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Top Gun: Maverick

4K Ultra HD

Blu Ray

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  • Top Gun: Maverick: A 5-star, visually stunning, thrilling sequel that soars.

    Top Gun: Maverick 4K UHD Blu-ray Front Cover

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    True 4K
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  • Video
  • The 6K-shot film dazzles with impeccable detail and precision, bolstered by UHD's dark, ominous tones and radiant Dolby Vision contrasts, delivering a visually stunning, three-dimensional experience across all scenes.

  • Audio
  • The audio design masterfully blends dynamic engine roars, missile launches, and immersive atmospheric effects with crystal-clear dialogue and a wide soundstage, enhancing the cinematic experience with remarkable clarity and powerful bass.

  • Extra
  • Maverick's UK 4K release astonishes with extras like featurettes on flight-ready training, stunning aerial sequence insights, deep dives into the hypersonic Darkstar, and music videos, showcasing ambitious filmmaking and technical marvels.

  • Movie
  • Maverick's return in a sequel that surpasses its iconic predecessor, blending nostalgia with fresh narrative depth, and demonstrating the undiminished allure of practical effects in storytelling.

    Video: 98

    Shot at an impressive 6K resolution, the video presentation of "Top Gun: Maverick" on 4K UHD Blu-ray exhibits an unparalleled level of detail, with precision focus that commands appreciation. This impeccable clarity is consistent throughout various settings, whether it be the vibrant scenes at Top Gun in San Diego, the inviting interior of Penny's Bar, or the breathtaking aerial sequences. Each frame showcases a visual feast, enhanced by the darker tones introduced in this 4K release, offering a richer, more nuanced viewing experience. The shadow details are made more prominent, adding depth and a subtle dramatic tension as if viewed under the shade of drawn curtains.

    Paramount has adeptly preserved the film's variable aspect ratio in this 4K edition, optimizing the visual experience for enthusiasts with large-format displays. The incorporation of Dolby Vision further amplifies this spectacle, with brilliant contrast levels taking full advantage of natural lighting conditions. Sunlight reflects spectacularly off visors, windows, and aircraft metal, creating a palpable sense of realism. Deep shadows are rendered with exceptional clarity, allowing even the most minute details to pop with a nearly three-dimensional effect, akin to looking through a window into another world.

    Black levels are another area where this release excels, achieving deep and natural tones that contribute to the overall masterful presentation. From the film’s opening moments, these rich blacks set the stage for a visually stunning journey. The enhancement of Dolby Vision's dynamic range allows for a visual experience that is not only eye-catching but also immersive, ensuring that every scene, from the high-octane aerial dogfights to the more intimate moments, is rendered with a remarkable depth and clarity that invites viewers into the heart-racing world of "Top Gun: Maverick.

    Audio: 98

    The audio presentation of the "Top Gun: Maverick" 4K UHD Blu-ray elevates the home theater experience to unprecedented heights, highlighting an extraordinary blend of crystal-clear dialogue, robust soundstage, and a meticulous mix of atmospheric and discrete effects. From the distinct roar of motorbike engines and SCRAM jets to the high-stakes tension conveyed by target lock alerts and missile launches, the audio intricately balances a wide array of sound elements. Enhanced by deeply resonant LFE, even the swift deployment of flares emerges with a life-like thup-thup-thup, casting viewers directly into the adrenaline-pumping world of aerial combat.

    Incorporating state-of-the-art audio technology, the soundtrack deftly utilizes overhead and ear-level speakers to produce a seamless, three-dimensional soundscape. This immersive auditory environment is further enriched by the dynamic use of height channels, especially in dogfight sequences, offering a compelling sense of movement and space. The weight and texture of aircraft are palpably rendered, matched by a score that is both seamlessly integrated and bolstered by powerful bass, ensuring every moment resonates with impeccable clarity and presence.

    During the climax, where cinematic and audio elements converge for an unparalleled sensory bombardment, the sound design truly shines. The tumultuous battle scenes maintain an extraordinary level of detail and clarity amid the cacophony, with every sonic boom and explosion enveloping the audience. Motion fluidly transitions between speakers, creating an enveloping atmosphere that pulls the viewer into the heart of the action. The subwoofer plays a pivotal role throughout, capturing the essence of speed with whooshing sounds, the raw power of engines, and the underlying beat of music and drama, making it not just heard but felt.

