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A Fantastic Woman

Blu Ray

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  • A Fantastic Woman wins Oscar, praised like Almodóvar's work, with Sony's exclusive commentary and superior audio/visuals. A must-see.

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  • Video
  • A Fantastic Woman's BD-50 transfer by Sony offers a colorful, brilliantly lit 2.35:1 image with sharp details and clean skin tones. With a bitrate of 25,935 kbps and 32.02 Mbps average on a dual-layered disc, it includes 16 chapters for the 100-minute film.

  • Audio
  • Sony's Spanish DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix is rich, featuring works from Matthew Herbert to Aretha Franklin, with balanced directionality but lacks speaker separation. Includes clear English and French subtitles.

  • Extra
  • Special features include audio commentary by Sebastián Lelio in Spanish with English subtitles, a detailed making-of documentary, and trailers for several films, all showcasing insights into production and thematic elements of 'A Fantastic Woman'.

  • Movie
  • A Fantastic Woman is a poignant story of love and loss, capturing Marina's struggle for dignity amid discrimination, with Daniela Vega's authentic performance shining through.

    Video: 75

    The Blu-ray presentation of "A Fantastic Woman" maintains the film's original theatrical aspect ratio of 2.35:1, delivering a visually striking experience reminiscent of its cinema showing. Sony Pictures Classics ensures a flawless execution, encoding the film using MPEG-4 AVC with a standard bitrate of 25935 kbps that peaks at an average of 32.02 Mbps on this BD-50 disc. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in the seamless translation of the movie's vivid color palette and dynamic lighting, which critics like Sheila O'Malley praised during its theatrical run. The impressive color rendition—ranging from the subtleties of shifting lights and deep shadows to the boldness of reds, greens, blues, and yellows—is expertly preserved, accentuating the film's aesthetic appeal and emotional depth.

    Viewers will appreciate the spotless transfer that brings out fine details without any source flaws, ensuring a pristine viewing experience. Skin tones are rendered with exceptional clarity and naturality, enhancing the film's realism and the viewer's connection to its characters. The decision to divide the 100-minute feature into sixteen chapter breaks enhances navigability, allowing for easy access to specific parts of this compelling narrative.

    Sony's release of "A Fantastic Woman" on Blu-ray demonstrates commendable technical prowess, offering a visual presentation that not only honors the director's original vision but also elevates the overall home viewing experience. The disc's technical specifications—combined with the film's inherently rich visual language—create an immersive and emotionally resonant experience that mirrors, if not enhances, the original theatrical exhibition.

    Audio: 70

    Sony's audio presentation of "A Fantastic Woman" on Blu-ray showcases a commendable Spanish DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix, with a bitrate of 3432 kbps and a 24-bit resolution that brings a sophisticated aural experience to the table. The mix excels in creating a well-balanced directionality that engulfs the viewer in the movie's ambiance, skillfully combining the modern electronic compositions of British composer Matthew Herbert with classic ballads, including notable pieces like Aretha Franklin's rendition of (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman, and Daniela Vega's performances of Handel's Ombra mai fu and Giacomelli's Sposa son disprezzata. This eclectic mix not only elevates the emotional narrative but also showcases the breadth of the film's auditory palette.

    Despite its strengths, there's room for slight criticism concerning the separation and distinction among the speakers, particularly in their handling of the film’s immersive environment. These aspects could have been refined further to enhance the overall immersive experience, allowing for a more discrete and nuanced audial separation that would have complimented the rich visual storytelling of "A Fantastic Woman." Nevertheless, this minor point does not significantly detract from the high-quality audio experience provided.

    Additionally, Sony's inclusion of optional English subtitles, English HoH (Hard of Hearing), and French subtitles is worth noting, with the subtitles presented in a clear, easily readable white sans serif font. This accessibility feature ensures that a wider audience can engage with and appreciate the film's powerful narrative and exceptional sound design, further emphasizing Sony’s commitment to inclusivity in their Blu-ray releases.

