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Vinegar Syndrome Exclusive Mediabook Limited - 5,000 copies

  • Score: 77

    from 2 reviewers

    Review Date:

  • Touch is an underwhelming yet fascinating film with potential and a notable Blu-ray release.

    Touch Blu-ray Front Cover

    Disc Release Date


  • Video: 82

  • Touch's Blu-ray debut features a 1080p, new 2K restoration from the 35mm interpositive, reflecting its low-budget, subdued aesthetic with good color, acceptable detail, and proper grain management.

  • Audio: 85

  • Despite packaging listing a 5.1 soundtrack, 'Touch' features a 2.0 DTS-HD MA mix, offering clear dialogues and sharp, guitar-driven score, with well-resolved atmospherics and Dave Grohl’s score shining through.

  • Extra: 75

  • Cinématographe's edition enriches with diverse insights on Schrader's work, featuring unique essays, a Schrader interview highlighting his creative journey, and expert audio commentary, all accentuating the film's unexplored facets.

  • Movie: 70

  • Despite mixed reviews, Schrader's 'Touch' offers a nuanced take on exploiting religious miracles, blending humor, awkward romance, and commentary on faith, with a standout performance by Walken.


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