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Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio

4K Ultra HD

Blu Ray

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  • Del Toro's Pinocchio reimagines the classic with depth, stunning 4K release.

    Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio 4K UHD Blu-ray Front Cover

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  • Video
  • Criterion's 4K release of Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio delivers a visually stunning experience with rich detail, vibrant colors, and exceptional depth, mastered in native 4K with Dolby Vision.

  • Audio
  • Pinocchio's 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray impresses with its Dolby Atmos audio, delivering a rich, dynamic, and immersive surround sound that enhances the animated feature's emotional depth and technical prowess, complete with clear dialogue and resonant effects.

  • Extra
  • Criterion's *Pinocchio* lacks 4K bonus features but the Blu-ray disc offers extensive insights into its creation through documentaries, interviews, and Q&As, celebrating the film's craftsmanship.

  • Movie
  • Guillermo del Toro reimagines Pinocchio in a dark, complex tale of fascism, grief, and morality, weaving rich, award-winning stop-motion artistry.

    Video: 97

    Criterion's 4K UHD Blu-ray release of Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio offers an unequivocally pristine video presentation, exploiting the full potential of the native 4K resolution (3840x2160/24p BT.2020) and Dolby Vision HDR enhancement. Encoded using the HEVC (H.265) codec and framed within the original cinematic widescreen aspect ratio of 1.85:1, this release mesmerizes with its visual prowess. The detailed supervision by directors Guillermo del Toro and Mark Gustafson ensures that each frame meticulously captures the sophisticated textures and intricate details of the stop-motion animation, from the nuanced wood grains of the puppets to the subtle shadows and bursts of fiery colors, thereby creating a strikingly vivid and immersive viewing experience.

    The HDR execution, alongside Dolby Vision compatibility, elevates the color palette to a spectacle of its own, enriching the film's visual narrative with deeper blacks, radiant whites, and a broader color spectrum that brings to life the cinematic marvel envisioned by del Toro. Scenes are imbued with an almost tangible depth, emphasizing the craftsmanship behind the stop-motion art form, with no detail too small to go unnoticed. The electric vibrancy of colors—be it the smoldering reds of Mussolini's car or the ethereal blues representing magical elements—complements the film’s thematic richness, enhancing its emotional and visual impact. Furthermore, the disc’s flawless encoding ensures an artifact-free viewing, maintaining image stability throughout.

    Region compatibility is thoughtfully considered, with the 4K Blu-ray being Region-Free, although the included regular Blu-ray defaults to Region-A. This delineation is noteworthy for the discerning collector or international viewer. Despite some screencaptures provided for reference being downscaled to 1080p and possibly not reflecting the true brilliance of 4K content, they serve as teasers to the exemplary visual fidelity that awaits. Whether viewed on an advanced OLED display or through meticulous frame-by-frame analysis, this release sets a benchmark for home video quality, affirming Criterion’s commitment to delivering a visually sumptuous experience that rivals, and in areas surpasses, the film’s original streaming presentation.

    Audio: 95

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray of Guillermo del Toro's "Pinocchio" features an exceptional audio presentation that is bound to captivate audiences with its superior quality and depth, particularly showcased through its Dolby Atmos track. This singular English Dolby Atmos track alongside the English Descriptive DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 option, accentuates the animated feature's auditory experience beyond expectations. Viewers will find themselves immersed in a rich and dynamic soundscape, marked by a well-prioritized dialogue, enveloping effects coverage, precise directionality across the sound field, and a solid LFE (Low-Frequency Effects) that adds a robust bass foundation. The auditory experience is enhanced further by an emotive score and impactful set pieces, especially noted in scenes with bombing runs that demonstrate the Atmos track’s remarkable range and depth.

    Technical aspects of the Doloby Atmos track deserve special mention for their ability to articulate a 'reference quality' audio experience, challenging and showcasing the capabilities of any high-end audio system. The mix excels in creating a detailed and nuanced sound field, where even in the absence of rapid action sequences, subtle sound effects emerge from various directions, contributing to a highly immersive viewing and listening experience. This auditory precision supports not only the energetic moments but also the quieter ones, allowing for a full appreciation of the film’s diverse sound palette.

    Furthermore, the audio track’s dynamics brilliantly leverage Dolby Atmos, enhancing everything from the lush musical scores to the clarity of dialogue and the ambient environmental sounds. The surround sound presentation is exemplary, utilizing supporting channels effectively to draw the viewer into the whimsical yet emotionally resonant world crafted by del Toro. Especially notable is how low-frequency extensions allow the subwoofer to shine during both explosive and musical sequences, thereby elevating the overall sensory experience. The dialogue reproduction remains crisp and clear throughout, ensuring every character's emotions and intentions are fully conveyed, underscoring the audio presentation’s meticulous attention to detail and its crucial role in bringing "Pinocchio" to life in this 4K UHD Blu-ray edition.