    Extra: 84

    The extra presentation of the 4K UHD Blu-Ray of "Top Gun: Maverick" offers a compelling glimpse behind the curtains, showcasing the extensive preparation and innovative filmmaking techniques that made this film a visual spectacle. The collection of featurettes, including a deep dive into the intense flight-readiness training led by none other than Tom Cruise, a detailed exploration of the groundbreaking aerial cinematography, and an intriguing look at the design and significance of the hypersonic Darkstar aircraft, underscores the film's commitment to authenticity and innovation. Additionally, music videos that bookend some of the movie's most memorable sequences add a resonant layer to the high-flying action. The extras encapsulate the meticulous effort invested in breathing life into the sequel, ensuring it flew as high as its expectations.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Cleared for Take-Off: An in-depth look at the rigorous training undertaken to ensure cast authenticity in the cockpit.
    • Breaking New Ground – Filming Top Gun: Maverick: A behind-the-scenes journey highlighting the cutting-edge aerial filming techniques.
    • Forging the Darkstar: Focuses on the hypersonic aircraft, detailing its design and pivotal role in the movie.
    • Music Videos: Featuring tracks from key sequences, enhancing the film's iconic moments.

    Movie: 96

    From the heart-pounding opening credits to the final breathtaking dogfight, "Top Gun: Maverick" not only revisits the high-flying excitement of its predecessor but elevates it to new heights, especially in its 4K UHD Blu-ray presentation. The visual and auditory experience is impeccably delivered, showcasing frame-perfect, fan-service-driven sequences that immediately immerse viewers. This edition vividly captures every jet's roar and the tension in each character’s voice with unparalleled clarity, making it a standout experience. As Maverick confronts both past and present, the narrative dives deep into themes of legacy, loss, and redemption, presenting a more mature, yet equally adrenaline-fueled storyline.

    Director Joseph Kosinski's collaboration with the US Navy imbues "Top Gun: Maverick" with an authenticity and grandeur that is rare in Hollywood blockbusters. This partnership allows for stunning practical effects and aerial photography that push the boundaries of what audiences expect from cinema. Moreover, the film's narrative cleverly navigates between paying homage to its roots and charting new territory. The dynamic between Cruise’s Maverick and Miles Teller’s Lt. Bradshaw (Rooster) is compelling, laden with emotional depth and unresolved tensions from their shared past, enriching the film's emotional tapestry.

    Despite criticisms aimed at external factors such as Tom Cruise's personal beliefs or broader political implications, "Top Gun: Maverick" transcends these aspects through sheer cinematic brilliance. Its technical achievements in sound and visual design are particularly noteworthy in the 4K UHD format, ensuring every moment feels intensely real. Characters engage in a mission that, while evoking the iconic Star Wars Death Star run, stands out for its clarity in execution and emotional stakes. This sequel justifies its existence not just through nostalgia but through a powerful affirmation of practical effects and storytelling prowess in modern cinema.

    Total: 94

    Top Gun: Maverick" on 4K UHD Blu-Ray emerges as an unparalleled home cinema experience, buoyed by its flawless native 4K image quality and IMAX-enhanced aspect ratios that immerse viewers in the heart-pounding action scenes. The addition of Dolby Vision augments the visual splendor, ensuring that every frame conveys the exhaustive attention to detail synonymous with high-stakes aerial combat. The auditory experience is equally compelling, thanks to a riveting Atmos track that encapsulates the roar of fighter jets with crystalline clarity, enveloping viewers in a soundscape that rivals the intensity of the on-screen spectacle.

    Paramount Home Entertainment has released a version that not only receives accolades for its audiovisual excellence, meriting a rare perfect score, but also encapsulates the essence of what makes a blockbuster film memorable. The masterful combination of practical action sequences, a heartfelt narrative, and stellar performances across the board underscores the production's commitment to authenticity and emotional depth. Beyond the technological marvels, the film is commended for surpassing its predecessor, achieving the lofty status of the year's most significant cinematic achievement - a testament to Tom Cruise's unwavering dedication to delivering an authentic, pulse-raising cinematic experience.

    In conclusion, "Top Gun: Maverick" stands as not just a monumental sequel but also a hallmark in home entertainment offerings. This 4K UHD Blu-Ray elevates the home viewing experience to new heights, encapsulating the essence of what made the film a theatrical juggernaut. It’s a compelling fusion of top-tier audiovisual fidelity, edge-of-your-seat action, and emotional resonance. Paramount's release sets a benchmark for quality, ensuring that "Top Gun: Maverick" is not only remembered as 2022’s definitive summer blockbuster but also as an enduring feat in home media presentations.