releasing the film in various formats have culminated in an exceptional offering from StudioCanal. This particular release trumpets all three versions of the film in native 4K, each benefitting from a meticulous scan and restoration. The dedication is evident in the image quality; despite the challenges of the source material for the different editions, this release boasts unparalleled detail, vibrant colors fortified by Dolby Vision, and stark contrasts that starkly enhance the viewing experience. The English LPCM 2.0 audio track further complements the visual restoration with its clarity and depth.

    The StudioCanal set is particularly noteworthy for presenting the newly restored Director's Cut in 4K, a treat previously unavailable in such high definition. It stands out not only for its technical superiority but also for the holistic collector's experience it offers, inclusive of an extensive array of extras that delve deep into the film's creation and legacy. Over 500 hours have been invested into the restoration of all three cuts, an effort that manifests in the sheer quality of the transfers and the comprehensive supplements package. The monumental dedication to preserving this classic is palpable, ensuring that enthusiasts and new viewers alike are treated to the most exhaustive versions of The Wicker Man to date.

    In conclusion, the 4K UHD Blu-ray releases of The Wicker Man represent a pinnacle in home video presentation for a film of this statute. StudioCanal's edition, in particular, emerges as a definitive acquisition, essential for any collector or aficionado of cinematic art. This lavish and lovingly crafted release not only celebrates the film’s enduring impact but also solidifies its legacy for future generations to discover and marvel at. Such dedication to preserving cinema’s remarkable treasures assures that The Wicker Man continues to enchant and disturb, firmly remaining an unmatched horror masterpiece in both content and presentation.