    Extra: 92

    Despite the lack of bonus features on the 4K UHD Blu-ray disc itself, the Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio Criterion collection impresses with a comprehensive suite of extras on the accompanying Blu-ray disc, compensating for the main disc's shortfall. This special edition delves deeply into the intricacies of its production, featuring documentaries, interviews, and Q&A sessions that provide insight into the creative process behind this unique stop-motion film. Noteworthy are "Handcarved Cinema," an expansive look at the film's development, and conversations with del Toro in "Directing Stop-Motion" and with critic Farran Smith Nehme, offering an in-depth exploration of del Toro's vision. The collection also includes a look at the animation rules pivotal to the film, a discussion about the MoMA exhibit, and engaging Q&A sessions moderated by Neil Gaiman and James Cameron, making it a must-have for fans eager to explore the craft and storytelling nuances of this cinematic endeavor.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Handcarved Cinema: A documentary offering an insightful look into the conception and production of Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio.
    • Directing Stop-Motion: Guillermo del Toro and Mark Gustafson share their experiences and challenges in directing stop-motion animation.
    • Eight Rules of Animation: An exploration of the vital animation rules established for the production, featuring Guillermo del Toro and Mark Gustafson.
    • Guillermo del Toro and Farran Smith Nehme: A new program where critic Farran Smith Nehme interviews Guillermo del Toro about his love for Pinocchio and key themes explored in the film.
    • Crafting Pinocchio for MoMA: The creation of the Guillermo del Toro: Crafting Pinocchio exhibit at The Museum of Modern Art is discussed.
    • Q&A Sessions: Two Q&A sessions with the film's creators, one moderated by Neil Gaiman and another by James Cameron.
    • Trailer: An original Netflix trailer for Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio.
    • Booklet: An illustrated booklet with essays by film critic Matt Zoller Seitz and author Cornelia Funke, alongside technical credits.

    Movie: 85

    Guillermo del Toro's rendition of "Pinocchio" presented in 4K UHD Blu-ray breathes new life into a classic tale with its unorthodox and darker interpretation. In this version, set against the backdrop of 1930s Fascist Italy, del Toro, alongside co-director Mark Gustafson, transcends the original narrative, infusing it with themes of death, war, and authoritarianism while still exploring the core motifs of child exploitation and the quest for individuality. The film distinguishes itself by employing stop-motion animation, allowing for a stunning visual experience that harmonizes with del Toro’s signature style of blending the grotesque with the fantastical. The craftsmanship is meticulously detailed, each frame a testament to the passionate work behind this project. The use of vibrant colors creates a rich visual tapestry that, while occasionally overwhelming, showcases del Toro's distinctive vision and narrative depth.

    The character portrayals in del Toro's "Pinocchio" deviate significantly from their traditional counterparts. Pinocchio's odyssey becomes a medium for del Toro to navigate various discussions pertinent to his filmography, such as political demagoguery and exploitation. The reimagining of Geppetto and Pinocchio, alongside the introduction of new characters and the transformation of familiar ones into more complex beings, imbues the story with a fresh take on the classic narrative. The film also leverages its auditory elements masterfully, with Alexandre Desplat’s haunting score augmenting the film's ethereal yet dark ambiance. This reinterpretation extends beyond a mere children's story to become a profound commentary on human nature and governance.

    Del Toro’s "Pinocchio" not only redefines the legacy of the titular character but also exemplifies the potential of animation to convey intricate stories that resonate with both adults and children. The dedication to elevating the source material through stop-motion animation enriches the storytelling, making it a compelling watch. The film's acknowledgment at the Oscars as Netflix's first animated feature win underscores its triumph in storytelling, design, and thematic depth. With a stellar ensemble cast bringing life to this multifaceted narrative, del Toro's "Pinocchio" stands as a magnificent creative endeavor that challenges and delights in equal measure, securing its place as a landmark in animated cinema.

    Total: 90

    Guillermo del Toro's adaptation of "Pinocchio" illuminates the timeless tale through a meticulously crafted lens, presenting a version that is significantly more intricate and profound than its predecessors. This reimagining brings a distinct human resonance to the story that fans and newcomers alike will find both captivating and thought-provoking. The Criterion UK's 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio" is nothing short of exemplary. With its native 4K resolution complemented by Dolby Vision HDR, the visuals of this animated marvel are breathtakingly vivid, showcasing the painstaking detail of the animation in the best possible light. The Dolby Atmos soundtrack enhances the viewing experience, enveloping the audience in the film’s rich auditory landscape. This, combined with a treasure trove of extras and stunning physical packaging featuring exquisite artwork, makes this release a must-have for enthusiasts.

    Del Toro's interpretation takes cues from both his renowned cinematic style, seen in works like "The Devil's Backbone" and "Pan's Labyrinth," and the multifaceted characters from Carlo Collodi's original novel. However, despite del Toro and Mark Gustafson's ambitious narrative and visual endeavors, some may find the storytelling lacking when compared to the film's technical achievements. Nevertheless, for those who admire del Toro's vision or the artistry behind animation, this 4K UHD Blu-ray/Blu-ray combo pack—scheduled for release on December 18, 2023, and also available on standard Blu-ray—offers an impeccable presentation worthy of adding to their collection.

    In conclusion, while "Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio" may stride away from traditional narratives to explore darker themes, it stands as a testament to creative ambition and technical prowess. The 4K UHD release by Criterion UK is exemplary, offering unparalleled visual and auditory fidelity that both complements and elevates the film's artistic merits. This release, replete with insightful extras and a visually striking package, is tailor-made for collectors and cinephiles, promising an immersive viewing experience that honors del Toro's unique take on the classic story.