    Extra: 55

    The Blu Ray extras of "A Fantastic Woman" enhance an already compelling movie experience by offering viewers a deeper dive into the film's creation and context. The inclusion of a feature-length audio commentary by director Sebastián Lelio, delivered in Spanish with English subtitles, provides an insightful exploration into the filmmaking process and artistic choices. "The Making of A Fantastic Woman" further enriches this behind-the-scenes look with detailed interviews from the cast and crew, shedding light on the production challenges and thematic underpinnings of the story. Additionally, a selection of bonus trailers for other critically acclaimed films adds value for cinephiles seeking more quality cinema. This additional content draws back the curtain on the meticulous craft behind "A Fantastic Woman", making it a must-watch for film buffs and aficionados of nuanced storytelling.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Audio Commentary with Sebastián Lelio: Feature-length track spoken in Spanish, with optional English subtitles.
    • The Making of A Fantastic Woman: A deep dive into the movie's production, including interviews with cast and crew. In Spanish, with English subtitles.
    • Bonus Trailers: Trailers for Loveless, Foxtrot, Happy End, Julieta, Call Me By Your Name, and Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool.

    Movie: 70

    Sebastián Lelio's "A Fantastic Woman" stands out as a poignant narrative that elegantly deals with themes of love, loss, and the quest for redemption without succumbing to the traps of overt melodrama. The film's central story revolves around Marina Vidal (played by Daniela Vega), a young trans woman navigating the aftermath of her older partner Orlando's (Francisco Reyes) sudden death. Set against the backdrop of Santiago's vibrant cityscape, the movie delves into the intricate dynamics of Marina's relationship with Orlando, marked by a significant age difference and societal scrutiny. Their planned trip to Iguazu Falls, cut short by tragedy, adds a layer of unfulfilled dreams and aspirations to the narrative.

    In the wake of Orlando's death, Marina faces not only personal grief but also suspicion and marginalization from both the authorities and Orlando's family, highlighting her struggle for dignity and recognition. The movie's portrayal of this journey is significantly bolstered by Vega's compelling performance, which brings an authenticity and depth to Marina's character. Her interactions with the detective from the Sexual Offenses Investigation Unit and Orlando's ex-wife and son add to the film’s examination of societal prejudices and the additional barriers faced by trans individuals.

    Lelio’s direction ensures that "A Fantastic Woman" transcends its potential genre confines, employing surreal elements and vibrant cinematography to explore Marina's inner world and resilience. The film's handling of its sensitive subject matter is both respectful and insightful, steering clear of preachiness thanks to Vega’s nuanced portrayal and the thoughtful script. Overall, "A Fantastic Woman" is a testament to the strength found in the face of adversities, brilliantly captured through its visually stunning scenes and Vega’s groundbreaking performance.

    Total: 70

    A Fantastic Woman," a standout in the realm of contemporary world cinema, notably clinched the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film among its plethora of international accolades. Its stylistic essence draws admirable comparisons to Pedro Almodóvar's intermediate works, signaling a high caliber of cinematic craftsmanship. This release, facilitated by Artificial Eye in the UK, parallels its Sony counterpart, offering a making-of documentary and a trailer that enrich the viewing experience. Nevertheless, it's Sony's inclusion of a commentary track with director Sebastián Lelio that markedly distinguishes its offering, presenting an invaluable resource for aficionados and casual viewers alike.

    Sony's release of "A Fantastic Woman" excels with its technical presentation, boasting a transfer of impeccable quality alongside a sound track that can only be described as enchanting. The attention to detail in both visual and auditory aspects ensures a viewing experience that is as flawless as it is immersive. This level of quality furthers the film's reverence and positions the Blu-ray as a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts who seek to delve deeper into the nuances of Lelio's acclaimed piece.

    In conclusion, "A Fantastic Woman" stands as a paragon of contemporary world cinema on Blu-ray, enhanced by its superb technical presentation and enriched with exclusive content like Lelio's commentary track. Sony’s offering not only showcases the film in the highest fidelity but also elevates the overall viewing experience through its thoughtful inclusions. This Blu-ray is unequivocally one of my highest recommendations for those looking to explore cinema that bridges profound storytelling with impeccable aesthetic and audiovisual execution.