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A Bug's Life


  • Score: 80

    from 4 reviewers

    Review Date:

  • A Bug's Life Blu-ray boasts a perfect video transfer, exceptional DTS-HD Master Audio, and extensive supplemental features - a must-own Pixar release.

    A Bug's Life Blu-ray Front Cover

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  • Video: 82

  • The Blu-ray presentation of 'A Bug's Life' offers a flawless 1080p AVC-encoded 2.35:1 transfer with exceptional detail, vivid colors, and deep blacks. Textures and object definitions are impeccable, exhibiting no artifacts, banding, or compression issues, resulting in a stunning and pristine visual experience.

  • Audio: 82

  • The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track delivers an engaging, immersive experience with excellent clarity, robust bass, and dynamic surround effects that create a realistic soundfield, making 'A Bug's Life' a reference-quality audio presentation, albeit not the absolute best in some reviewers' opinions.

  • Extra: 75

  • The Blu-ray extras for 'A Bug's Life' provide a comprehensive look into its production, offering insightful commentary, engaging featurettes on sound design, preproduction, and animation processes, alongside exclusive content like the filmmakers' roundtable. While some features remain in standard definition, the extensive behind-the-scenes material and charming shorts make this a robust supplemental package.

  • Movie: 77

  • A Bug's Life stands as a charming and inventive Pixar film with stellar graphics and a compelling storyline that, despite being considered less sophisticated than later works, showcases early technological breakthroughs and superior voice casting. The Blu-ray offers reference-quality picture and sound alongside engaging extras, cementing its high rewatch value.


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